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2014978-94-6265-001-5William H. BoothbyConflict Law: The Influence of New Weapons Technology, Human Rights and Emerging Actors
  ''978-94-6265-004-6Simone van der Hof · Bibi van den Berg · Bart SchermerMinding Minors Wandering the Web: Regulating Online Child Safety (Information Technology and Law Series)
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  ''978-94-6265-013-8Brigit Toebes · Rhonda Ferguson · Milan M. Markovic · Obiajulu NnamuchiThe Right to Health: A Multi-Country Study of Law, Policy and Practice
2014978-94-6265-016-9Juliet R. Amenge OkothThe Crime of Conspiracy in International Criminal Law
  ''978-94-6265-019-0Jonathan L. Black-Branch · Dieter FleckNuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law - Volume I
  ''978-94-6265-022-0Maria WibergThe EU Services Directive: Law or Simply Policy? (Legal Issues of Services of General Interest)
  ''978-94-6265-025-1Demetrius KlitouPrivacy-Invading Technologies and Privacy by Design: Safeguarding Privacy, Liberty and Security in the 21st Century (Information Technology and Law Series)
  ''978-94-6265-028-2Gerhard Werle · Lovell Fernandez · Moritz VormbaumAfrica and the International Criminal Court (International Criminal Justice Series)
2014978-94-6265-031-2Louwrens R. KiestraThe Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Private International Law
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  ''978-94-6265-037-4Terry D. Gill · Robin Geiß · Robert Heinsch · Tim McCormack · Christophe Paulussen · Jessica DorseyYearbook of International Humanitarian Law 2013
  ''978-94-6265-040-4Sosteness Francis MateruThe Post-Election Violence in Kenya: Domestic and International Legal Responses (International Criminal Justice Series)
  ''978-94-6265-043-5Organisation for the ProhibitionOPCW: The Legal Texts (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)
2015978-94-6265-047-3Katarina PijetlovicEU Sports Law and Breakaway Leagues in Football (ASSER International Sports Law Series)
2015978-94-6265-050-3Ali Z. Marossi · Marisa R. BassettEconomic Sanctions under International Law: Unilateralism, Multilateralism, Legitimacy, and Consequences
  ''978-94-6265-053-4Justice Bankole ThompsonUniversal Jurisdiction: The Sierra Leone Profile (International Criminal Justice Series)
  ''978-94-6265-056-5Joop VoetelinkStatus of Forces: Criminal Jurisdiction over Military Personnel Abroad
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  ''978-94-6265-062-6Markus KrajewskiServices of General Interest Beyond the Single Market: External and International Law Dimensions (Legal Issues of Services of General Interest)
2015978-94-6265-068-8Marco Odello · Francesco SeatzuLatin American and Caribbean International Institutional Law
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  ''978-94-6265-080-0Olga BaturaUniversal Service in WTO and EU law: Liberalisation and Social Regulation in Telecommunications (Legal Issues of Services of General Interest)
2015978-94-6265-083-1Marjolaine ViretEvidence in Anti-Doping at the Intersection of Science & Law (ASSER International Sports Law Series)
  ''978-94-6265-086-2Christophe Paulussen · Tamara Takacs · Vesna Lazić · Ben Van RompuyFundamental Rights in International and European Law: Public and Private Law Perspectives
2016978-94-6265-098-5Andrea De Guttry · Francesca Capone · Christophe PaulussenForeign Fighters under International Law and Beyond
  ''978-94-6265-104-3Simon M. Meisenberg · Ignaz StegmillerThe Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: Assessing Their Contribution to International Criminal Law (International Criminal Justice Series)
  ''978-94-6265-110-4Barbara Alicja WarwasThe Liability of Arbitral Institutions: Legitimacy Challenges and Functional Responses
  ''978-94-6265-125-8Frans de WegerThe Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (ASSER International Sports Law Series)
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2017978-94-6265-179-1Verena ZoppeiAnti-money Laundering Law: Socio-legal Perspectives on the Effectiveness of German Practices (International Criminal Justice Series)
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2020978-94-6265-382-5Luigi F. PedreschiPublic Services in EU Trade and Investment Agreements (Legal Issues of Services of General Interest)