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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-94-6298-011-2Jeroen ten VoordeRecht tot straffen (Dutch Edition)
2018978-94-6298-013-6Greg de Cuir Jr.Yugoslav Black Wave: Polemical Cinema in Socialist Yugoslavia (1963-1972) (Eastern European Screen Cultures)
2017978-94-6298-016-7Michael WalkerModern Ghost Melodramas: 'What Lies Beneath' (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-94-6298-035-8Emma SouthonMarriage, Sex and Death: The Family and the Fall of the Roman West (Social Worlds of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages)
2016978-94-6298-064-8Ana DragojlovicBeyond Bali: Subaltern Citizens and Post-Colonial Intimacy (Asian Heritages)
2017978-94-6298-076-1Gábor GergelyHungarian Film, 1929-1947: National Identity, Anti-Semitism and Popular Cinema (Eastern European Screen Cultures)
  ''978-94-6298-077-8Steffen HvenCinema and Narrative Complexity: Embodying the Fabula (Film Culture in Transition)
978-94-6298-096-9Rethinking the University: Amsterdam and the International Student Movement
2017978-94-6298-110-2Liam YoungList Cultures: Knowledge and Poetics from Mesopotamia to BuzzFeed (Recursions)
2018978-94-6298-118-8Joep LeerssenEncyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe
  ''978-94-6298-139-3Claudy Op den KampThe Greatest Films Never Seen: The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen (Framing Film)
2017978-94-6298-157-7Visakesa ChandrasekaramThe Use of Confessionary Evidence under the Counter-Terrorism Laws of Sri Lanka: An Interdisciplinary Study (Religion and Society in Asia)
  ''978-94-6298-181-2Erik-Jan Zürcher · Kim van der Zouw · Vivien CollingwoodThree Months in Mao's China: Between the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution (Asian History)
2016978-94-6298-184-3Machiel Keestra · Steph MenkenAn Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research: Theory and Practice (Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity)
2017978-94-6298-189-8Alexandra SeibelVisions of Vienna: Narrating the City in 1920s and 1930s Cinema (Film Culture in Transition)
2018978-94-6298-232-1Bernardo Brown · Brenda YeohAsian Migrants and Religious Experience: From Missionary Journeys to Labor Mobility (New Mobilities in Asia)
2018978-94-6298-254-3Ronny SpaansDangerous Drugs: The Self-Presentation of the Merchant-Poet Jan Six van Chandelier (1620-1695)
2020978-94-6298-257-4Rebecca WilliamsTheme Park Fandom: Spatial Transmedia, Materiality and Participatory Cultures
2017978-94-6298-270-3Gábor Alberti · Tibor LaczkoSyntax of Hungarian: Nouns and Noun Phrases, Volume 1 (Comprehensive Grammar Resources)
  ''978-94-6298-271-0Gábor Alberti · Tibor LaczkoSyntax of Hungarian: Nouns and Noun Phrases, Volume 2 (Comprehensive Grammar Resources)
2018978-94-6298-276-5Aysen E. Üstübici ÖnayThe Governance of International Migration: Irregular Migrants' Access to Right to Stay in Turkey and Morocco
2016978-94-6298-308-3Sybille KrämerMedium, Messenger, Transmission: An Approach to Media Philosophy (Recursions)
  ''978-94-6298-316-8Annie van den Oever · Giovanna FossatiExposing the Film Apparatus: The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory (Framing Film)
2018978-94-6298-320-5Noorhaidi HasanPublic Islam in Indonesia: Piety, Politics, and Identity
  ''978-94-6298-329-8Adam Clulow · Tristan MostertThe Dutch and English East India Companies: Diplomacy, Trade and Violence in Early Modern Asia (Asian History)
2019978-94-6298-334-2Alessandra FoscatiSaint Anthony's Fire from Antiquity to the 18th Century (Premodern Health, Disease, and Disability)
2018978-94-6298-335-9Aleksandra Nicole PfauMedieval Communities and the Mad: Narratives of Crime and Mental Illness in Late Medieval France (Premodern Health, Disease, and Disability)
  ''978-94-6298-342-7Susan BroomhallWomen and Power at the French Court, 1483-1563 (Gendering the Late Medieval and Early Modern World)
2016978-94-6298-359-5Joris Buis · Vincent Visser · Ger PostAcademic Skills for Interdisciplinary Studies (Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity)
2016978-94-6298-360-1Nico Roymans · Stijn Heeren · Wim De ClercqSocial Dynamics in the Northwest Frontiers of the Late Roman Empire: Beyond Transformation or Decline (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies)
2017978-94-6298-361-8Pavle LeviJolted Images: Unbound Analytic (Eastern European Screen Cultures)
2018978-94-6298-365-6Inga PollmannCinematic Vitalism: Film Theory and the Question of Life (Film Theory in Media History)
  ''978-94-6298-368-7Adèle EspositoUrban Development in the Margins of a World Heritage Site: In the Shadows of Angkor (Asian Cities)
  ''978-94-6298-369-4Christina Maags · Marina SvenssonChinese Heritage in the Making: Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations (Asian Heritages)
2017978-94-6298-428-8Arndt Graf · Azirah Azirah HashimAfrican-Asian Encounters: New Cooperations and New Dependencies (Global Asia)
2018978-94-6298-432-5Elizabeth Storr Cohen · Margaret Louise ReevesThe Youth of Early Modern Women (Gendering the Late Medieval and Early Modern World)
  ''978-94-6298-454-7Reece Jones · Md. Azmeary FerdoushBorders and Mobility in South Asia and Beyond (Asian Borderlands)
2019978-94-6298-467-7Tamara H. BentleyPicturing Commerce in and from the East Asian Maritime Circuits, 1550-1800 (Visual and Material Culture, 1300-1700)
  ''978-94-6298-474-5Jeroen de Kloet · Yiu Fai Chow · Lena ScheenBoredom, Shanzhai, and Digitisation in the Time of Creative China (Asian Visual Cultures)
2016978-94-6298-489-9Thomas ElsaesserFilm History as Media Archaeology: Tracking Digital Cinema (Film Culture in Transition)
2017978-94-6298-510-0Fetsje Bijma · Marianne Jonker · Aad van der VaartAn Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
2017978-94-6298-514-8Mathilde KangFrancophonie en Orient: Aux croisements France-Asie (1840-1940) (Languages and Culture in History) (French Edition)
2018978-94-6298-521-6Daniel StahlHunt for Nazis: South America's Dictatorships and the Prosecution of Nazi Crimes (War, Conflict and Genocide Studies)
2019978-94-6298-523-0Roos GerritsenIntimate Visualities and the Politics of Fandom in India (Asian Visual Cultures)
2017978-94-6298-541-4Mai Nguyen-Phuong-MaiIntercultural Communication: An Interdisciplinary Approach: When Neurons, Genes, and Evolution Joined the Discourse
2018978-94-6298-556-8Vincent Blay · Luis Francisco Bobadilla · Alejandro CabreraZeolites and Metal-Organic Frameworks: From Lab to Industry (Atlantis Advances in Nanotechnology, Material Science and Energy Technologies)
  ''978-94-6298-562-9Farish A. NoorAmerica's Encounters with Southeast Asia, 1800-1900: Before the Pivot (Asian History)
  ''978-94-6298-580-3Marco GrosoliEric Rohmer's Film Theory (1948-1953): From 'école Scherer' to 'politique des auteurs' (Film Theory in Media History)
2017978-94-6298-604-6Jaap van GinnekenKurt Baschwitz: A Pioneer of Communication Studies and Social Psychology
2019978-94-6298-605-3Frits ZwartConductor Willem Mengelberg, 1871-1951: Acclaimed and Accused
2020978-94-6298-606-0Frits ZwartConductor Willem Mengelberg, 1871-1951: Acclaimed and Accused
2019978-94-6298-659-6Ivy RobertsVisions of Electric Media: Television in the Victorian and Machine Ages (Televisual Culture)
2018978-94-6298-683-1Adrian MartinMysteries of Cinema: Reflections on Film Theory, History and Culture 1982-2016 (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-94-6298-693-0Bart SchuurmanBecoming a European Homegrown Jihadist: A Multilevel Analysis of Involvement in the Dutch Hofstadgroup, 2002-2005
2017978-94-6298-740-1Sarah Durston · Ton BaggermanThe Universe, Life and Everything...: Dialogues on our Changing Understanding of Reality
2018978-94-6298-755-5Conny Rijken · Tesseltje de LangeTowards a Decent Labour Market for Low-Waged Migrant Workers
  ''978-94-6298-808-8Hannah Edelbroek · Myrte Mijnders · Ger PostInterdisciplinary Learning Activities (Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity)
2020978-94-6298-902-3Inge MelchiorGuardians of Living History: An Ethnography of Post-Soviet Memory Making in Estonia (Heritage and Memory Studies)
2018978-94-6298-956-6David SneathMongolia Remade: Post-socialist National Culture, Political Economy, and Cosmopolitics (North East Asian Studies)
2018978-94-6298-973-3Edgar Porter · Ran Ying PorterJapanese Reflections on World War II and the American Occupation (Asian History)