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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-93-80704-00-5Suraj GupteR.A IN PEDIATRICS-19 HOT TOPICS
聽 ''978-93-80704-01-2Kamna KothariViva on Pre-Clinical Endodontics Conservative Dentistry
聽 ''978-93-80704-02-9Sanjay BajajMnemonics on Medicine, Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology
聽 ''978-93-80704-03-6Sheo KumarJaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Diagnostic Radiology: Hepatobiliary and Gastrointestinal Disease
2012978-93-80704-04-3Robins W., Ph.D. Matthews 路 Christopher N. BellThe Removal of Teeth With Forceps
2010978-93-80704-05-0Joseph G., M.D. Schenker 路 Giuseppe, M.D. Benagiano 路 Zvi U., M.D. Borochowitz 路 Manuel R. G., M.D. Carrapato 路 Jose, M.D. CarreraEthical Dilemmas in Perinatal Medicine
聽 ''978-93-80704-06-7S PremKumarEnglish for Nursing Students
2010978-93-80704-07-4Mukesh BhatiaAll India Post Graduate-2010 (Questions with Explanatory Answers)
聽 ''978-93-80704-08-1R. BaranitharanPhysiotherapy Care for Women's Health
聽 ''978-93-80704-09-8Santosh Kumar SwainMost Common Points in ENT and Head & Neck Surgery
聽 ''978-93-80704-10-4G N PrabhakaraShort Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine
聽 ''978-93-80704-11-1A. Samuel GnanadossOPHTHALMIC NURSING
2010978-93-80704-12-8MittalChopraCardiology Defined: Pocket Dictionary
聽 ''978-93-80704-13-5DharPocket Dictionary: Dermatology Defined
聽 ''978-93-80704-14-2Dharmalingam MalaTextbook of Endocrinology
聽 ''978-93-80704-15-9VijayMCQs in Sports Physiotherapy
聽 ''978-93-80704-16-6Gobind Garg 路 Sparsh GuptaReview of Pathology & Genetics
2010978-93-80704-18-0ChaurasiaSelf Assessment & Review Microbiology Immunology Revision at a Glance, 5/E
聽 ''978-93-80704-19-7Kawathalkar Shirish MEssentials of Clinical Pathology
2011978-93-80704-20-3Shameem, M.D., Ph.D. ShariffFundamentals of Surgical Pathology
2010978-93-80704-21-0Ponnala RakeshDental Anatomy And Histology Solved Question Papers Of Rguhs
2011978-93-80704-22-7Colin D. JohnsonIrving TaylorRecent Advances in Surgery 33
2010978-93-80704-23-4Nisha Garg 路 Amit GargTextbook of Endodontics
2011978-93-80704-24-1Ashok Garg 路 Jorge L., M.D., Ph.D. AlioSurgical Techniques in Opthalmology: Strabismus Surgery (Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology)
2010978-93-80704-25-8Niranjan KhandelwalDiagnostic Radiology: Neuroradiology, Including Head and Neck Imaging
聽 ''978-93-80704-26-5Mittal KundanPrehospital Life Support Manual
2012978-93-80704-27-2Gobind Rai, Dr. Garg 路 Sparsh Gupta 路 Mohit Gupta 路 Dr. NidhiReview of Pathology and Genetics
2010978-93-80704-29-6Hira Bhalla Deepak Mishra Yogesh GulatiSelf Assessment & Review Psm & Biostatistics
聽 ''978-93-80704-30-2Arvind Singh PanwarBasics in Pharmacology for Dental Students
聽 ''978-93-80704-31-9SuryakanthaCommunity Medicine with Recent Advances, 2/E
2010978-93-80704-32-6RITA MHASKARHysteroscopy Made Easy
聽 ''978-93-80704-33-3Sanjay BajajAIDS to Remember Mnemonics on Pharmacology & Preventive Social Medicine
2011978-93-80704-34-0Inderbir SinghTextbook of Human Histology: With Colour Atlas & Practical Guide
2010978-93-80704-35-7Vijay WadhwanPractical Manual of Oral Pathology and Microbiology
聽 ''978-93-80704-36-4JOSHILaw and the Practice of Medicine
2012978-93-80704-37-1Satish K. BhargavaStep by Step Ultrasound
2010978-93-80704-38-8R. V. RajkumarBiomechanics: The Nucleus of Physiotherapy
聽 ''978-93-80704-39-5P. M. ThressiammaProcedures & Theories of Community Health Nursing
聽 ''978-93-80704-40-1Nidhi KhannaPocketbook of Physiotherapy Management in Amputation
2010978-93-80704-41-8Shakti Kumar And Sunil KantMCQs in Management and Hospital Administration
聽 ''978-93-80704-42-5PandaMCQs in Midwifery, 2010
聽 ''978-93-80704-43-2R Shah BipinStep By Step Sonography of the Shoulder Joint
聽 ''978-93-80704-44-9Shivananda Nayak BHandbook of Biochemistry for Allied and Nursing Students
聽 ''978-93-80704-45-6Abdullah ABMCase History and Data Interpretation in Medical Practice: Case Histories, Data Interpretation, Pedigree, Spirometry
2010978-93-80704-46-3Sandhya RamanujamMedicolegal Aspects for Dental Professionals
聽 ''978-93-80704-47-0Marwaha KomalPractical Hematology for BDS
聽 ''978-93-80704-48-7Tosaddak AhmedDifficult Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis Made Easy
聽 ''978-93-80704-49-4BALAJISpinal Manual Therapy Made Easy
聽 ''978-93-80704-50-0Mohammad IbrarullahAtlas of Diagnostic Endoscopy
2010978-93-80704-51-7M V RamasamyHuman Anatomy for Dental Students
2013978-93-80704-52-4S. R., M.D. MehdiEssentials of Blood Banking: A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Clinical Residents
2010978-93-80704-53-1Sanjay Gupta Girija Wagh Gorakh G MandrupkarA Manual for Setting-Up Clinical Practice in Ob/Gy.
2011978-93-80704-55-5Meenakshi Titoria, M.D. SahuOSCEs for MRCOG, Part 2
978-93-80704-56-2Nursing Solved Question Papers for BSc Nursing
2010978-93-80704-59-3Atul SoinAiims Postgraduate Dental Entrance Exam (2006-2009)
2008978-93-80704-60-9Anil K. TripathiEssentials of Medicine for Dental Students
2011978-93-80704-64-7Frank Joseph, M.D. GoesLens Surgery After Previous Refractive Surgery
聽 ''978-93-80704-66-1Niraj AhujaA Short Textbook of Psychiatry: 20th Year Edition
2010978-93-80704-67-8Padmaja UdaykumarPharmacology for Physiotherapy
聽 ''978-93-80704-68-5BiswasFlorence Nightingale She Dared to Be Different
2012978-93-80704-69-2Tirso, Ph.D. Perez-Medina 路 Enrique Cayuela Font 路 Jose Manuel Bajo-Arena 路 Victor GomelDiagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy
2013978-93-80704-70-8S Ahanathan PillaiManual of Anesthesia for Operation Theater Technicians
聽 ''978-93-80704-72-2Nisheet Anant Agni 路 Rajiv Mukund Borle 路 Vedprakash MishraSalivary Gland Pathologies
2011978-93-80704-73-9S. S. Trivedi 路 Manju, M.D. PuriManagement of High-Risk Pregnancy: A Practical Approach
2010978-93-80704-74-6B. Umesh KumarHandbook of Mechanical Ventilation
2011978-93-80704-75-3C. S. MadgaonkarDiagnosis: A Symptom-Based Approach in Internal Medicine
2013978-93-80704-76-0A. K. Mahapatra 路 Raj KumarRaj Kamal 路 D. K. Gupta 路 A. JindalTextbook of Traumatic Brain Injury
2010978-93-80704-77-7Saurabh GargEssentials of Orthophysiotherapy for Upper and Lower Limb Fractures
2011978-93-80704-78-4Y. K., M.D. Amdekar 路 R. D., M.D. Khare 路 R. R., M.D. ChokhaniLessons from the Grand Rounds 2: Options in Rational Management
2010978-93-80704-79-1Mirza Qaiser, M.D. BaigPrinciples and Practice of Chemotherapy
2010978-93-80704-80-7R. AlagappanManual of Practical Medicine
聽 ''978-93-80704-81-4R.L., M.D. Bijlani 路 S., M.D. ManjunathaUnderstanding Medical Physiology: A Textbook for Medical Students
聽 ''978-93-80704-82-1Dipak K. GuhaJaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Neonatology
聽 ''978-93-80704-83-8Syed Musab Rahim HashmiTreatment of Osteoarthritis Knee (Step by Step)
聽 ''978-93-80704-84-5Yr SachdevClinical Diabetology
2010978-93-80704-85-2K. KakkadPractical Orthopaedics
聽 ''978-93-80704-86-9J. SamuelManual of Urology
聽 ''978-93-80704-87-6P.V., M.D. RaiStep by Step Treatment of Parkinson Disease
聽 ''978-93-80704-88-3D. KarthikeyanCross-Sectional Anatomy: Step by Step
2016978-93-80704-89-0Mouli Madhab Ghatak 路 Mark a Young 路 Sen SouvikSpinal Injury and Stroke Rehabiliation
2010978-93-80704-90-6D. M. VasudevanClinical Chemistry Made Easy
2012978-93-80704-91-3Virendra N., M.D. SehgalDermatologic Surgery Made Easy
2010978-93-80704-92-0Hariqbal, M.D. Singh 路 Sushil, M.D. KachewarPractical Atlas of Computed Tomography
2016978-93-80704-93-7KulkamiJaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Clinical Anatomy
2010978-93-80704-94-4T. K. AgastiTextbook of Anesthesia for Postgraduates
聽 ''978-93-80704-95-1P. Siva Ramakrishna RaoDifferential Diagnosis and Medical Therapeutics: A Treatise on Clinical Medicine
2010978-93-80704-96-8M K C NairAdolescent Counseling
2012978-93-80704-97-5P. T. WakodeClinical Methods in ENT
978-93-80704-98-2ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Vol.1)
2010978-93-80704-99-9Luthra AtulTips & Tricks of Bedside Cardiology with Photo CD-ROM (Tips and Tricks)