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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2018978-93-86056-01-6M. Gabriel 路 M.D. KhanPractical Cardiology
2016978-93-86056-02-3Agedi, M.D., Ph.D. Boto 路 Jose, M.D. CostaSoft Tissue and Bone Pathology: A Question and Answer Based Review
2017978-93-86056-03-0Rana PullattVideo Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery: Volume Two: Complications and Revisions in Bariatric Surgery
2016978-93-86056-06-1Rivi Belach, Ph.D. Har-elMoving Pain Away Rivision: An Innovative Physical Therapy Method
2017978-93-86056-07-8David Patey Professor of Surgery Head of Department of Surgery Irving Taylor 路 Michael DouekRecent Advances in Surgery
2019978-93-86056-08-5Cuneyt M., M.D. Alper 路 Eugene N., M.D. Myers 路 David E., M.D. Eibling 路 Michael M., M.D. PaparellaDecision Making in Otolaryngology
2017978-93-86056-09-2Mohit Bhandari 路 Parag Kantilal SanchetiClinical Research Made Easy: A Guide to Publishing in Medical Literature
聽 ''978-93-86056-10-8Kv Krishna DasTextbook of Medicine
2016978-93-86056-11-5Kusum GuptaPractical Standard Prescriber
聽 ''978-93-86056-12-2Or, M.D., Ph.D. Cohen-InbarTextbook of Focused Neurosurgery
聽 ''978-93-86056-13-9DEY MAMITAA Guide To Nursing Research And Biostatistics Dey Mamita
2019978-93-86056-15-3Madhav H. Kamat 路 R. P. JindalManagement of Urologic Problems in General Practice
2017978-93-86056-16-0Dhaneshwar, M.D. Lanjewar 路 Pradeep, M.D. Vaideeswar 路 Ulhas WagholikarAutopsy Practices
2016978-93-86056-17-7GUPTA PRIYA VERMAEssential Quick Review: Orthodont
聽 ''978-93-86056-18-4Verma Priya GuptaEssential Quick Review Periodontics
2016978-93-86056-19-1Verma Priya GuptaEssential Quick Review Oral Surgery
聽 ''978-93-86056-21-4 聽 ''Essential Quick Review: Prosthodontics
聽 ''978-93-86056-22-1GUPTA PRIYA VERMAEssential Quick Review: Operative Dentistry & Endodontics
聽 ''978-93-86056-24-5Verma Priya Gupta 路 Ashutosh Vinita BoloorEssential Quick Review PERIODONTICS (Frequently Asked Questions) A free companion to Essential Quick Review: Periodontics
2017978-93-86056-25-2Subhash Kumar Wangnoo 路 Jamal Ahmad 路 Asim Mohammad SiddiquiPrinciples and Practice of Thyroid
聽 ''978-93-86056-27-6K Ravishankar 路 Randolph Warren Evans 路 Shuu-Jiun WangModern Day Management of Headache: Questions and Answers
2016978-93-86056-28-3Hiralal KonarManual of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the Postgraduates
2016978-93-86056-29-0PR Ashalatha 路 G DeepaTextbook of Anatomy & Physiology for GNM Students
2017978-93-86056-30-6Horacio Antonio 路 M.D. 路 Ph.D. CaboColour Atlas of Dermoscopy
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聽 ''978-93-86056-64-1 聽 ''Platinum Notes: Surgical Sciences (2015-16) (Volume 3)
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2017978-93-86056-72-6Lorenzo Aragon 路 Sanja Kupesic PlavsicIntern Tips in Internal Medicine: Tips in Inpatient Rotations Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and ICU
2016978-93-86056-73-3Hariqbal, M.D. Singh 路 Shrikant NagareTextbook of Radiology: Musculoskeletal Radiology
2016978-93-86056-77-1Virendra N., M.D. SehgalDiagnosis and Treatment of Common Skin Diseases
聽 ''978-93-86056-79-5Kartikeya Bhargava 路 Samuel J AsirvathamPractical Cardiac Electrophysiology
聽 ''978-93-86056-80-1LOVELY MExam Preparatory Manual For Undergraduates Dental Materials
聽 ''978-93-86056-81-8SREEVANI RMental Health Nursing Practical Record Book For General Nursing And Midwifery
2017978-93-86056-82-5YATIRAJ SINGIForensic Medicine Solved Question Papers
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聽 ''978-93-86056-98-6BHANJA SUSHANTASelf Assessment And Review Of Pediatrics And Neonatology