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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-90-5356-005-1LABARREThe Nostitz Papers
  ''978-90-5356-007-5Studie of HIV and AIDS
1994978-90-5356-026-6Mieke Bal · Inge E. BoerThe Point of Theory: Practices of Cultural Analysis
2007978-90-5356-033-4Marleen DielemanThe Rhythm of Strategy: A Corporate Biography of the Salim Group of Indonesia (ICAS Publications series)
2008978-90-5356-035-8Gijsbert OonkGlobal Indian Diasporas: Exploring Trajectories of Migration and Theory (Iiad Publications Series)
1993978-90-5356-044-0Hettie A. Pott-ButerFacts and Fairy Tales about Female Labor, Family and Fertility
1994978-90-5356-048-8D. O WijnandsEen sieraad voor de stad: De Amsterdamse Hortus Botanicus, 1638-1993 (Dutch Edition)
1993978-90-5356-057-0Martin J. KleinPhysicists' Inaugural Lectures in History
1996978-90-5356-059-4Thomas ElsaesserFassbinder's Germany: History, Identity, Subject (Film Culture in Transition)
1995978-90-5356-064-8Karel Dibbets · Bert HogenkampFilm and the First World War (Film Culture in Transition)
2008978-90-5356-077-8Anne-Mei TheIn Death's Waiting Room: Living and Dying with Dementia in a Multicultural Society (Care and Welfare)
2019978-90-5356-081-5TSCHUDINAncient Paper-mills of Basle
2009978-90-5356-110-2Anja FonckZet het op papier 1 *: Docentenhandleiding
1995978-90-5356-111-9Jeroen DuindamMyths of Power: Norbert Elias and the Early Modern European Court
1996978-90-5356-112-6Een theatergeschiedenis der Nederlanden: Tien eeuwen drama en theater in Nederland en Vlaanderen (Dutch Edition)
2000978-90-5356-130-0Robert W. SchellerExemplum: Model-Book Drawings and the Practice of Artistic Transmission in the Middle Ages (Ca. 900-Ca. 1470)
2003978-90-5356-131-7Warren BucklandThe Film Spectator: From Sign to Mind (Film Culture in Transition (Paperback))
1999978-90-5356-132-4Frank de ZwartThe Bureaucratic Merry-Go-Round: Manipulating the Transfer of Indian Civil Servants
2007978-90-5356-137-9Egil TörnqvistBetween Stage and Screen: Ingmar Bergman Directs (Film Culture in Transition)
978-90-5356-160-7Prehistory of the Netherlands
2019978-90-5356-166-9History of Russian hand papermills
1996978-90-5356-172-0Thomas ElsaesserA Second Life: German Cinema's First Decades (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-176-8Gail PhetersonThe Prostitution Prism
  ''978-90-5356-184-3Thomas ElsaesserFassbinder's Germany: History, Identity, Subject (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-189-8Theo HollemanEen verleden op de schop: Beheer en studie van het Nederlandse archeologische bodemarchief (Dutch Edition)
2008978-90-5356-192-8Marijke de ValckFilm Festivals: From European Geopolitics to Global Cinephilia (Film Culture in Transition)
1996978-90-5356-201-7René van StipriaanLeugens en vermaak: Boccaccio's novellen in de kluchtcultuur van de Nederlandse renaissance (Dutch Edition)
1996978-90-5356-204-8Harald and Jeroen Stumpel (editors) HendrixKunstenaars en opdrachtgevers (Utrecht Renaissance studies) (Dutch Edition)
1997978-90-5356-218-5Arjo KlamerThe Value of Culture: On the Relationship between Economics and Arts
  ''978-90-5356-219-2Arjo KlamerThe Value of Culture: On the Relationship between Economics and Arts
1996978-90-5356-220-8Fred SpierThe Structure of Big History: From the Big Bang until Today
1997978-90-5356-222-2Peter Van Kessel · Elisja Schulte · Elisja Schulte Van KesselRome/Amsterdam: Two Growing Cities in Seventeenth-Century Europe
  ''978-90-5356-234-5Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse taal (Dutch Edition)
1996978-90-5356-237-6Nico RoymansFrom the Sword to the Plough: Three Studies on the Earliest Romanisation of Northern Gaul (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies, 1)
2002978-90-5356-239-0Ernst van de WeteringRembrandt: The Painter at Work
2019978-90-5356-240-6Animals in Watermarks
  ''978-90-5356-241-3Paper-Mills of Norway and Denmark
  ''978-90-5356-242-0Paper Mould and Mouldmaker
1997978-90-5356-243-7Carlo James · Caroline Corrigan · Marie Christine Enshaian · Marie Rose GrecaOld Master Prints and Drawings: A Guide to Preservation and Conservation
1997978-90-5356-249-9Carl C RohdeHet vertoog van waardigheid: Een cultuur-sociologische studie naar het dierbare en verhevene in de westerse beschaving (Dutch Edition)
2007978-90-5356-253-6Johan NicolayArmed Batavians: Use and Significance of Weaponry and Horse Gear from Non-military Contexts in the Rhine Delta (50 BC to AD 450) (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies)
1998978-90-5356-254-3Ton DerksGods, Temples and Ritual Practices: The Transformation of Religious Ideas and Values in Roman Gaul (Amsterdam Archeological Studies , Part 2)
  ''978-90-5356-270-3J. M. W. Binneveld · Hans BinneveldFrom Shell Shock to Combat Stress: A Comparative History of Military Psychiatry
  ''978-90-5356-273-4Anton W.A. BoschlooThe Prints of the Remondinis: An Attempt to Reconstruct an Eighteenth-Century World of Pictures
  ''978-90-5356-275-8John Griffiths · Alex Bood · Heleen WeyersEuthanasia and Law in the Netherlands
  ''978-90-5356-306-9Iain Hampsher-Monk · Karin Tilmans · Frank van VreeHistory of Concepts: Comparative Perspectives
1999978-90-5356-308-3Mark TorranceThe Cognitive Demands of Writing: Processing Capacity and Working Memory Effects in Text Production (Studies in Writing, V. 3)
1998978-90-5356-312-0Kay HoffmannCinema Futures: Cain, Abel or Cable?: The Screen Arts in the Digital Age (Film Culture in Transition)
1999978-90-5356-313-7Siegfried ZielinskiAudiovisions: Cinema and Television as Entr'actes in History (Film Culture in Transition)
1999978-90-5356-325-0Jos BazelmansBy Weapons Made Worthy: Lords, Retainers and Their Relationship in Beowulf (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies, 5)
2018978-90-5356-326-7Studia Rosenthaliana 32-1
  ''978-90-5356-330-4Studia Rosenthaliana 32/2
  ''978-90-5356-334-2Studia Rosenthaliana
1998978-90-5356-338-0Peter Jan KnegtmansEen kwetsbaar centrum van de geest: De Universiteit van Amsterdam tussen 1935 en 1950 (Dutch Edition)
2008978-90-5356-356-4Benedikt Löwe · Johan van Benthem · Dov GabbayInteractive Logic: Selected Papers from the 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop, London (Texts in Logic and Games)
2018978-90-5356-368-7Studia Rosenthaliana 33-1 1999
1999978-90-5356-372-4Curaçao, 30 mei 1969: Verhalen over de revolte (Dutch Edition)
2004978-90-5356-381-6Ruth OldenzielMaking Technology Masculine: Men, Women, and Modern Machines in America, 1870-1945
1999978-90-5356-387-8Willem J. Witteveen · Wibren van der BurgRediscovering Fuller: Essays on Implicit Law and Institutional Design
2000978-90-5356-388-5Hans SchootsLiving Dangerously: A Biography of Joris Ivens (Film Culture in Transition)
2004978-90-5356-403-5Elsbeth Locher-ScholtenWomen and the Colonial State: Essays on Gender and Modernity in the Netherlands Indies 1900-1942
2006978-90-5356-406-6Birgitta SteeneIngmar Bergman: A Reference Guide
978-90-5356-411-0A DRIVER's Guide to European Repositories: Five studies of important Digital Repository related issues and good Practices (Surf/EU-Driver)
2018978-90-5356-423-3Studia Rosenthaliana 35/2 2001
1999978-90-5356-425-7Kees BakkerJoris Ivens and the Documentary Context (Film Culture in Transition)
2004978-90-5356-435-6Egil TörnqvistStrindberg's Ghost Sonata
2000978-90-5356-444-8Elly' KonijnActing Emotions
978-90-5356-445-5Op Steenworp Afstand: Op De Brug Tussen Wetenschap En Politiek - WRR 35 Jaar (Dutch Edition)
2000978-90-5356-451-6Joep Leerssen · Ann RigneyHistorians and Social Values
  ''978-90-5356-456-1James S. Williams · Michael TempleThe Cinema Alone: Essays on the Works of Jean-Luc Goddard 1985-2000 (Film Culture in Transition Series)
2003978-90-5356-463-9Ivo BlomJean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-481-3Marian Diepeveen-JansenPeople, Ideas and Goods: New Perspectives on Celtic 'Barbarians' in Western and Central Europe, 500-250 BC (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies 7)
2003978-90-5356-482-0Gert Jan vana WijngaardenUse and Appreciation of Mycenaean Pottery: In the Levant, Cyprus and Italy (ca. 1600-1200 BC) (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies)
2004978-90-5356-485-1Duco HellemaThe Netherlands and the Oil Crisis: Business as Usual
2008978-90-5356-492-9Jaap KooijmanFabricating the Absolute Fake: America in Contemporary Pop Culture
2004978-90-5356-493-6Thomas Elsaesser · Noel King · Alexander HorwathThe Last Great American Picture Show: New Hollywood Cinema in the 1970s (Amsterdam University Press - Film Culture in Transition)
2002978-90-5356-494-3Richard Allen · Malcolm TurveyCamera Obscura, Camera Lucida: Essays in Honor of Annette Michelson (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-502-5Jurgen PietersMoments of Negotiation: The New Historicism of Stephen Greenblatt
2000978-90-5356-504-9Marilyn Chandler McEntyreIn Quiet Light: Poems on Vermeer's Women
2009978-90-5356-512-4Ad LagendijkSurvival Guide for Scientists: Writing - Presentation - Email
2008978-90-5356-516-2Maaike BleekerAnatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre (MediaMatters)
2010978-90-5356-517-9Robert ParthesiusDutch Ships in Tropical Waters: The Development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Shipping Network in Asia 1595-1660 (Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age)
2008978-90-5356-518-6Alex McKayTheir Footprints Remain: Biomedical Beginnings Across the Indo-Tibetan Frontier (Iias Publications Series)
978-90-5356-524-7Woordenboek Latijn/Nederlands Appendix (Dutch Edition)
2002978-90-5356-528-5Journalistieke cultuur in Nederland (Dutch Edition)
2001978-90-5356-529-2Ad ZuiderentDe tweede gisting: over de compositie van dichtbundels
  ''978-90-5356-532-2Petronella MoensAmazone-reeks 3: Aardenburg, of De onbekende volksplanting in Zuid-Amerika: roman van Petronella Moens
978-90-5356-540-7DDR-Justiz Und NS-Verbrechen: Band 1: Sammlung Ostdeutscher Strafurteile Wegen Nationalsozialistischer Totungsverbrechen (Justiz Und NS-Verbrechen (DDR)) (German Edition)
978-90-5356-541-4DDR-Justiz Und NS-Verbrechen: Band 2: Sammlung Ostdeutscher Strafurteile Wegen Nationalsozialistischer Totungsverbrechen (Justiz Und NS-Verbrechen (DDR)) (German Edition)
978-90-5356-543-8DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen: Verfahrensregister: Sammlung Ostdeutscher Strafurteile Wegen Nationalsozialistischer Totungsverbrechen (German Edition)
978-90-5356-547-6DDR-Justiz Und NS-Verbrechen: Band 3: Sammlung Ostdeutscher Strafurteile Wegen Nationalsozialistischer Totungsverbrechen (Justiz Und NS-Verbrechen (DDR)) (German Edition)
2008978-90-5356-565-0Hans AbbingWhy Are Artists Poor?: The Exceptional Economy of the Arts
2005978-90-5356-568-1Kaat WilsDe omweg van de wetenschap: het positivisme en de Belgische en Nederlandse intellectuele cultuur 1845-1914
2003978-90-5356-570-4Ivo BlomJean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade (Film Culture in Transition)
2007978-90-5356-576-6Erich Grädel · Thomas Wilke · Jörg FlumLogic and Automata: History and Perspectives (Texts in Logic and Games)
2002978-90-5356-579-7Rinus van SchendelenMachiavelli in Brussels: The Art of Lobbying the EU
2008978-90-5356-582-7E. StamMicro-foundations for Innovation Policy (WRR Verkenningen)
978-90-5356-584-1Beeldvertalen: De Werking En Interpretatie Van Visuele Beelden (Dutch Edition)
2002978-90-5356-587-2Menno WitteveenEen onderneming van landsbelang: de oprichting van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie in 1602
2003978-90-5356-588-9Fokke GerritsenLocal Identities: Landscape and Community in the Late Prehistoric Meuse-Demer-Scheldt region (Amsterdam Archaeological Studies, 9)
2002978-90-5356-589-6Hans Van de BraakOntsnappingskunst: evolutie van de creatieve geest
2003978-90-5356-591-9John Michael MontiasArt at Auction in 17th-Century Amsterdam
2005978-90-5356-594-0Thomas ElsaesserEuropean Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood (Film Culture in Transition)
2003978-90-5356-595-7Willem Salet · Sako MusterdAmsterdam Human Capital
2005978-90-5356-602-2Thomas ElsaesserEuropean Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood (Amsterdam University Press - Film Culture in Transition)
2004978-90-5356-603-9Elisabeth Johanna HasebroekAmazone-reeks 4: Elize: roman van Elisabeth Johanna Hasebroek
2003978-90-5356-610-7Anton C. ZijderveldIn de schatkamers van het recht: een sociologische verkenning van het Corpus iuris civilis: afscheidscollege, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam 22 november 2002
2005978-90-5356-614-5Henk van Veen · Bernhard RidderbosEarly Netherlandish Paintings: Rediscovery, Reception, and Research
2003978-90-5356-621-3Caroline De WestenholzAlbert Vogel: voordrachtskunstenaar 1874-1933
2004978-90-5356-624-4Alison McQueenThe Rise of the Cult of Rembrandt: Reinventing an Old Master in Nineteenth-Century France
2003978-90-5356-625-1Catherine ScallenRembrandt, Reputation, and the Practice of Connoisseurship
2004978-90-5356-631-2Alexander Horwath · Thomas Elsaesser · Noel KingThe Last Great American Picture Show: New Hollywood Cinema in the 1970s (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-635-0Thomas ElsaesserHarun Farocki: Working the Sight-lines (Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-647-3H. WeyersEuthanasie: het proces van rechtsverandering (ISIM Papers)
2004978-90-5356-659-6Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het RegeringsbeleidWaarden, Normen En De Last Van Het Gedrag (WWR Rapporten, Band 68)
  ''978-90-5356-677-0Guido GoossensVerloren zonsondergangen: Hans Jürgen Syberberg en het linkse denken over rechts in Duitsland
  ''978-90-5356-680-0Magne BruteigMunch: tekeningen
978-90-5356-681-7De schilderkunst der Lage Landen set 3 dln / druk 1
2005978-90-5356-686-2Jan Kooiman · Svein Jentoft · Roger Pullin · Maarten BavinckFish for Life: Interactive Governance for Fisheries (Amsterdam University Press - Mare Publication Series)
  ''978-90-5356-705-0Nico RoymansEthnic Identity and Imperial Power: The Batavians in the Early Roman Empire (Amsterdam University Press - Amsterdam Archaeological Studies)
2006978-90-5356-708-1Kristin ThompsonHerr Lubitch Goes To Hollywood: German and American Film After World War I (Film Culture in Transition)
2004978-90-5356-712-8Netherlands Scientific Council for Government PolicyThe European Union, Turkey and Islam (WRR)
2005978-90-5356-716-6Justin Clemens · Dominic PettmanAvoiding The Subject: Media, Culture And The Object
2006978-90-5356-739-5Donna MehosScience and Culture for Members Only: The Amsterdam Zoo Artis in the Nineteenth Century
2007978-90-5356-745-6Gunnar HeydenreichLucas Cranach the Elder: Painting Materials, Techniques and Workshop Practice
2005978-90-5356-750-0Patricia Pisters · Wim StaatShooting the Family: Transnational Media and Intercultural Values
  ''978-90-5356-755-5Herman Schwartz · Uwe BeckerEmployment 'Miracles': A Critical Comparison of the Dutch, Scandinavian, Swiss, Australian and Irish Cases versus Germany and the US (Changing Welfare States)
2005978-90-5356-756-2Hans HarbersInside the Politics of Technology: Agency and Normativity in the Co-Production of Technology and Society
  ''978-90-5356-763-0Hans Crombag · Willem Albert WagenaarThe Popular Policeman and Other Cases: Psychological Perspectives on Legal Evidence
2006978-90-5356-766-1Rinus van SchendelenMachiavelli in Brussels: The Art of Lobbying the EU, Second Edition
2007978-90-5356-767-8Jeroen Deploige · Gita DeneckereMystifying the Monarch: Studies on Discourse, Power, and History
2005978-90-5356-768-5Marijke de Valck · Malte HagenerCinephilia: Movies, Love and Memory
  ''978-90-5356-769-2Marijke de Valck · Malte HagenerCinephilia: Movies, Love and Memory
2006978-90-5356-770-8W. A. Wagenaar · H. F. M. CrombagThe Popular Policeman and Other Cases: Psychological Perspectives on Legal Evidence
  ''978-90-5356-772-2Michael WalkerHitchcock's Motifs (Amsterdam University Press - Film Culture in Transition)
978-90-5356-774-6Morfologische Atlas Van De Nederlandse Dialecten: Deel 2 (MAND) (Dutch Edition)
2009978-90-5356-775-3Ton Goeman · Marc van Oostendorp · Pieter van Reenen · Boudewijn van den Berg · Oelle Koornwinder · Anke van ReenenMorphological Atlas of the Dutch Dialects: Volume II (Mand)
2008978-90-5356-781-4Sjef Barbiers · Johan van der Auwera · Hans Bennis · Margreet van der Ham · Gunther de Vogelaer · Eefje BoefSyntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects (v. 2)
2007978-90-5356-784-5Anat ZangerFilm Remakes as Ritual and Disguise: From Carmen to Ripley (Film Culture in Transition (Paperback))
2005978-90-5356-790-6Donald Barton Johnson · Gerard de VriesNabokov and the Art of Painting
  ''978-90-5356-792-0Thijs Brocades ZaalbergSoldiers and Civil Power: Supporting or Substituting Civil Authorities in Modern Peace Operations
2009978-90-5356-795-1Friederike Assandri · Dora MartinsFrom Early Tang Court Debates to China's Peaceful Rise (Icas Publications Series)
2008978-90-5356-796-8Monica den Boer · Jaap de WildeThe Viability of Human Security
2006978-90-5356-799-9Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra · Harry Oosterhuis · Joost Vijselaar · Hugh FreemanPsychiatric Cultures Compared: Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century
2006978-90-5356-804-0N.D. KhaliliTijdslijn van de Islamitische kunst en architectuur/druk 1
  ''978-90-5356-805-7Rinus van SchendelenMachiavelli in Brussels: The Art of Lobbying the EU, Second Edition
978-90-5356-809-5De Schilderkunst der Lage Landen
2005978-90-5356-810-1L. Lippincott · A. BluhmBeestachtig mooi: kijken naar dieren, 1750-1900
2006978-90-5356-816-3Sonja Neef · Jose van Dijck · Eric KetelaarSign Here!: Handwriting in the Age of New Media
  ''978-90-5356-824-8Lila Abu-LughodLocal Contexts of Islamism in Popular Media (Amsterdam University Press - Isim Papers Series)
2005978-90-5356-826-2WRRMedia Policy for the Digital Age (WRR)
2006978-90-5356-828-6Nasr Abu ZaydReformation of Islamic Thought: A Critical Historical Analysis (WRR Verkenningen)
  ''978-90-5356-832-3Nanna VerhoeffThe West in Early Cinema: After the Beginning (Film Culture in Transition)
978-90-5356-833-0De Schilderkunst Der Lage Landen: De Zeventiende En De Achttiende Eeuw Deel 2 (Dutch Edition)
2006978-90-5356-837-8Eric Jan SluijterRembrandt and the Female Nude (Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age)
  ''978-90-5356-851-4Gert OostindieEthnicity in the Caribbean: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoetink (Amsterdam University Press - Amsterdam Archaeological Studie)
2006978-90-5356-855-2Maaike MeijerIn Tekst Gevat: Inleiding tot een Kritiek van Representatie (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-90-5356-856-9Elmer Schönberger · Louis AndriessenThe Apollonian Clockwork: On Stravinsky (Amsterdam Academic Archive)
  ''978-90-5356-857-6Pieter Muysken · Rene AppelLanguage Contact and Bilingualism (Amsterdam Academic Archive)
  ''978-90-5356-858-3Mieke BalReading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition (Amsterdam Academic Archive)
2007978-90-5356-860-6Miranda van Tilburg · Ad VingerhoetsPsychological Aspects of Geographical Moves (Amsterdam University Press - Amsterdam Archaeological Studie)
  ''978-90-5356-867-5Joris VoorhoeveFrom War to Rule of Law: Peacebuilding After Violent Conflicts
2006978-90-5356-868-2Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het RegeringsbeleidKlimaatstrategie - Tussen Ambitie En Realisme (WRR Rapporten, Band 74)
2008978-90-5356-869-9Ralph GrilloThe Family in Question: Immigrant and Ethnic Minorities in Multicultural Europe (IMISCOE Research)
2006978-90-5356-879-8Maaike BleekerDe theatermaker als onderzoeker (Theater topics, Band 2)
2006978-90-5356-883-5Leo Lucassen · David Feldman · Jochen OltmerPaths of Integration: Migrants in Western Europe (1880-2004) (IMISCOE Research)
  ''978-90-5356-885-9Monique Kremer · Jan Willem Duyvendak · Trudie KnijnPolicy, People, and the New Professional: De-professionalisation and Re-professionalisation in Care and Welfare (Care & Welfare)
  ''978-90-5356-888-0Rainer BauböckMigration and Citizenship: Legal Status, Rights and Political Participation (IMISCOE Reports)
  ''978-90-5356-889-7Juan ColeThe Ayatollahs and Democracy in Contemporary Iraq (ISIM Papers)
  ''978-90-5356-892-7Eduard J. DijksterhuisDe Mechanisering Van Het Wereldbeeld (Dutch Edition)
2006978-90-5356-895-8Ivo SchöfferHet nationaal-socialistische beeld van de geschiedenis der Nederlanden: Een historiografische en bibliografische studie (Dutch Edition)
2007978-90-5356-902-3Jonathan Israel · Stuart Schwartz · Michiel van GroesenThe Expansion of Tolerance: Religion in Dutch Brazil (1624-1654)
978-90-5356-903-0Een muziekgeschiedenis der Nederlanden 2000-2005: een vervolg
2019978-90-5356-909-2Jo Tollebeek · Tom VerschaffelRoyal Family: Monarchy and Metaphor in European Culture
2006978-90-5356-910-8Joseph AlaghaThe Shifts in Hizbullah's Ideology: Religious Ideology, Political Ideology, and Political Program (Amsterdam University Press - Isim Dissertations)
2008978-90-5356-911-5Asef BayatThe Art of Presence
2007978-90-5356-913-9Robert VerhoogtArt in Reproduction: Nineteenth-Century Prints After Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Jozef Israels and Ary Scheffer
  ''978-90-5356-915-3Stefan BollmannVrouwen die Lezen Zijn Gevaarlijk
2006978-90-5356-916-0Frank J. BuijsStrijders van eigen bodem: Radicale en democratische moslims in Nederland (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-90-5356-917-7Marieke de WinkelFashion and Fancy: Dress and Meaning in Rembrandt's Paintings
2007978-90-5356-920-7Rainer Bauböck · Eva Ersbøll · Kees Groenendijk · Harald WaldrauchAcquisition and Loss of Nationality, Volume 1: Comparative Analyses
2006978-90-5356-921-4Kees GroenendijkAcquisition and Loss of Nationality: Volume 2: Country Analyses: Policies and Trends in 15 European Countries (IMISCOE Research)
2007978-90-5356-922-1Rainer Bauböck · Bernhard Perchinig · Wiebke SieversCitizenship Policies in the New Europe (IMISCOE Research)
  ''978-90-5356-930-6Ilse van LiemptNavigating Borders (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion)
  ''978-90-5356-933-7Amy Golahny · Mia M. Mochizuki · Lisa VergaraIn His Milieu: Essays on Netherlandish Art in Memory of John Michael Montias
2008978-90-5356-934-4Gordan Crawford · Christof HartmannDecentralisation in Africa: A Pathway out of Poverty and Conflict?
978-90-5356-936-8Geloven in het publieke domein: Verkenningen van een dubbele transformatie (WRR Verkenningen)
2006978-90-5356-944-3Wanda StrauvenThe Cinema of Attractions Reloaded (Film Culture in Transition)
2007978-90-5356-945-0   ''The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded (Film Culture in Transition)
978-90-5356-954-2Homo Loquens En Homo Scribens: Over Natuur En Cultuur Bij De Taal (Dutch Edition)
2010978-90-5356-956-6Joep LeerssenNational Thought in Europe: A Cultural History (Europa)
2007978-90-5356-974-0Lynn WelchmanWomen and Muslim Family Laws in Arab States: A Comparative Overview of Textual Development and Advocacy (Isim Series on Contemporary Muslim Society)
2007978-90-5356-976-4Andrew MoldEU Development Policy in a Changing World: Challenges for the 21st Century
  ''978-90-5356-980-1Tim Bergfelder · Sue Harris · Sarah StreetFilm Architecture and the Transnational Imagination: Set Design in 1930s European Cinema (Amsterdam University Press - Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-984-9Tim Bergfelder · Sue Harris · Sarah StreetFilm Architecture and the Transnational Imagination: Set Design in 1930s European Cinema (Amsterdam University Press - Film Culture in Transition)
  ''978-90-5356-989-4Pieter SpierenburgThe Prison Experience: Disciplinary Institutions and Their Inmates in Early Modern Europe (Amsterdam Academic Archive)
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