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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-91-85869-01-5First LastRide On! Ride On! (Pornflicks)
  ''978-91-85869-02-2First LastPORNFLICKS: MY BOY LOLLIPOP
  ''978-91-85869-03-9   ''Give It to Me Baby! (Pornflicks)
  ''978-91-85869-04-6   ''PORNFLICKS: BEST IN SHOW
2008978-91-85869-20-6NICOTEXT · Carl-Johan GaddTruth or Dare: The Evil Version
2008978-91-85869-26-8Fredrik Colting · Carl-Johan GaddWasting Time
  ''978-91-85869-27-5NICOTEXTParklife: Fun in the Grass
  ''978-91-85869-28-2NicotextThe Guide to Doing ME!: and Doing Me Right
2015978-91-85869-29-9First Last90 CLASSIC BOOKS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY
  ''978-91-85869-30-5   ''EXTREME SPORTS
  ''978-91-85869-31-2   ''MACHO MAN'S BAD JOKE BOOK
2015978-91-85869-32-9First LastMACHO MAN'S POINT-IT
2015978-91-85869-33-6First LastHORRIFIC A-Z
2009978-91-85869-34-3Lara AllenThe Erotic A-Z
2015978-91-85869-46-6First LastSTUPEDIA
  ''978-91-85869-47-3   ''TRUTH OR BULL
2009978-91-85869-54-1John David California60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye
978-91-85869-55-8Strip Dice
978-91-85869-56-5Pick-up Dice
978-91-85869-57-2Drink Dice
978-91-85869-58-9Love Dice
978-91-85869-59-6Russian Roulette Dice
978-91-85869-60-2Yes/No Dice
978-91-85869-61-9Shopping Dice
978-91-85869-62-6Dinner Date Dice
978-91-85869-63-3Crazy Dice
978-91-85869-64-0Truth or Dare Dice
2015978-91-85869-65-7First Last100 BEST AND ABSOLUTE GREATEST HEAVY
  ''978-91-85869-66-4   ''NO THANKS, I'M ALLERGIC
  ''978-91-85869-68-8   ''SEXICON
  ''978-91-85869-81-7   ''99 CLASSIC MOVIES FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY
2015978-91-85869-82-4First LastGIRLY GIRLS POINT-IT BOOK
2015978-91-85869-83-1First LastNew York Quiz & Trivia: 170 Tricky Questions and Fascinating Facts About New York City