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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-981-282-002-0Insight GuidesInsight Guides Germany
2008978-981-282-003-7Egypt Insight Fascinating Earth
  ''978-981-282-004-4India Insight Fascinating Earth
2009978-981-282-006-8Insight GuidesSan Francisco (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-010-5   ''Hong Kong (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-021-1UnknownInsight Guides: Mauritius, Reunion & Seychelles
2008978-981-282-022-8Antigua Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
  ''978-981-282-025-9UnknownIllustrated Insight World Atlas (Insight World Atlases)
2009978-981-282-034-1Tokyo Insight City Guide
2008978-981-282-035-8Singapore Insight City Guide
2009978-981-282-036-5Thailand's Beaches and Islands Insight Guide (Insight Regional Guides)
2011978-981-282-037-2Connia StokesVietnam (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-039-6Insight GuidesLas Vegas (City Guide)
2009978-981-282-041-9Northern Italy/French Riviera Insight Travel Map
2008978-981-282-044-0Concise Insight World Atlas (Insight World Atlases)
2009978-981-282-049-5Cyprus Insight Travel Map
2010978-981-282-053-2Insight GuidesAlaska (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-054-9   ''Argentina (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-055-6   ''Arizona & Grand Canyon (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-056-3   ''Australia (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-057-0Insight GuidesBali (Regional Guides)
978-981-282-058-7Insight Guides: Barbados
2009978-981-282-059-4Insight GuidesBrazil (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-060-0   ''Caribbean: The Lesser Antilles (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-062-4Rachel LawrenceChile & Easter Island (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-063-1Insight GuideChina (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-065-5Insight GuidesEgypt (Insight Guides)
2010978-981-282-066-2   ''England (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-067-9   ''Finland (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-068-6Insight GuideFrench Riviera (Regional Guides)
2010978-981-282-069-3Insight GuidesGreek Islands (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-070-9   ''Guatemala/Belize/Yucatan (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-071-6Insight GuidesSouthern Spain: Costa del Sol - Andalucia (Regional Guides)
  ''978-981-282-072-3   ''Sri Lanka (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-074-7   ''Tuscany (Regional Guides)
2010978-981-282-075-4   ''United States on the Road (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-076-1   ''London (City Guide)
2010978-981-282-078-5Insight GuidesNew York City (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-079-2   ''Paris (City Guide)
2011978-981-282-080-8Catherine DreghornRome (City Guide)
2010978-981-282-081-5Insight GuidesIndia (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-082-2   ''Israel (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-083-9   ''Italy (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-084-6   ''Japan (Insight Guides)
2010978-981-282-085-3ApaInsight Guides: Laos & Cambodia
2009978-981-282-087-7Insight GuidesNew England (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-089-1Insight GuidesNew Zealand (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-091-4UnknownOman and the UAE Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
2010978-981-282-093-8Geoggry Aquilina-RossSicily (Regional Guides)
2009978-981-282-096-9Brian Bell · Tom Le Bas · Lesley GordonInsight Guides Mediterranean Cruises
2011978-981-282-101-0Insight GuidesNew York City (Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-102-7   ''Paris (Step by Step)
2009978-981-282-103-4   ''Berlin (Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-104-1UnknownInsight Guides: Bruges Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
2009978-981-282-105-8Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Florence Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-106-5   ''Ireland (Step by Step)
2009978-981-282-108-9   ''Melbourne (Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-109-6ApaInsight Guides: Nice & the French Riviera Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
2009978-981-282-110-2Insight GuidesSydney (Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-113-3UnknownInsight Guides: Hong Kong Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
2009978-981-282-123-2Insight GuidesPrague Insight Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guides)
  ''978-981-282-129-4Valencia Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-981-282-130-0Warsaw Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-981-282-131-7Bologna Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
2009978-981-282-132-4UnknownInsight Pocket Guide: Penang & Langkawi (Insight Pocket Guides)
2006978-981-282-133-1Insight Pocket Guides: Phuket
2010978-981-282-134-8UnknownInsight Pocket Guide: Dubrovnik (Insight Pocket Guides)
978-981-282-135-5Slovenia Insight Pocket Guide
978-981-282-138-6Insight Pocket Guide: Perth (Insight Pocket Guides)
2009978-981-282-139-3UnknownBrisbane and the Gold Coast Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-981-282-140-9Cork and Southwest Ireland Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
978-981-282-141-6Insight Pocket Guide: Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef (Insight Pocket Guides)
2009978-981-282-144-7UnknownTurkey Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-282-145-4Sicily Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-282-147-8Stockholm Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-282-151-5Ian HillBelfast Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2010978-981-282-152-2Insight GuidesNew England Step by Step (Insight Guides Step By Step)
2011978-981-282-154-6Insight GuidesMarrakesh (Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-158-4   ''Barcelona (City Guide)
2011978-981-282-159-1   ''Croatia (Insight Guides)
2010978-981-282-160-7   ''Ecuador & Galapagos (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-161-4   ''Canada (Insight Guides)
978-981-282-162-1Insight Guides: Southeast Asia
2010978-981-282-163-8Insight GuidesSardinia (Regional Guides)
2010978-981-282-165-2Insight GuidesSouth America (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-168-3APA Publications LimitedInsight Guides Smart Guide Krakow (Insight Smart Guide)
  ''978-981-282-169-0ApaInsight Smart Guides: Bruges
  ''978-981-282-177-5Langenscheidt PublishersRome (Step by Step)
  ''978-981-282-178-2Donna BlaberNew Zealand (Step by Step)
2011978-981-282-180-5Ray Bartlett · Ed PetersSouth Korea (Insight Guides)
2010978-981-282-181-2Insight GuidesPeru (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-182-9InsightThailand (Insight Guides)
2009978-981-282-187-4Malta Insight Travel Map (Insight Travel Maps)
  ''978-981-282-189-8Milan Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-282-198-0UnknownInsight Guides: Dubai & Abu Dhabi Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
978-981-282-199-7Insight Guides: Malta Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
978-981-282-200-0Insight Flexi Map: Istanbul (Insight Flexi Maps)
2009978-981-282-201-7Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map Buenos Aires (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-282-202-4   ''US Southwest Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
978-981-282-203-1Insight Flexi Map: Vienna (Insight Flexi Maps)
2009978-981-282-204-8Insight GuidesLos Angeles Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
978-981-282-206-2Insight Pocket Guide: The Nile, Cairo, Luxor & Aswan (Insight Pocket Guides)
978-981-282-207-9Insight Flexi Map: San Francisco
2010978-981-282-208-6Insight GuidesInsight Fleximap Thailand (Fleximaps)
978-981-282-216-1Insight Pocket Guide: Bilbao & Northwest Spain (Insight Pocket Guides)
978-981-282-217-8Insight Pocket Guide: Stockholm
978-981-282-218-5Insight Pocket World Atlas: Ebony
978-981-282-219-2Insight Pocket World Atlas: Rouge
978-981-282-220-8AuthorInsight Pocket World Atlas: Racing Green
2009978-981-282-221-5APA Publications Pte LtdInsight Pocket World Atlas: Sapphire
2011978-981-282-222-2Langenscheidt PublishersNew York City Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
2010978-981-282-223-9UnknownInsight Compact Guide: Norway (Insight Compact Guides)
2010978-981-282-224-6UnknownInsight Guides: Great Breaks Edinburgh (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-981-282-225-3   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks Glasgow (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-981-282-226-0   ''Insight Guides: Great Breaks Jersey (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-981-282-228-4Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Great Breaks Oxford (Insight Great Breaks)
  ''978-981-282-231-4   ''Beijing (City Guide)
2010978-981-282-232-1Insight GuidesBoston (City Guide)
978-981-282-233-8Insight Guides: Oxford City Guide (Insight City Guides)
2011978-981-282-234-5Insight GuidesVenice (City Guide)
978-981-282-235-2Insight Flexi Map: Barcelona (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-236-9ApaInsight Flexi Map: Beijing (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-237-6Insight Flexi Map: Copenhagen (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-238-3Insight Flexi Map: Edinburgh (Insight Flexi Maps)
2010978-981-282-240-6Insight GuidesInsight Flexi Map: Jersey (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-241-3Insight Flexi Map: Malta (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-242-0Insight Flexi Map: Paris (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-243-7Insight Flexi Map: Athens (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-981-282-245-1Insight GuidesBali (Step by Step)
2010978-981-282-246-8UnknownInsight Guides: Brisbane, Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
978-981-282-247-5Insight Flexi Map: Kuala Lumpur (Insight Flexi Maps)
2010978-981-282-248-2Michel Rauch · David Ingram · Chris BradleyInsight Compact Guide: Egypt (Insight Compact Guides)
2011978-981-282-249-9Insight GuidesInsight Guides Iceland
2011978-981-282-251-2Insight GuidesPortugal (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-252-9Marie PeyreInsight Guides Norway
2010978-981-282-254-3Sian LezardInsight Guides the Nile
2011978-981-282-256-7Sarah CameronCuba (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-257-4Nick Inman · Lyn ParryFrance (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-258-1Insight GuideSpain (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-259-8Hilary Weston · Hilary StaddonIreland (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-260-4Marc Dubin · Pat Yale · Terry RichardsonTurkey (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-261-1Nicky LeachUS National Parks West (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-262-8Sian LezardFlorence & Siena (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-264-2Insight GuideSeattle (City Guide)
978-981-282-265-9Insight Guides: Taipei City Guide (Insight City Guides)
2010978-981-282-266-6InsightVancouver (City Guide)
2011978-981-282-269-7UnknownInsight Smart Guides: Bangkok
  ''978-981-282-271-0Erica FirpoRome (Select)
2011978-981-282-272-7Bridget FreerLondon Select (Insight Select Guides)
  ''978-981-282-273-4Lisa DionSan Francisco Select (Insight Select Guides)
  ''978-981-282-275-8Mimi Tompkins · Stephen BrewerNew York Select (Insight Select Guides)
  ''978-981-282-295-6Roger Williams · Chris Stowers · Chris BradleyTravel Photography: How to Take Striking Photography (Insight Guides)
2010978-981-282-296-3Royston EllisInsight Guides: Sri Lanka Step by Step (Insight Step by Step)
978-981-282-297-0Insight Flexi Map: France (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-298-7Insight Flexi Map: Italy (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-299-4Insight Flexi Map: Great Britain & Ireland (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-300-7Insight Flexi Map: Spain & Portugal
978-981-282-301-4Insight Flexi Map: Croatia (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-302-1Insight Flexi Map: Germany (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-303-8Insight Flexi Map: Rome (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-306-9Insight Guides: Budapest Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
2011978-981-282-307-6ApaInsight Step by Step Guides: The Nile
  ''978-981-282-308-3Insight GuidesCork and Southwest Ireland (Step by Step)
2011978-981-282-311-3UnknownInsight Guides: Melbourne Smart Guide (Insight Smart Guide)
  ''978-981-282-313-7Pam BarrettAntigua & Barbuda.
  ''978-981-282-316-8Insight GuidesBangkok (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-317-5   ''Hong Kong (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-318-2   ''Brazil (Insight Guides)
2012978-981-282-319-9GUIDE ENGELSTALIG INSIGHTSweden Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-320-5UnknownInsight City Guides: Kuala Lumpur
978-981-282-322-9Insight Guides: Great Breaks Belfast (Insight Great Breaks)
978-981-282-323-6Insight Guides: Great Breaks Cotswold (Insight Great Breaks)
978-981-282-324-3Insight Guides: Great Breaks Guernsey (Insight Great Breaks)
978-981-282-325-0Insight Guides: Great Breaks Snowdonia & North Wales (Insight Great Breaks)
978-981-282-327-4USA West Insight Travel Map (Insight Travel Maps)
978-981-282-328-1Insight Flexi Map: Barbados (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-335-9Insight Flexi Map: Algarve (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-336-6Insight Flexi Map: Bruges (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-337-3Insight Flexi Map: Crete (FLEXI MAPS)
2011978-981-282-340-3Insight GuidesBali (Regional Guides)
  ''978-981-282-341-0   ''Scotland (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-342-7   ''Italy (Insight Guides)
978-981-282-346-5Insight Flexi Map: Singapore
978-981-282-347-2Insight Flexi Map: Phuket 2
2011978-981-282-359-5Norman RenoufInsight Pocket Guide: Helsinki (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-981-282-360-1LangenscheidtNaples & the Amalfi Coast (Step by Step)
2011978-981-282-363-2Tina KanagaratnamCity Guide Shanghai
  ''978-981-282-364-9Insight GuidesNorthern France (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-369-4Insight GuidesMelbourne (City Guide)
  ''978-981-282-370-0   ''Colorado (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-282-373-1Hermione StottCity Guide Perth
  ''978-981-282-374-8Amy VanCity Guide Singapore
  ''978-981-282-375-5Donna BlaberInsight Guide New Zealand (Insight Guides)
2011978-981-282-376-2Insight GuidesBerlin.
  ''978-981-282-402-8   ''Fleximap Tokyo (Fleximaps)
978-981-282-403-5Insight Flexi Map: Shanghai
978-981-282-404-2Insight Flexi Map: Melbourne (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-981-282-418-9Insight GuidesFleximap Amsterdam (Fleximaps)
978-981-282-419-6Insight Flexi Map: Guernsey (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-421-9Insight Flexi Map: Hanoi (Insight Flexi Maps)
978-981-282-422-6Insight Flexi Map: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos (Insight Flexi Maps)
2011978-981-282-423-3Oslo & Bergen.
2001978-981-282-426-4Howard HughesInsight Guides Flexi Map Tenerife (Insight Flexi Maps)