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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-90-8790-006-9J. KlabbersThe Magic Circle: Principles of Gaming & Simulation: Third and Revised Edition (Modeling and Simulation for Learning and Instruction)
  ''978-90-8790-011-3U Gellert · E JablonkaMathematisation and Demathematisation
  ''978-90-8790-017-5I SemetskyDeleuze, Education and Becoming (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
2007978-90-8790-023-6D. Magnuson · M. BaizermanWork with Youth in Divided and Contested Societies
2006978-90-8790-027-4P L Thomas · J KincheloeReading, Writing, and Thinking (Bold Visions in Educational Research)
  ''978-90-8790-029-8M Gordon · T V O'BrienBridging Theory and Practice in Teacher Education (Bold Visions in Educational Research)
2007978-90-8790-035-9Deborah Corrigan · Justin Dillon · Richard F. GunstoneThe Re-Emergence of Values in Science Education
  ''978-90-8790-037-3T. MonchinskiThe Politics of Education: An Introduction (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
2007978-90-8790-047-2Roger L. Geiger · Carol Colbeck · Roger L. Williams · Christian K. AndersonFuture of the American Public Research University (Global Perspectives on Higher Education)
2009978-90-8790-086-1Ernst Von GlasersfeldKey Works in Radical Constructivism (Bold Visions in Educational Research)
2007978-90-8790-087-8Bryant GriffithA Philosophy of Curriculum: The Cautionary Tale of Simultaneous Languages in a Decentred World
  ''978-90-8790-122-6Vaish Viniti · S. Gopinathan · Yongbing LiuLanguage, Capital, Culture: Critical Studies and Education in Singapore (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-129-5R. Van Der Veen · W. Youngblood Janet W. Youngblood · Janet W. YoungbloodDemocratic Practices as Learning Opportunities
  ''978-90-8790-134-9Valerie A. BrownLeonardo's Vision: A Guide to Collective Thinking and Action (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-137-0U. TeichlerHigher Education Systems (Global Perspectives on Higher Education)
2007978-90-8790-142-4Paul R. Carr · Darren E. LundThe Great White North? Exploring Whiteness, Privilege and Identity in Education (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-145-5P. W. Orelus · Pierre W. OrelusEducation Under Occupation: The Heavy Price of Living in a Neocolonized and Globalized World (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-155-4B. E. Shelton · D. A. Wiley · E. Shelton Brett E. SheltonThe Design and Use of Simulation Computer Games in Education (Modeling and Simulations for Learning and Instruction)
  ''978-90-8790-156-1Brett E. Shelton · David A. WileyTHE DESIGN AND USE OF SIMULATION COMPUTER GAMES IN EDUCATION (Modeling and Simulation for Learning and Instruction)
2008978-90-8790-179-0Naydene De Lange · Claudia Mitchell · Jean StuartPutting People in the Picture: Visual Methodologies for Social Change
2007978-90-8790-185-1Rosalyn GeorgeGirls in a Goldfish Bowl: Moral Regulation, Ritual and the Use of Power Amongst Inner City Girls (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-188-2M. WalshawWorking with Foucault in Education
2008978-90-8790-197-4Simon MarginsonProspects of Higher Education (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
2007978-90-8790-198-1P. G. Altbach · P. McGill PetersonHigher Education in the New Century (Global Perspectives on Higher Education)
2007978-90-8790-226-1Xiufeng LiuGreat Ideas in Science Education; Case Studies of Noted Living Science Educators (New Directions in Mathematics and Science Education)
  ''978-90-8790-236-0Wiliam F. PinarIntellectual Advancement Through Disciplinarity: Verticality and Horizontality in Curriculum Studies (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
2008978-90-8790-237-7William F. PinarINTELLECTUAL ADVANCEMENT THROUGH DISCIPLINARITY: Verticality and Horizontality in Curriculum Studies (Transgressions - Cultural Studies and Education)
2007978-90-8790-247-6Richard K. Coll · Neil TaylorScience Education in Context: An International Examination of the Influence of Context on Science Curricula Development and Implementation
  ''978-90-8790-250-6Brian M. HandScience Inquiry, Argument and Language: A Case for the Science Writing Heuristic
  ''978-90-8790-253-7Stephen Kemmis · Tracy J. SmithEnabling Praxis: Challenges for Education (Pedagory, Education and Praxis)
  ''978-90-8790-255-1Xuehui Xie · Phil Francis CarspeckenPhilosophy, Learning and the Mathematics Curriculum: Dialectical Materialism and Pragmatism Related to Chinese and American Mathematics Curriculums
2008978-90-8790-258-2Hans De WitThe Dynamics of International Student Circulation in a Global Context (Global Perspectives on Higher Education)
2007978-90-8790-262-9S. Springgay · R. L. Irwin · C. LeggoBeing with A/R/Tography
2008978-90-8790-267-4Ray Land · Jan Meyer · Jan SmithThreshold Concepts Within the Disciplines (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
2008978-90-8790-269-8Carlos Alberto Torres · Pedro NogueraSocial Justice Education for Teachers
2007978-90-8790-271-1Richard Duschl · Richard GrandyTeaching Scientific Inquiry
  ''978-90-8790-373-2Michael Peters · Alan Britton · Harry BleeGlobal Citizenship Education (Contexts of Education)
2008978-90-8790-379-4Leonard A. AnnettaSerious Educational Games: From Theory to Practice
  ''978-90-8790-385-5Andrew J. C. BeggEmerging Curriculum
  ''978-90-8790-386-2Andrew J.C. BeggEmerging Curriculum
  ''978-90-8790-396-1Marja Van Den Heuvel-PanhuizenChildren Learn Mathematics (Dutch Design in Mathematics Education)
2008978-90-8790-397-8Marja Van Den Heuvel-Panhuizen · Kees BuysYoung Children Learn Measurement and Geometry (Dutch Design in Mathematics Education)
  ''978-90-8790-408-1Ivor GoodsonInvestigating the Teacher's Life and Work (Studies in Professional Life and Work)
  ''978-90-8790-411-1Inna SemetskyNomadic Education (Educational Futures)
  ''978-90-8790-414-2Ira Bogotch · Floyd Beachum · Jackie Blount · Jeffrey S. BrooksRadicalizing Educational Leadership: Dimensions of Social Justice (Educational Leadership and Leaders in Contexts)
  ''978-90-8790-417-3Julie Allan · Roger SleeDoing Inclusive Education Research (Studies in Inclusive Education)
2008978-90-8790-423-4Donyell L. RoseboroJacques Lacan and Education: A Critical Introduction (Transgressions-cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-429-6Marla MorrisTeaching Through the Ill Body: A Spiritual and Aesthetic Approach to Pedagogy and Illness (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-438-8Ali A. Abdi · Shibao GuoEducation and Social Development: Global Issues and Analyses (Comparative and International Education: a Diversity of Voices)
  ''978-90-8790-448-7Peggy SaxRe-Authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory (Counseling and Student Cultures)
  ''978-90-8790-451-7Darrell DobsonTransformative Teaching
2008978-90-8790-457-9Jo Osler · Jill FlackWhose Learning Is It? Developing Children as Active and Responsible Learners (Professional Learning)
  ''978-90-8790-470-8Mirad Dunne · Mairead DunneGender, Sexuality and Development
  ''978-90-8790-505-7Derek HodsonTowards Scientific Literacy
  ''978-90-8790-517-0Douglas Kellner · Tyson E. Lewis · Clayton PierceOn Marcuse (Key Critical Thinkers in Education)
  ''978-90-8790-520-0Jane KnightHigher Education in Turmoil (Global Perspectives on Higher Education)
2008978-90-8790-529-3Jean BarrThe Stranger Within (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
  ''978-90-8790-541-5Peter Sullivan · Terry WoodThe Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume1 (International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education)
  ''978-90-8790-544-6Dina Tirosh · Terry WoodThe Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 2 (International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education)
  ''978-90-8790-545-3Dina Tirosh · Terry WoodThe Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 2 (The Internationa Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education)
  ''978-90-8790-547-7Konrad Krainer · Terry WoodThe Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 3 (International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education)
2008978-90-8790-548-4Konrad Krainer · Terry WoodThe Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 3 (International Handbook of Mathematics Teachere Education, Volume 3)
  ''978-90-8790-550-7Barbara Jaworski · Terry WoodThe Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 4 (International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Educaiton)
  ''978-90-8790-568-2Tony Townsend · Ira BogotchThe Elusive What and the Problematic How: The Essential Leadership Questions for School Leaders and Educational Researchers (Educational Leadership and Leaders in Contexts)
  ''978-90-8790-572-9Frans Van GalenFractions, Percentages, Decimals and Proportions (Dutch Design in Mathematics Education)
  ''978-90-8790-573-6Karyn Cooper · Robert E. WhiteCritical Literacies in Action: Social Perspectives and Teaching Practices (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
2008978-90-8790-595-8Luis Radford · Gert Schubring · Falk SeegerSemiotics in Mathematics Education (Semiotic Perspectives in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics)
  ''978-90-8790-601-6Phillip A. Towndrow · Caroline Koh · Tan Hock SoonMotivation and Practice for the Classroom
  ''978-90-8790-607-8Howard CannatellaThe Richness of Art Education (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
  ''978-90-8790-622-1Bob Jessop · Norman Fairclough · Ruth Professor WodakEducation and the Knowledge-Based Economy in Europe (Educational Futures Rethinking Theory and Practice: Scope)
2009978-90-8790-637-5Robert M. Capraro · Scott W. SloughProject-Based Learning
2008978-90-8790-643-6Stephen Billett · Christian Harteis · Anneli EteläpeltoEmerging Perspectives of Workplace Learning
  ''978-90-8790-649-8Andrew H. ChurchillRocking Your World: The Emotional Journey Into Critical Discourses (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
2008978-90-8790-652-8John Smyth · Lawrence Angus · Barry DownActivist and Socially Critical.... (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
2009978-90-8790-688-7Cynthia A. Lassonde · Sally Galman · Clare KosnikSelf-Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators (Professional Learning)
2008978-90-8790-694-8Coral Mitchell · Larry SackneySustainable Improvement
2009978-90-8790-697-9Jonathan LangdonIndigenous Knowledges, Development and Education (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-712-9Barbara M. Kehm · Jeroen Huisman · Bjrn StensakerThe European Higher Education Area
  ''978-90-8790-724-2Jane A. Van Galen · Van O. DempseyTrajectories: The Social and Educational Mobility of Education Scholars from Poor and Working Class Backgrounds (Mobility Studies and Education)
2008978-90-8790-733-4Rina Zazkis · Peter LiljedahlTeaching Mathematics as Storytelling
2009978-90-8790-737-2Fritz Oser · Ursula Renold · Ernst G. JohnVet Boost: Towards a Theory of Professional Competencies
  ''978-90-8790-775-4Marla MorrisOn Not Being Able to Play: Scholars, Musicians and the Crisis of the Psyche (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-784-6Allison Jones · Sue MiddletonThe Kiss and the Ghost: Sylvia Ashton-Warner and New Zealand
2009978-90-8790-793-8Emery J. Hyslop-Margison · James ThayerTeaching Democracy: Citizenship Education as Critical Pedagogy (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-799-0Tony Monchinsky · John GerassiUnrepentant Radical Educator: The Writings of John Gerassi, Edited and with Interviews by Tony Monchinski (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-808-9Regina Andrea BernardBlack and Brown Waves: The Cultural Politics of Young Women of Color and Feminism (Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-811-9Paul DowlingSociology as Method (Critical Essays Across Education)
  ''978-90-8790-814-0Barbara M. Kehm · Bjrn Stensaker · Bjorn StensakerUniversity Rankings, Diversity, and the New Landscape of Higher Education (Global Perspectives on Higher Education)
2009978-90-8790-817-1Julie Allan · Jenny Ozga · Geri SmythSocial Capital, Professionalism and Diversity (Studies in Inclusive Education)
  ''978-90-8790-823-2Stephanie MacklerLearning for Meaning's Sake (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
  ''978-90-8790-835-5Renny ChristopherA Carpenter's Daughter: A Working-Class Woman in Higher Education (Mobility Studies and Education)
  ''978-90-8790-877-5Alister Jones · Marc De VriesInternational Handbook of Research and Development in Technology Education (International Technology Education Studies)
2010978-90-8790-887-4P. Sawchuk · A. TaylorChallenging Transitions in Learning and Work (Knowledge Economy and Education)
2009978-90-8790-906-2Joy Higgs · D. Horsfall · Sandra GraceWriting Qualitative Research on Practice (Practice, Education, Work and Society)
  ''978-90-8790-940-6Roy McConkey · John Dunne · Nick BlitzShared Lives
2009978-90-8790-943-7Brian BeltonDeveloping Critical Youth Work Theory
  ''978-90-8790-949-9M. Prendergast · C. Leggo · P. SameshimaPoetic Inquiry
  ''978-90-8790-952-9Ortrun Zuber-SkerrittAction Learning and Action Research
  ''978-90-8790-953-6Ortrun Zuber-SkerrittAction Learning and Action Research
  ''978-90-8790-965-9Margaret Carr · Anne B. Smith · Judith DuncanLearning in the Making: Disposition and Design in Early Education
2010978-90-8790-986-4Christopher EmdinUrban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation (Cultural Perspectives in Science Education: Research Dialogs 01)
2009978-90-8790-989-5Pauline Sameshima · Roxanne Vandermause · Stephen ChalmersClimbing the Ladder with Gabriel
2009978-90-8790-995-6Elizabeth Grierson · Laura BrearleyCreative Arts Research: Narratives of Methodologies and Practices (Educational Futures, Rethinking Theory and Practice)