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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-91-85449-06-4First LastMISSION
  ''978-91-85449-07-1First LastULTRA MODERN HISTORY
  ''978-91-85449-08-8   ''MACHO MAN'S DRINKBOOK
  ''978-91-85449-11-8   ''STUDENT COOKBOOK
  ''978-91-85449-12-5   ''BLA BLA: 600 USELESS CELEBS
2015978-91-85449-13-2First LastBLA BLA: 600 USELESS QUOTES
2009978-91-85449-14-9NICOTEXTThe Super Hero Yoga Book: Because Heroes Get Stiff Muscles Too
2015978-91-85449-15-6First LastBLA BLA: 600 SEX
  ''978-91-85449-16-3   ''ONE MILLION DOLLARS
2009978-91-85449-17-0NICOTEXTThe Mission: Save the World
2015978-91-85449-18-7First LastMY REVIEWS: BOOKS
2015978-91-85449-19-4First LastHEROES: POP DISPLAY (Heroes - Big People)
  ''978-91-85449-20-0   ''HEROES: MUHAMMAD ALI
2007978-91-85449-21-7NICOTEXTMarilyn Monroe: Quotes / Trivia (Heroes)
2015978-91-85449-22-4First LastHEROES: JOHN F. KENNEDY
  ''978-91-85449-23-1   ''HEROES: ALBERT EINSTEIN
2007978-91-85449-24-8NICOTEXTElvis Presley: Quotes / Trivia (Heroes)
2015978-91-85449-25-5First LastThe Rolling Stones: Quotes / Trivia (Heroes)
  ''978-91-85449-26-2   ''BLA BLA: 600 SPORTS (Bla Bla Series)
2007978-91-85449-27-9NICOTEXTDick Tricks: The Art & Science of Genital Sculpturing
2015978-91-85449-29-3First LastMy Reviews: Dates, Keeping Track of My Dates