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978-90-5789-000-0Vasijas Para Ceremonia: Iconografia De La Ceramica Tipo Codice Del Estilo Mixteca-Puebla (CNWS Publications) (Spanish Edition)
1998978-90-5789-001-7Steven E. and WENDRICH, Willemina Z. (eds) SIDEBOTHAMBerenike '96: report of the 1996 excavations at Berenike (Egyptian Red Sea coast) and the survey of the Eastern Desert.
  ''978-90-5789-002-4George van DriemDzongkha (Languages of the Greater Himalayan Region, Vol. 1)
  ''978-90-5789-006-2Maarten Jansen · Peter Kröfges · Michel R. OudijkThe shadow of Monte Alban: Politics and historiography in postclassic Oaxaca, Mexico (CNWS publications) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-90-5789-009-3R. J BarendseThe Arabian seas 1640-1700
  ''978-90-5789-012-3Roland RutgersYamphu: Grammar, texts & lexicon (Languages of the greater Himalayan region)
2000978-90-5789-032-1K JongelingComparing Welsh and Hebrew (CNWS Publications)
2000978-90-5789-044-4Hein van der Voort · Simon van de KerkeIndigenous Languages of Lowland South America (Indigenous Languages of Latin America, 1)
  ''978-90-5789-052-9Willemina Wendrich · Steven E. SidebothamBerenike 1998
2001978-90-5789-058-1Ana Fernandez GarayRanquel-Espanol/Espanol-Ranquel: Diccionario De Una Variedad Mapuche De La Pampa (Argentina) (CNWS Publications) (Spanish Edition)
978-90-5789-064-2His Word is the Truth: Haji Ibrahim's letters and other writings (CNWS Publications)
2002978-90-5789-071-0Dick van der MeijPuspakrema: a Javanese Romance from Lombok (CNWS publications)
978-90-5789-079-6The Gate of Words: Language in the rituals of Korean Shamans (CNWS Publications)
2014978-90-5789-081-9C. OttMetamorphosen Des Epos: Sirat Al-Mugahidin (Sirat Al-Amira Dat Al Himma) Zwischen Mundlichkeit Und Schriftlichkeit (CNWS Publications, Band 119)
978-90-5789-087-1Mongol Rule: Reflections on Mongol Sociopolitics (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-088-8When the Bird Flies: Shamanic Therapy and The Maintenance of Worldly Boundaries Among an Indigenous People of Riau (Sumatra) (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-089-5Ekaterina Yurievna ChirkovaIn Search of Time in Peking Mandarin
978-90-5789-090-1Heroes and Heritage: The Protagonist in Indian Literature and Film (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-091-8Towards Integrated Environmental Law in Indonesia? (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-092-5Diccionario Tehuelche-Español / Indice Español-Tehuelche (Indigenous Languages of Latin America, No. 4) (Spanish Edition)
2004978-90-5789-094-9Cunera C. M. BuijsFurs and Fabrics, Transformations, Clothing and Identity in East Greenland
  ''978-90-5789-095-6Marianne L. WiesebronBrazili in de Nederlandse archieven/O Brasil em arquivos neerlandeses (1624 - 1654): Documenten in het Koninklijk Huisarchief en in het Archief van de ... (CNWS Publications|Mauritiana, Band 130)
978-90-5789-096-3Jeanne Hong ZhangThe Invention of a Discourse: Woman's Poetry from Contemporary China (English and Chinese Edition)
2013978-90-5789-098-7HoekCaturm sa: Celebrations of Death in Kathmandu, Nepal (CNWS Publications, Band 133)
  ''978-90-5789-100-7E. BootContinuity and Change in Text and Image at Chich n Itz , Yucat n, Mexico: A Study of the Inscriptions, Iconography, and Architecture at a Late Classic ... Maya Site (CNWS Publications, Band 135)
978-90-5789-101-4Ruben B. StoelFocus in Manado Malay: Grammar, Particles and Intonation
978-90-5789-102-1Brazilie in De Nederlandse Archieven (1624-1654) - De West-Indische Compagnie: Overgekomen Brieven En Papieren Uit Brazilie En Curacao (CNWS Publications) (Dutch Edition)
978-90-5789-103-8O Brasil Em Arquivos Neerlandeses (1624-1654) - A Companhia Das Indias Occidentais: Cartas E Papeis Vindos Do Brasil E De Curacao (CNWS Publications) (Portuguese Edition)
978-90-5789-104-5Rivalry and Conflict: European Traders and Asian Trading networks in the 16th and 17th Centuries (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-105-2From Modern Myths to Global Encounters: Belonging and the dynamics of change in postcolonial Africa (CNWS Publications)
2005978-90-5789-106-9Mark LeenhoutsLeaving the World to Enter the World: Han Shaogong and Chinese Root-Seeking Literature (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-107-6Recherches Archeologiques a Dia Dans Le Delta Interieur Du Niger (Mali): Bilan Des Saisons De Fouilles 1998-2003 (CNWS Publications) (French Edition)
978-90-5789-109-0Merchant in Asia: The Trade of the Dutch East India Company during the Eighteenth Century (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-110-6Site-seeing: Places in Culture, Time and Space (CNWS Publications)
2006978-90-5789-112-0Pieter J. ter KeursCondensed Reality: A study of material culture. Case studies from Siassi (Papua New Guinea) and Enggano (Indonesia) (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-113-7Stages in Civilisation: Dutch museums in quest of West Central African collections (1856-1889) (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-150-2Grounding the Past: The Praxis of Participatory Archaeology in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-151-9Connecting and Correcting: Case Study of Sami Healers in Porsanger (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-152-6Colonial Collections Revisited (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-153-3Korea in The Middle: Korean studies and area studies: essays in honour of Boudewijn Walraven (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-154-0Language Endangerment and Endangered Languages: Linguistic and Anthropological Studies with Special Emphasis on the Languages and Cultures of the ... (English, French and Dutch Edition)
978-90-5789-155-7Baure: An Arawak Language of Bolivia (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-156-4Technology and Ethical Idealism: A History of Development in the Netherlands East Indies (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-158-8Katja HannßUchumataqu: The Lost Language of the Urus of Bolivia: A grammatical description of the language as documented between 1894 and 1952 (CNWS Publications)
978-90-5789-159-5Royal Cabinets and Auxiliary Branches: Origins of the National Museum of Ethnology 1816-1883. (CNWS Publications)