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2002978-90-6369-005-2Gingko PressDutch Design 2002-2003: Industrial Design (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-90-6369-014-4Paul Verhoeven · Derrick De Kerckhove · Wim CrouwelMattmo
  ''978-90-6369-017-5Miekke GerritzenMobile Minded
2004978-90-6369-020-5Hans P. Brandt · Edsco de HeusTotal Identity
1900978-90-6369-025-0Amsterdam BIS PublishersHallo Holland
2003978-90-6369-026-7Gingko PressBritish Design 2003
2002978-90-6369-028-1British Design 2003: Product and Packaging Design
  ''978-90-6369-029-8British Design Interior, Exhibition and Event Design
2003978-90-6369-030-4asymtote.Haarlemmermeer Pavilion - Asymptote
2004978-90-6369-032-8David JuryOver typografie: wie de regels van de typografie wil overtreden, moet ze eerst kennen
2002978-90-6369-035-9BIS PublishersVision and Precision
2003978-90-6369-037-3Kees BroosWim Crouwel - Alphabets
2004978-90-6369-040-3Kees DorstUnderstanding Design: 150 Reflections On Being A Designer
2003978-90-6369-041-0Andreu BaliusType at Work: The Use of Type in Editorial Design
2004978-90-6369-042-7David Keuning · Ed Melet · Caroline Kruit · Kees Peterse · Piet Vollaard · Tom de Vries · Els ZijlstraSkins For Buildings: The Architect's Materials Sample Book
2008978-90-6369-043-4Michel van TongerenRetail Branding 2nd print
2004978-90-6369-044-1Nic MusolinoInfiltrate: The Front Lines of the NYC Design Scene
2003978-90-6369-047-2Victor CheungDesign For Kids From Victionary Two
  ''978-90-6369-048-9Hiromura MasaakiSpace Graphysm (Japanese Edition)
2004978-90-6369-056-4Mieke Gerritzen · Henk Oosterling · Geert Lovink · Max BruinsmaVisual Power: News
2004978-90-6369-057-1Mieke Gerritzen · Henk Oosterling · Geert Lovink · Max BruinsmaVisual Power: Business
  ''978-90-6369-058-8   ''Visual Power: Sex
2008978-90-6369-059-5Sophia VyzovitiFolding Architecture
2005978-90-6369-061-8Twigt Arno · Jim SmithBrand Environment Design
2004978-90-6369-062-5Ed Annink · Ineke SchwartzBright Minds, Beautiful Ideas: Parallel Thoughts in Different Times
  ''978-90-6369-063-2Declan Stone · Garech StoneLogo R.i.p.
2005978-90-6369-071-7BIS PublishersBritish Design 2004-2005
2004978-90-6369-077-9World Graphic Design: Contemporary Graphics from Africa, the Arab World, the Far East and Latin America
2006978-90-6369-081-6BisReal Dutch Design 0607: Graphic Design/ Illustration: 1 (English, German and French Edition)
  ''978-90-6369-082-3   ''Real Dutch Design 0607: Industrial Design/Industrieel Ontwerp/Industriedesign, Craft Related Design/Vrije Vormgeving/ Kunstgewerbe, Environmental ... (English and German Edition)
2004978-90-6369-091-5Lachlan Blackleygraphic 6 - learn change evolve
2005978-90-6369-093-9Mieke Gerritzen · Koert van MensvoortNext Nature
2006978-90-6369-097-7Reza Abedini · Hans WolbersNew Visual Culture of Modern Iran
2009978-90-6369-109-7Marc Valli Richard BreretonGraphic 08
2011978-90-6369-110-3Kiki Hartmann · Dorte NielsenInspired: How Creative People Think, Work and Find Inspiration
2005978-90-6369-116-5Stefano MarzanoPast Tense, Future Sense: Competing With Creativity: 80 Years of Design at Philips
2008978-90-6369-121-9Sophia VyzovitiSupersurfaces
2010978-90-6369-122-6Ko FloorBranding a Store: How to Build Successful Retail Brands in a Changing Marketplace
2006978-90-6369-123-3Mieke Gerritzen · Danusia Schenke100 Store Concepts
2009978-90-6369-124-0Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarèsTypographic Matchmaking: Building cultural bridges with typeface design
2006978-90-6369-126-4BIS PublishersGraphic 09 (Issue 9)
2009978-90-6369-129-5Erik Spiekermann · Jan MiddendorpMade With Fontfont: Type for Independent Minds
2006978-90-6369-130-1Rudd-Jan KokkeRuud-Jan Kokke
  ''978-90-6369-137-0BIS PublishersBritish Design 2007/08: Branding and Graphic Design Packaging Design New Media Design Interior, Retail and Event Design Product Design
2006978-90-6369-138-7Marie Jeanne De RooijA-Maze: The People of the Labyrinths
  ''978-90-6369-144-8Tyler WhisnandOne Hundred and One Things to Do
  ''978-90-6369-145-5Natascha ChadhaIt Started with a Kiss: Twenty Years of Mexx
2009978-90-6369-146-2Ramon Vullings · Godelieve Spaas · Igor ByttebierCreativity Today
2008978-90-6369-147-9BIS PublishersGraphic 10 2nd print (Graphic Magazine)
2006978-90-6369-148-6Max FraserBoek: Piet Hein Eek
  ''978-90-6369-149-3Kees DorstUnderstanding Design (revised edition)
2007978-90-6369-150-9Diana KrabbendamAmsterdam Creative Index
2006978-90-6369-152-3Warren BergerHoopla: By Crispin Porter and Bogusky
2009978-90-6369-155-4Christa van den Berg · Gerhard NijenhuisBridging the Dutch landscape: Design guide for bridges
2007978-90-6369-158-5Florian PfefferOutput 09: International Yearbook and Student Award in Visual Communication 2006 (English and German Edition)
2006978-90-6369-159-2Sander SchroeversPR for Designers and Architects
978-90-6369-164-6Neighbourhood / druk 1
2007978-90-6369-168-4BIS PublishersGraphic 11
2009978-90-6369-171-4Koos Eissen · Roselien SteurSketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers
  ''978-90-6369-172-1BIS PublishersEuropean Business Design 01: Top Creative Solutions for Today's Business Challenges
2009978-90-6369-179-0Marc A. Valli · Richard BreretonGraphic 12
  ''978-90-6369-181-3BIS PublishersMy Dutch Design 0809 Part I: Graphic Design & Illustration
  ''978-90-6369-182-0   ''My Dutch Design 0809 Part II: Industrial Design, Craft Related Design, Environmental Design, Packaging Design & Interactive Media
2019978-90-6369-187-5Han HoogerbruggeModern Living
2008978-90-6369-191-2Alex Clay · Richard van der Laken · Herman van BostelenThe Daily Gorilla: Graphic Comments on the World News
2009978-90-6369-199-8Hester van Eeghen · Joan GannijHester Van Eeghen: Bag and Shoe Design
  ''978-90-6369-200-1Marije Vogelzang · Louise SchouwenbergEat Love: Food Concepts by Eating-Designer Marije Vogelzang
978-90-6369-203-2Identity 2.0
2009978-90-6369-204-9Joseph LimBio-structural Analogues in Architecture: Joseph Lim Ee Man
2011978-90-6369-205-6Paul Hekkert · Matthijs van DijkVision in Design: A Guidebook for Innovators
2009978-90-6369-206-3Asterios AgkathidisModular Structures in Design and Architecture
  ''978-90-6369-207-0Anneloes van GaalenNever Use White Type on a Black Background: And 50 Other Ridiculous Design Rules
2010978-90-6369-214-8Anneloes van GaalenNever Leave the House Naked: And 50 Other Ridiculous Fashion Rules (Ridiculous Design Rules)
2010978-90-6369-215-5Anneloes van GaalenThe Medium is the Message: And 50 Other Ridiculous Advertising Rules (Ridiculous Design Rules)
2011978-90-6369-216-2   ''Never Use More Than Two Different Typefaces: And 50 Other Ridiculous Typography Rules (Ridiculous Design Rules)
2010978-90-6369-217-9Anneloes van GaalenNever Use Pop Up Windows: And 50 Other Ridiculous Web Rules (Ridiculous Design Rules)
2012978-90-6369-219-3   ''Indie Brands: 30 Independent Brands That Inspire and Tell a Story
2010978-90-6369-221-6Fabio PrataThe Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog
2012978-90-6369-223-0Jan MiddendorpShaping Text: Type, Typography and the Reader
2010978-90-6369-224-7ed. Jan MiddendorpCreative Characters: Interviews with Font Designers
  ''978-90-6369-227-8Mieke Gerritzen · Geert LovinkEveryone is a Designer In the Age of Social Media
2011978-90-6369-232-2Asterios AgkathidisDigital Manufacturing: In Design and Architecture (Qr-reader)
978-90-6369-233-9London Memory Game
2010978-90-6369-234-6Han HoogerbruggePro Stress # 1: The Time to Relax Is When You Don't Have Time for It
2011978-90-6369-237-7Studio KluifIdeas Are Immortal
978-90-6369-239-1Cardboard Design: Thinking Out of the Box
2011978-90-6369-242-1Joseph LimEccentric Structures in Architecture
  ''978-90-6369-250-6Asterios Agkathidis · Gabi SchilligPerformative Geometries: Transforming Textile Techniques
2012978-90-6369-251-3Wimer Hazenberg · Menno Huisman · Sara Cordoba RubinoMeta Products: Building the Internet of Things
2011978-90-6369-253-7Roselien Steur · Koos EissenSketching: The Basics
2010978-90-6369-254-4Bert Thobokholt · Barry de Waal · Martin WestbeekCopy & Concept: prikkels voor reclamemakers
  ''978-90-6369-255-1Christian Ernsten · Tess Broekmans · Sjoerd Feenstra · Gert Urhahn · Catja Edens · Billy NolanDe spontane stad / druk 1
2011978-90-6369-256-8Marc Stickdorn · Jakob SchneiderThis is Service Design Thinking: Basics - Tools - Cases
  ''978-90-6369-257-5et al ed. Sophie KampmanI don't know where I'm going, but I want to be there: The Expanding Field of Graphic Design 1900-2020
2014978-90-6369-258-2Drew de SotoKnow Your Onions: Graphic Design
2011978-90-6369-259-9Bas van Abel · Lucas Evers · Roel Klaassen · Peter TroxlerOpen Design Now: Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive
2012978-90-6369-260-5Ron van der VlugtLogo Life: Life Histories of 100 Famous Logos
2012978-90-6369-263-6Ward NicolaasBig Black & Beautiful: Cooper Black Book
2011978-90-6369-265-0Gert UrhahnThe Spontaneous City
2012978-90-6369-267-4Mark Mückenheim · Juliane DemelInspiration: Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture
2011978-90-6369-269-8Sophia VyzovitiSoft Shells: Porous and Deployable Architectural Screens
2012978-90-6369-271-1Sofie BeierReading Letters: Designing for Legibility
  ''978-90-6369-272-8Marije VogelzangYou Are What You Eat Memory Game
2013978-90-6369-275-9Wimer Hazenberg75 Tools for Creative Thinking: A Fun Card Deck for Creative Inspiration
2012978-90-6369-276-6Anneloes van GaalenNever Sleep with the Director: And 50 Other Ridiculous Film Rules (Ridiculous Design Rules)
  ''978-90-6369-278-0Dice for Change
  ''978-90-6369-279-7Mark StickdornThis Is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases
  ''978-90-6369-281-0Susie BreuerBlue Is the New Black: The 10 Step Guide to Developing and Producing a Fashion Collection
2013978-90-6369-283-4Michiel Schwarz · Diana KrabbendamSustainist Design Guide: How Sharing, Localism, Connectedness and Proportionality Are Creating a New Agenda for Social Design
2013978-90-6369-284-1Liz Sanders · Pieter Jan StappersConvivial Toolbox: Generative Research for the Front End of Design
2012978-90-6369-285-8Irene van NesDynamic Identities: How to Create a Living Brand
  ''978-90-6369-287-2Asterios AgkathidisComputational Architecture: Digital Designing Tools and Manufacturing Techniques
2013978-90-6369-288-9Marcus KraftDon't Eat The Yellow Snow: Pop Music Wisdom
  ''978-90-6369-289-6Anthony di MariOperative Design: A Catalog of Spatial Verbs
2012978-90-6369-290-2Stone Twins · Gert DumbarLogo R.I.P.: A Commemoration of Dead Logotypes
978-90-6369-291-9Universele Ontwerpmethoden
2013978-90-6369-292-6Steven McCarthyThe Designer as...: Author, Producer, Activist, Entrepeneur, Curator, and Collaborator: New Models for Communicating
  ''978-90-6369-296-4Renske SolkeszMozaa Game
  ''978-90-6369-297-1SnaskMake Enemies & Gain Fans
2013978-90-6369-298-8Studio KluifWork Hard, Play Harder
  ''978-90-6369-301-5Dim Balsem · Maaike StrengholtTwins Memory Game 2
  ''978-90-6369-302-2Pieter JongeriusGet Agile!: Scrum for UX, Design & Development
2012978-90-6369-304-6David CarlsonMake Design Matter (A Little Red Book About How to)
2014978-90-6369-307-7Aernoud BourdezThink Like A Lawyer, Don't Act Like One (Think Like a Pro)
2013978-90-6369-309-1Andres ParadaProduct Sketches: From Rough to Refined
  ''978-90-6369-310-7Emmi Ojala · Laura de JongDear Fashion Diary: Discover Your Taste-Become Your Own Fashion Guru
2014978-90-6369-311-4John WeichStorytelling on Steroids: 10 stories that hijacked the pop culture conversation
  ''978-90-6369-312-1Drew de SotoKnow Your Onions: Web Design
2013978-90-6369-313-8Gijs van WulfenThe Innovation Expedition: A Visual Toolkit to Start Innovation
2014978-90-6369-314-5Marc Andrews · Matthijs van Leeuwen · Rick van BaarenHidden Persuasion: 33 Psychological Influences Techniques in Advertising
2013978-90-6369-315-2Jürgen SalenbacherCreative Personal Branding: The Strategy to Answer: What’s Next
978-90-6369-320-6Conceptdenken: van slapend naar levend: basis, cases, tools
2013978-90-6369-321-3Joyce Yee · Emma Jefferies · Lauren TanDesign Transitions: Inspiring Stories. Global Viewpoints. How Design is Changing.
2013978-90-6369-323-7PerMollerupWayshowing > Wayfinding: Basic & Interactive
  ''978-90-6369-325-1Koos Eissen · Roselien SteurBocetaje Las Bases
  ''978-90-6369-326-8Lidewij EdelkoortAnton Beeke, it's a miracle
2014978-90-6369-327-5Annemiek van Boeijen · Jaap Daalhuizen · Roos van der Schoor · Jelle ZijlstraDelft Design Guide: Design Strategies and Methods
  ''978-90-6369-328-2Marcus KraftGet Off the Internet Postcard Block (Pop Music Wisdom)
  ''978-90-6369-329-9Koos Eissen · Roselien SteurSketching, Product Design Presentation
2014978-90-6369-331-2Sabine Wildevuur · Dick van Dijk · Thomas Hammer-JakobsenConnect: Design for an Empathic Society
978-90-6369-332-9NoCompromise: The New Retail Positioning Game
2014978-90-6369-334-3George HlavácsThe Exceptionally Simple Theory of Sketching: Easy to Follow Tips and Tricks to Make your Sketches Look Beautiful
  ''978-90-6369-336-7Barbara IweinsStreet Style Memory Game III
2013978-90-6369-339-8Irene van NesDynamic Identities: How to Create a Living Brand
2014978-90-6369-340-4Susie BreuerBlue is the New Black: The 10 Step Guide to Developing and Producing a Fashion Collection
  ''978-90-6369-341-1Genis CarrerasPhilographics: Big Ideas in Simple Shapes
2013978-90-6369-343-5CARRERAS GENISPhilographics (Spanish Edition)
2014978-90-6369-345-9Wouter BoonDefining Creativity: The Art and Science of Great Ideas
  ''978-90-6369-346-6Lavinia BakkerOnce Upon a Time I Was...: The Autobiography of:
2016978-90-6369-347-3Harry StarrenThink Like a Manager (Think Like a Pro)
2014978-90-6369-350-3Pernille Kok-Jensen · Els DragtAlways be Yourself, Unless You Can Be a Unicorn, Then Always Be a Unicorn: A Snapshot of the Weird and Wonderful World of the Tumblr Generation
  ''978-90-6369-351-0Régis Lemmens · Bill Donaldson · Javier MarcosFrom Selling to Co-Creating: New Trends, Practices and Tools to Upgrade your Sales Force
2015978-90-6369-353-4Lucy KimbellThe Service Innovation Handbook: Action-oriented Creative Thinking Toolkit for Service Organizations
2014978-90-6369-354-1Jeroen Beekmans · Joop de BoerPop-Up City: City-making In a Fluid World
2014978-90-6369-355-8Johan IdemaHow to Visit an Art Museum: Tips for a Truly Rewarding Visit
  ''978-90-6369-358-9Koert van Mensvoort · Hendrik-Jan GrievinkThe In Vitro Meat Cook Book
  ''978-90-6369-365-7Anthony di MariConditional Design: An introduction to elemental architecture
2016978-90-6369-371-8Paul Hekkert · Matthijs Dijk vanVIP Vision in Design: A Guidebook for Innovators
2015978-90-6369-374-9MwahSomethink Completely Different: 100+ Funny, Inspirational and Thought-provoking One-liners
  ''978-90-6369-376-3Jenny LeeMaterial Alchemy
  ''978-90-6369-377-0Stephen D. RappaportThe Digital Metrics Field Guide: The Definitive Reference for Brands Using the Web, Social Media, Mobile Media, or Email
2015978-90-6369-379-4Ramon Vullings · Marc HelevenNot Invented Here: Cross-industry Innovation
  ''978-90-6369-380-0Igor Byttebier · Ramon VullingsCreativity in Business: The Basic Guide for Generating and Selecting Ideas
  ''978-90-6369-381-7Margus J. KlaarHow to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: An Introduction to Service Design
2016978-90-6369-385-5Harry StarrenThink Like a Manager, Dont Act Like One (NL) (Dutch Edition)
2015978-90-6369-386-2Mieke GerritzenOld Masters Memory Game
  ''978-90-6369-387-9Willem PopelierDo it Yourselfie Guide: The Ultimate Selfie Guide to Capture the Best Version of Yourself
  ''978-90-6369-388-6Paul BaarsOptical Illusions Game
2015978-90-6369-391-6Shaun LevinThe Writing Notebook: City: The Notebook for Your Next Book
  ''978-90-6369-392-3Shaun LevinThe Writing Notebook: Food: The Notebook for Your Next Book
  ''978-90-6369-393-0   ''The Writing Notebook: Family: The Notebook for Your Next Book
  ''978-90-6369-394-7Petra de HamerThis is my Paris: Do-It-Yourself City Journal
  ''978-90-6369-395-4Petra de HamerThis is my London: Do-It-Yourself City Journal
2015978-90-6369-396-1Petra de HamerThis is my Berlin: Do-It-Yourself City Journal
2016978-90-6369-397-8Yvette van BovenHome Made Food Notebook
  ''978-90-6369-398-5Carola VerschoorChange Ahead: How Research and Design are Transforming Business Strategy
2015978-90-6369-399-2George LoisLOIS Logos: How to Brand with Big Idea Logos
2016978-90-6369-401-2Mieke Gerritzen · Koert van MensvoortSave the Humans: How to Survive
2015978-90-6369-402-9Per MollerupSimplicity: A Matter of Design
  ''978-90-6369-406-7Caroline SelmesLadyscaping: A Girl's Guide to Personal Topiary
2016978-90-6369-408-1Kees DorstDesigning for the Common Good
  ''978-90-6369-409-8Sam BucoloAre We There Yet?: Insights on How to Lead by Design
  ''978-90-6369-410-4Gijs van WulfenThe Innovation Maze: Four Routes to a Successful New Business Case
2016978-90-6369-411-1Baires RaffaelliThe Fast Guide to Architectural Form
978-90-6369-412-850 Strategies for Architecture: An Architect's Guide to Words and the World Around Us
2017978-90-6369-413-5Frans de GrootThe Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth: BITSING: The World's First Business Management Model that Guarantees Success
2016978-90-6369-415-9Dorte Nielsen · Sarah ThurberThe Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: How To Make Connections Others Don't
  ''978-90-6369-418-0Lorenzo ServiArt Is Everywhere: How to Really Look at Things
  ''978-90-6369-421-0Lavinia BakkerOnce upon a time I was...
  ''978-90-6369-423-4Donald RoosDon't Read this Book: Time Management for Creative People
2015978-90-6369-426-5Mieke Gerritzen · Koen van MensvoortRed de mens!: Hoe overleven we?
2017978-90-6369-431-9Geurt Jan de HeusMastering the Art of Negotiation: Seven Guides for Creating your Journey
2016978-90-6369-432-6Gaby Crucq-Toffolo · Sanne KnitelConcept Code: How to Create Meaningful Concepts
2017978-90-6369-433-3Els DragtHow to Research Trends: Move Beyond Trendwatching to Kickstart Innovation
2016978-90-6369-434-0Roel Frissen · Ruud Janssen · Dennis LuijerEvent Design Handbook: Systematically Design Innovative Events Using the #EventCanvas
2017978-90-6369-435-7Huub van OschDifferent Brains, Different Approaches: Successful Neuro Advertising for Male and Female
2018978-90-6369-436-4Studio KluifCreate to Conquer
  ''978-90-6369-444-9Deborah Wietzes · Beate van DongenCEX Sells: New Inspiration for Valuable Customer Experiences
2017978-90-6369-451-7Sara van de VenThe Book of the Do-Ness: 234.5 Ideas to Beat Your Daily Laziness
2017978-90-6369-452-4Marcus KraftDon't Talk Just Kiss: Pop Music Wisdom, Love Edition
  ''978-90-6369-453-1Williemien BrandVisual Thinking: Empowering People and Organisations through Visual Collaboration
  ''978-90-6369-455-5Ralph BurkhardtHotchpotch: Lexicon of (un)Useful Creative Knowledge
  ''978-90-6369-456-2Gerasimos VamvakidisInnovative Architecture Strategies
  ''978-90-6369-457-9Joyce Yee · Emma Jefferies · Kamil MichlewskiTransformations: 7 Roles to Drive Change by Design
2017978-90-6369-458-6Sofie BeierType Tricks: Your Personal Guide to Type Design
2018978-90-6369-459-3Lianne SimonseDesign Roadmapping: Guidebook for Future Foresight Techniques
2017978-90-6369-463-0Roland van der VorstContrarian Branding: Stand Out by Camouflaging the Competition
2019978-90-6369-464-7Erik Bär · Stan BoshouwerWorlds of Wonder: Experience Design for Curious People
2018978-90-6369-473-9Stefanie Jansen · Maarten PietersThe 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation
  ''978-90-6369-474-6Detlef ReisThe Genius Journey
  ''978-90-6369-478-4Anne MiltenburgBrand the Change: The Branding Guide for social entrepreneurs, disruptors, not-for-profits and corporate troublemakers
  ''978-90-6369-479-1Martin TomitschDesign. Think. Make. Break. Repeat.: A Handbook of Methods
  ''978-90-6369-484-5Donald RoosDon't/Do This - Game: Thought Experiments for Creative People (Time Management for Creative People)
2018978-90-6369-486-9Jeroen van GeelPitching Ideas: Make People Fall in Love with your Ideas
  ''978-90-6369-489-0Majid IqbalThinking in Services: Encoding and Expressing Strategy through Design
  ''978-90-6369-490-6Kees Dorst · Tanja Golja · Bem le Hunte · Louise McWhinnieCreative Intelligence: Creating the Transdisciplinary Professionals of the Future
  ''978-90-6369-492-0Marieke EyskootThis is a Good Guide - for a Sustainable Lifestyle
2019978-90-6369-496-8BIS PublishersInspiration for Innovation: 101 Lessons for Innovators
  ''978-90-6369-497-5André SchaminéeDesigning With and Within Public Organizations: Building Bridges between Public Sector Innovators and Designers
2018978-90-6369-498-2BIS PublishersProducts That Flow: Circular Business Models and Design Strategies for Fast Moving Consumer Goods
2019978-90-6369-499-9Willemien BrandVisual Doing: A Practical Guide to Incorporate Visual Thinking into Your Daily Business and Communication
2018978-90-6369-500-2   ''Visual Doing Workbook
2019978-90-6369-504-0Rosa Pons-CerdaMy Photography Toolbox: A Game to Refine Your Eye and Improve Your Skills
2018978-90-6369-505-7Donald RoosTo Don't List: Project Planning for Creative People (Time Management for Creative People)
2018978-90-6369-511-8Willemien BrandVisual Thinking Workbook
2019978-90-6369-512-5Walter VanderveldeWhen the Box is the Limit: Drive your Creativity with Constraints
  ''978-90-6369-514-9Christof ZürnMusic Thinking Jam Cards: An Innovative Approach to Create Meaningful Collaborations
  ''978-90-6369-518-7Paul Ketelaar23 Innovations in Digital Communication: Move Beyond Speculations and Master Mediated Communication
  ''978-90-6369-522-4Conny BakkerProducts That Last: Product Design for Circular Business Models
  ''978-90-6369-523-1Boudewijn Bosman · Tim NikkenFootball Baby Names: Your Child is Born a Champion with a Name Like This
2019978-90-6369-526-2Paulina LaroccaConnecting: Harness Your Emotions to Enhance Your Creativity
  ''978-90-6369-527-9Els DragtHow to Research Trends Workbook
  ''978-90-6369-529-3Jeroen van GeelPitching Ideas: Make People Fall in Love with Your Ideas
  ''978-90-6369-531-6Marc AndrewsHidden Persuasion: 33 Psychological Influences Techniques in Advertising
2020978-90-6369-535-4Aernoud BourdrezThink Like a Lawyer, Don't Act Like One
  ''978-90-6369-536-1Harry StarrenThink Like a Manager, Don't Act Like One
2020978-90-6369-539-2Drew de SotoKnow Your Onions: Corporate Identity: Get your head around corporate identity design and deliver one like the big boys
  ''978-90-6369-540-8Annemiek van Boeijen · Jaap DaalhuizenDelft Design Guide (revised edition): Perspectives - Models - Approaches - Methods
  ''978-90-6369-541-5Ingeborg Bloem · Klaus KempenaarsBranded Protest: Branding as a Tool to Give Prostest an Iconic Face
  ''978-90-6369-543-9Louise DowneGood Services: Decoding the Mystery of What Makes a Good Service
  ''978-90-6369-561-3Annemiek van BoeijenCulture Sensitive Design: A Guide to Culture in Practice
2020978-90-6369-569-9Jan Karel MakThink Like an Engineer, Don't Act Like One
  ''978-90-6369-571-2Baires RaffaelliThe Fast Guide to Accessibility Design
  ''978-90-6369-572-9Sune Gudiksen · Helle Maria SkovbergFraming Play Design: A hands-on guide for designers, learners and Innovators