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1995978-90-6704-089-1Netherlands reports to the Fourteenth International Congress of Comparative Law, Athens, 1994
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  ''978-90-6704-111-9Herman A.M. von Hebel · Johan G. Lammers · Jolien SchukkingReflections on the International Criminal Court - Essays in Honour of Adriaan Bos
  ''978-90-6704-112-6Lisa Woollomes TabassiOPCW:The Legal Texts
  ''978-90-6704-113-3Janwillem Soek · Andrea BellaniDoping Rules of International Sporting Organisations
2000978-90-6704-124-9Jurgen Basedow · Isaak Meier · Daniel Girsberger · Talia Einhorn · Anton K. SchnyderPrivate Law in the International Arena - From National Conflict Rules Towards Harmonization and Unification: Liber amicorum Kurt Siehr
2001978-90-6704-126-3Andrew CaigerProfessional Sport in the EU:Regulation and Re-Regulation
  ''978-90-6704-133-1Robert SiekmannArbitral and Disciplinary Rules of International Sports Organisations
2002978-90-6704-139-3James H. MathisRegional Trade Agreements in the GATT/WTO: Article XXIV and the Internal Trade Requirement
2002978-90-6704-141-6J. Prins · J.E.J. Prins · M. Eifert · Clarisse Girot · M. Groothuis · W. VoermansE-Government and Its Implications for Administrative Law - Regulatory Initiatives in France, Germany, Norway and the
  ''978-90-6704-142-3Julie DahlitzSecession and International Law: Conflict Avoidance - Regional Appraisals
  ''978-90-6704-144-7Peter DeclerqNetherlands Insolvency Law:The Netherlands Bankruptcy Act and the Most Important Legal Concepts
  ''978-90-6704-146-1Ian BlackshawMediating Sports Disputes:National and International Perspectives
2003978-90-6704-156-0C. Nicoll · J. E. J. Prins · M. J. M. van DellenDigital Anonymity and the Law: Tensions and Dimensions (Information Technology and Law Series)
  ''978-90-6704-157-7T. Alexander Aleinikoff · Vincent ChetailMigration and International Legal Norms
2003978-90-6704-158-4Ige F. Dekker · Harry H. G. PostOn the Foundations and Sources of International Law
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  ''978-90-6704-161-4Wybo P. HeereTerrorism and the Military: International Legal Implications
  ''978-90-6704-166-9E. van SliedregtThe Criminal Responsibility of Individuals for Violations of International Humanitarian Law
2004978-90-6704-168-3Anja Oskamp;Arno R. Lodder · Martin ApistolaIT Support of the Judiciary: Australia, Singapore, Venezuela, Norway, The Netherlands and Italy (Information Technology and Law Series)
2004978-90-6704-171-3Vincent Kronenberger · Jan WoutersThe European Union and Conflict Prevention: Policy and Legal Aspects
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2004978-90-6704-178-2Talia Einhorn · Kurt SiehrIntercontinental Cooperation Through Private International Law: Essays in Memory of Peter E. Nygh
2005978-90-6704-179-9Permanent Court of ArbitrationThe Eritrea-Yemen Arbitration Awards 1998 and 1999 (Permanent Court of Arbitration Award Series)
2004978-90-6704-183-6Janne Elisabeth NijmanThe Concept of International Legal Personality: An Inquiry into the History and Theory of International Law
2005978-90-6704-184-3Ernst M. H. Hirsch Ballin · Linda A. J. SendenCo-actorship in the Development of European Law-Making: The Quality of European Legislation and its Implementation and Application in the National Legal Order
  ''978-90-6704-185-0Peter J. van Krieken · David McKayThe Hague - Legal Capital of the World
2004978-90-6704-186-7Tullio Treves · Alessandro Fodella · Attila Tanzi · Marco Frigessi di RattalmaCivil Society, International Courts and Compliance Bodies
  ''978-90-6704-187-4Jaap W. de Zwaan · Frans A. Nelissen · Jan H. Jans · Steven BlockmansThe European Union: An Ongoing Process of Integration
2011978-90-6704-189-8Horst Fischer · Avril McDonaldYearbook of International Humanitarian Law - 2002
2005978-90-6704-190-4Bart VerheijVirtual Arguments: On the Design of Argument Assistants for Lawyers and Other Arguers (Information Technology and Law Series)
2004978-90-6704-192-8van der VeldenDe Nationaliteit in Internationaal En Europees Perspectief (Mededelingen van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Internationaal Recht - Nr. 129)
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  ''978-90-6704-226-0Janwillem SoekThe Strict Liability Principles and the Human Rights of Athletes in Doping Cases (ASSER International Sports Law Series)
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  ''978-90-6704-276-5   ''Principles of International Criminal Law, Second Edition
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2009978-90-6704-296-3Paolo BalboniTrustmarks in E-Commerce: The Value of Web Seals and the Liability of their Providers (Information Technology and Law Series)
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