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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-90-5768-001-4Pepin Press Design1000 Decorated Initials (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2006978-90-5768-003-8Pepin PressGraphic Frames (Agile Rabbit Editions)
1999978-90-5768-004-5Pepin PressBatik Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2006978-90-5768-005-2   ''Floral Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-006-9Pepin van RoojenChinese Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-007-6Pepin PressImages of the Human Body (Agile Rabbit Editions)
1999978-90-5768-008-3Joost HolscherSports Pictures: Paperback and CD-ROM for Mac/Windows: (with Free CD-ROM) (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-009-0Pepin PressIndian Textile Prints (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2002978-90-5768-011-3Pepin Van RoojenAncient Mexican Designs/ Disenos Mexicanos Antiguos (English and Spanish Edition)
2000978-90-5768-012-0Agile Rabbit EditionGeometric Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-013-7Pepin PressArt Nouveau Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2000978-90-5768-014-4Agile RabbitMenu Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions Free Cd-rom S.)
2005978-90-5768-016-8Pepin PressGraphic Ornaments (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2000978-90-5768-018-2Web Design Index: Paperback + CD-ROM
2005978-90-5768-020-5Pepin PressJapanese Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2006978-90-5768-021-2   ''5000 Animals
2005978-90-5768-022-9   ''Traditional Dutch Tile Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2002978-90-5768-023-6Rabbit Editions AgileOccult Images (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2004978-90-5768-024-3Cécile MaslakianBacteria And Other Micro Organisms
2002978-90-5768-025-0Pepin PressThe Compendium of Illustrations
  ''978-90-5768-026-7   ''Web Design Index 2: Paperback + CD-ROM
2006978-90-5768-027-4Pepin PressMediaeval Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2002978-90-5768-028-1Pepin Van RoojenIslamic Designs
  ''978-90-5768-029-8nPersian Designs/Persische Designs/Disegni Persiani/Desenhos Persas/Disenos Persas/Motifes Perses (Pepin Press Design Books)
  ''978-90-5768-030-4Pepin PressWeaving Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-032-8Patterns of the 19th Century
2006978-90-5768-033-5Pepin PressBaroque Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-034-2   ''Renaissance Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2006978-90-5768-035-9Pepin Van RoojenSkeletons (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-036-6Pepin PressTurkish Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2002978-90-5768-037-3Not AvailableLace
2006978-90-5768-038-0Pepin Van RoojenEmbroidery (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-039-7Pepin PressHow to Fold (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-040-3   ''Folding Patterns for Display and Publicity (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2003978-90-5768-042-7Dorine Van Den BeukelElements of Chinese And Japanese Design
2005978-90-5768-043-4Pepin Van RoojenRococco
2003978-90-5768-044-1   ''Structural Package Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2002978-90-5768-045-8GÜNTER (COMPIL.) BEERWeb Design Index 3
2006978-90-5768-047-2VV. AA.Fruit
2005978-90-5768-051-9Pepin PressHistorical & Curious Maps (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2008978-90-5768-052-6   ''Astrology Pictures (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2004978-90-5768-053-3Pepin Van RoojenMail It (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2004978-90-5768-054-0Pepin Press · Pepin PressSpecial Packaging Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-055-7Pepin PressSigns & Symbols (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2003978-90-5768-056-4Pepin Van RoojenMini Icons
  ''978-90-5768-058-8Pepin Press · Pepin PressIkat Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2003978-90-5768-059-5Pepin Press · Pepin PressPatterns of the 1930s (Agile Rabbit Editions) (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese Edition)
2005978-90-5768-060-1Pepin PressFancy Designs 1920 (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-061-8   ''Wallpaper Design (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-062-5   ''Fancy Alphabets
  ''978-90-5768-063-2Gunter BeerWeb Design Index 4
2006978-90-5768-065-6Pepin PressTeknological (Pattersn and Design)
2007978-90-5768-066-3Pepin Van RoojenMythology Pictures / Mythologische Bilder / Motifs Mythologiques (Agile Rabbit Editions) (English, German and French Edition)
2004978-90-5768-068-7Beer GunterWeb Design Index 5
2005978-90-5768-069-4Gunter BeerWeb Design by Index Content (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2004978-90-5768-070-0Pepin PressFlowers (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-071-7Pepin Van Roojen · Pepin PressArabian Geometric Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2004978-90-5768-072-4Pepin PressArt Déco (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2006978-90-5768-073-1Mario Arturo HernandezBarcelona Tile Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-074-8Pepin PressNon Facture: Rejected Photographs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2008978-90-5768-075-5   ''Textile Motifs of India (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2005978-90-5768-076-2   ''Watercolour Patterns: Aquarellmuster/Motifs D'Aquarelle/motivos Con Acuarelas/Padroes Com Aguarelas/Motivi Di Acquerelli (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2006978-90-5768-092-2Pepin PressGothic Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-093-9Guenter BeerWeb Design Index 6
2007978-90-5768-096-0Pepin PressPaisley Patterns
2006978-90-5768-097-7Pepin Van RoojenJugendstil (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2007978-90-5768-099-1D. Hurtado de MendozaTile Designs from Portugal
  ''978-90-5768-100-4Pepin PressKimono (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-101-1   ''Flower Power
  ''978-90-5768-102-8   ''European Folk Patterns
2006978-90-5768-103-5Guenter BeerWeb Design by Content 02 (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2007978-90-5768-104-2Pepin PressIslamic Designs from Egypt (Agile Rabbit Editions: Cultural Styles)
2007978-90-5768-105-9Guenter BeerWeb Design Index 7 (Pattern & Design Collection)
  ''978-90-5768-107-3Pepin PressMarbled Paper Design (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2009978-90-5768-108-0   ''Geometric Patterns (Pattern & Design Collection)
2012978-90-5768-109-7Jakob HronekBIOLOGICAL (Pattern & Design Collection)
2008978-90-5768-110-3Pepin PressJapanese Papers (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2007978-90-5768-111-0Günter BeerWeb Design Index by Content .03
2008978-90-5768-112-7E. DrudiFabric Textures & Patterns (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2007978-90-5768-113-4Pepin PressTapestry - Tapisserie (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-114-1Laurence K. WithersTake One
2008978-90-5768-115-8M.A. HernandezHavana Tile Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-116-5Maria Da Gandra · Maaike Van NeckWorld Musical Instruments
  ''978-90-5768-119-6Pepin PressRepeating Patterns 1100 - 1800: Repetitive Muster - Motivos Recurrentes - Padroes Repetidos - Motifs Repetes - Schemi Ripetitivi
2010978-90-5768-120-2   ''Turkish Designs (Pepin Press Design Books)
2009978-90-5768-121-9Pepin PressIslamic Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2008978-90-5768-122-6Gunter BeerWeb Design Index 8 (Agile Rabbit Editions)
  ''978-90-5768-123-3M. A. HernandezBarcelona Tile Designs
2009978-90-5768-124-0Hans LijklemaFree Font Index 1 (Agile Rabbit Editions) (No. 01)
2008978-90-5768-125-7Pepin PressDecorative Patterns from Italy (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2009978-90-5768-126-4   ''Art Nouveau Tiles + CD Rom
  ''978-90-5768-127-1Guenter BeerWeb Design Index by Content.04
  ''978-90-5768-128-8Laurence K. WithersFolding Ideas for Cards & Envelopes (+ CD-ROM)
  ''978-90-5768-129-5Pepin PressThe Human Figure: A Sourcebook for Artists and Designers
2009978-90-5768-130-1Pepin PressPersian Designs (Agile Rabbit Editions)
2011978-90-5768-131-8   ''Images of the Human Body
2009978-90-5768-132-5   ''Inside the Human Body
2012978-90-5768-133-2Pepin van RoojenAmsterdam Design, 1900-1930
2011978-90-5768-138-7Pepin PressPatterns & Ornaments of the 19th Century
  ''978-90-5768-139-4   ''Embroidery, revised Edition
2010978-90-5768-140-0Mario Arturo Hernandez · Hernan BusteloPuerto Rico Tile Designs
2009978-90-5768-141-7Pepin PressArt Deco
2010978-90-5768-143-1Pepin PressBasic Packaging (Structural Package Design)
  ''978-90-5768-144-8   ''Advanced Packaging (Structural Package Design)
  ''978-90-5768-145-5   ''Complex Packaging (Structural Package Design)
  ''978-90-5768-146-2   ''Fancy Packaging (Structural Package Design)
  ''978-90-5768-147-9Hans LijklemaFree Font Index 2
2011978-90-5768-148-6Pepin PressFrames
2010978-90-5768-149-3Gunter BeerWeb Design Index 9
2011978-90-5768-150-9Guenter BeerWeb Design Index by Content 05
2011978-90-5768-155-4Pepin PressGraphics 1900
  ''978-90-5768-156-1   ''Arabian Geometric Patterns
  ''978-90-5768-157-8Hans LijklemaDesign for Music
2012978-90-5768-158-5Pepin PressWeb Design Index 10
2011978-90-5768-159-2Pepin Van RoojenSpecial Packaging
2011978-90-5768-160-8Pepin Van RoojenStructural Package Designs
2012978-90-5768-161-5   ''1950s Floral Graphic
  ''978-90-5768-162-2   ''Novelty Prints: Animals
  ''978-90-5768-163-9   ''1960s Paisley Prints
  ''978-90-5768-164-6   ''Web Design Index by Content 06
  ''978-90-5768-166-0Hans LijklemaFree Font Index 3
2007978-90-5768-168-4Pepin Van RoojenGRAPHIC ORNAMENTS-ORNAMENTOS GRAFICOS + 2 CDS
978-90-5768-169-1Structural Package Designs. CD With Templates and Software 360 Degres. Multilingue