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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-90-8728-001-7Anna BeerensFriends, Acquaintances, Pupils and Patrons
2007978-90-8728-007-9Philip VerhagenCase Studies in Archaeological Predictive Modeling (Archaeological Studies Leiden University Press)
  ''978-90-8728-017-8Adriaan In 't GroenKnowledge in Ferment: Dilemmas in Science, Scholarship and Society (Amsterdam University Press - Leiden University Press Academic)
  ''978-90-8728-018-5Matthijs J. KoornstraChanging Choices: Psychological Relativity Theory
2008978-90-8728-025-3Willem B. Drees · Pieter Sjoerd KoningsveldThe Study of Religion and the Training of Muslim Clergy in Europe: Academic and Religious Freedom in the 21st Century (Amsterdam University Press - Leiden University Press Academic)
  ''978-90-8728-040-6Ineke van de MeeneAccess to Justice and Legal Empowerment: Making the Poor Central in Legal Development Co-operation (Law, Governance, and Development Research & Policy Notes)
  ''978-90-8728-048-2Jan Michiel OttoSharia and National Law in Muslim Countries: Tensions and Opportunities for Dutch and EU Foreign Policy (Law, Governance, and Development: Research & Policy Notes)
2011978-90-8728-057-4   ''Sharia Incorporated: A Comparative Overview of the Legal Systems of Twelve Muslim Countries in Past and Present (Law, Governance, and Development (Leiden University Press))
2010978-90-8728-080-2R. Y. C. OngMobile Communication and the Protection of Children
978-90-8728-081-9Java's Northeast Coast 1740-1840: A Study in Colonial Encroachment and Dominance (CNWS Publications)
2011978-90-8728-083-3Fanny Wonu VeysMana Maori: The Power of New Zealand’s First Inhabitants
978-90-8728-084-0Mana Maori: De Kracht Van Nieuw-Zeelands Eerste Bewoners (LUP Academic) (Dutch Edition)
2011978-90-8728-086-4B. Vanmontfort · L. P. Louwe Kooijmans · L. Amkreutz · L. VerhartPots, Farmers and Foragers: How Pottery Traditions Shed a Light on Social Interaction in the Earliest Neolithic of the Lower Rhine Area (Archaeological Studies Leiden University Press)
2013978-90-8728-088-8A. A. Seyed-Gohrab · S. McGlinnSafina Revealed: A Compendium of Persian Literature in 14th Century Tabriz (Iranian Studies from Leiden University Press)
2011978-90-8728-091-8Franklin Lewis · Sunil SharmaThe Necklace of the Pleiades: Twenty-Four Essays on Persian Literature, Culture and Religion (Iranian Studies from Leiden University Press)
2011978-90-8728-092-5Sassan TabatabaiFather of Persian Verse: Rudaki and His Poetry (Iranian Studies Series)
  ''978-90-8728-096-3Jos CoumansThe Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: An Updated Bibliography (Iranian Studies from Leiden University Press)
  ''978-90-8728-099-4Ton Van Haaften · Henrike Jansen · Jaap De Jong · Willem De KoetsenruijterBending Opinion: Essays on Persuasion in the Public Domain (AUP - Leiden University Press)
2014978-90-8728-115-1Mahnia A. Nematollahi MahaniThe Holy Drama: Persian Passion Play in Modern Iran (Iranian Studies Series)
2012978-90-8728-125-0Peter J. M. NasCities Full of Symbols: A Theory of Urban Space and Culture (AUP - Leiden University Press)
  ''978-90-8728-126-7Menno FitskiKakiemon Porcelain: A Handbook
2013978-90-8728-137-3Eric Jorink · Arne MaasNewton and the Netherlands: How Isaac Newton was Fashioned in the Dutch Republic (Aup - Leiden University Press)
2015978-90-8728-139-7Caroline van Eck · Joris van Gastel · Elsje van KesselThe Secret Lives of Art Works: Exploring the Boundaries between Art and Life
2014978-90-8728-164-9Michael Schwab · Henk BorgdorffThe Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia
2013978-90-8728-167-0Henk BorgdorffThe Conflict of the Faculties: Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia
  ''978-90-8728-177-9Athanasios K. VionisA Crusader, Ottoman, and Early Modern Aegean Archaeology: Built Environment and Domestic Material Culture in the Medieval and Post-Medieval Cyclades, ... Studies Leiden University Press)
2013978-90-8728-180-9Jaron BorensztajnGhosts and Spirits from the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art: Felix Tikotin: A Life Devoted to Japanese Art
2014978-90-8728-183-0Henk van Steenbergen · Michiel Spapé · Rinus Verdonschot · Saskia van DantzigThe E-Primer: An Introduction to Creating Psychological Experiments in E-Prime
978-90-8728-189-2Ciudad y Escritura: Imaginario De La Ciudad Latinoamericana a Las Puertas Del Siglo XXI (LUP Academic) (Spanish Edition)
2014978-90-8728-190-8Hilde van Belle · Paul Gillaerts · Baldwin van Gorp · Dorien van de Mieroop · Kris RuttenVerbal and Visual Rhetoric in a Media World (Rhetoric IN Society)
  ''978-90-8728-199-1Hans HaakRufus Ephesius: Medicus Gratiosus
  ''978-90-8728-211-0David Crawford · Bart DeseynNostalgia for the Present: Ethnography and Photography in a Moroccan Berber Village (Debates on Islam and Society)
2015978-90-8728-217-2Anousha SedighiPersian in Use: An Elementary Textbook of Language and Culture (Iranian Studies Series)
2019978-90-8728-219-6Christine Cleiren · Antoine HolA Key to Criminal Law
2015978-90-8728-221-9Edwin BakkerTerrorism and Counterterrorism Studies: Comparing Theory and Practice
  ''978-90-8728-227-1Riccardo ZipoliIrreverent Persia: Invective, Satirical and Burlesque Poetry from the Origins to the Timurid Period (10th to 15th Century) (Iranian Studies Series)
2016978-90-8728-229-5Phyllis TeoRewriting Modernism: Three Women Artists in Twentieth-Century China (Pan Yuliang, Nie Ou and Yin Xiuzhen)
2015978-90-8728-231-8Caroline van EckArt, Agency and Living Presence: From the Animated Image to the Excessive Object (Studien aus dem Warburg-Haus)
2016978-90-8728-237-0Willem RemmelinkThe Invasion of the Dutch East Indies (War History)
  ''978-90-8728-240-0Beatrice de Graaf · Alex P. SchmidTerrorists on Trial: A Performative Perspective
2015978-90-8728-243-1Frits Bolkestein · Paul Cliteur · Meindert FennemaDe succesvolle mislukking van Europa
2016978-90-8728-246-2Arthur ten Cate · Martijn van der VormCallsign Nassau: Dutch Army Special Forces in Action in the "New World Disorder"
2015978-90-8728-247-9Maarten Jansen · Valentina RaffaTiempo y comunidad: herencias e interacciones socio-culturales en mesoamérica y occidente (Archaeological studies Leiden University (ASLU) (29))
2018978-90-8728-274-5Alexander ReeuwijkVoyage of Discovery: Exploring the Collections of the Asian Library at Leiden University
2018978-90-8728-278-3Hendrik Schulte NordholtChina and the Barbarians: Resisting the Western World Order
2019978-90-8728-325-4Michael J. DoumaThe Colonization of Freed African Americans in Suriname: Archival Sources relating to the U.S. Dutch Negotiations, 1860-1866
2020978-90-8728-334-6Teun BaartmanCape Conflict: Protest and Political Alliances in a Dutch Settlement