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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-90-5496-004-1PhotosBatik design
2006978-90-5496-005-8Pepin van RoojenBatik Design
2005978-90-5496-008-9Joo E. KhooThe Straits Chinese: A Cultural History (Pepin Press Art Book)
2004978-90-5496-009-6Stefan R. LandsbergerChinese Propaganda Posters: From Revolution to Modernization
1999978-90-5496-011-9Pepin Van RoojenGraphic Ornaments 1900 (Pepin Press Design Books)
2006978-90-5496-016-4Pepin PressDecorated Paper Designs 1800 (Pepin Press Design Books)
1999978-90-5496-020-1Pepin Van RoojenIndonesian Ornamental Design (Design Book)
1997978-90-5496-025-6Ruud SpruitArtists on Bali: Nieuwenkamp, Bonnet, Spics, Hofker, Le Mayeur, Arie Smit
  ''978-90-5496-026-3Niels MulderInside Indonesian Society (Design Book)
1999978-90-5496-034-8Alit DjajasoebrataShadow Theatre in Java: The Puppets, Performance and Repertoire
2005978-90-5496-038-6J. Ubbens · C. HuizingPictures of Java: Of the Nineteenth Century
1997978-90-5496-039-3YimenDreams of Spring: Chinese Erotic Art
978-90-5496-040-9Rev. YimenFruhlingstraume: Eroische Kunst in China (German Edition)
1999978-90-5496-042-3Dorine Van Den BeukelDesigns of Nature (Pepin Press Design Books)
  ''978-90-5496-043-0Pepin Van Roojen1930'S Commercial Art (Design Book)
  ''978-90-5496-046-1Dorine Vanden BeukelA Pictorial History of Costume =: Illustrierte Kostumgeschichte = Histoire Illustree Du Costume = Storia Illustrata del Costume = Historia Ilustrada d (Pepin Press Design Books)
  ''978-90-5496-047-8Niels MulderMysticism in Java: Ideology in Indonesia
1999978-90-5496-048-5Paul WijdeveldLudwig Wittgenstein Architect (Design Book)
  ''978-90-5496-051-5Haresh PathakStructural Package Designs (Pepin Press design book series)
1998978-90-5496-054-6PepinHats a Pepin Press Design Book
2007978-90-5496-058-4Pepin PressFashion Accessories
2002978-90-5496-068-3   ''Traditional Henna Designs (A Pepin Press Design Book)
2000978-90-5496-070-6Hans-Jurgen DoppRomantique: Erotic Art of the Early 19th Century
  ''978-90-5496-073-7Maarten Hesselt Van DinterTribal Tattoo Design
2002978-90-5496-077-5Pepin PressVisual Encyclopedia of Architecture
2001978-90-5496-078-2   ''Visual Encyclopedia of Ornamental Design
2002978-90-5496-080-5E. DrudiFigure Drawing for Fashion Design
  ''978-90-5496-082-9Pepin Van RoojenHairstyles of the World
2005978-90-5496-084-3Double Vision
2001978-90-5496-086-7Joost HolscherFashion Design 1800-1940 (Pepin Press Design Books)
2011978-90-5496-090-4Ren BrusCrown Jewellery (Art Books)
2000978-90-5496-092-8Hans-Jurgen DoppRomantique: L'Art Erotique Au Debut Du XIXE Siecle
2005978-90-5496-093-5Elisabetta Drudi · Tiziana PaciFigurines de Mode Et Stylisme (Fashion & Textiles) (French Edition)
978-90-5496-094-2Pepin PressZeichnen Fuer Modedesign
2003978-90-5496-095-9Elisabetta Drudi · Tiziana Paci · E. DrudiDibujo de Figurines Para El Diseno de Moda (Pepin Press Fashion Book) (Spanish Edition)
2002978-90-5496-096-6Pepin PressMasterpieces of 19th Century Decorative Art
2006978-90-5496-098-0Rene Van der StarEthnic Jewellery: From Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands
  ''978-90-5496-100-0Pepin PressBijoux Ethniques: Afrique, Asie Et Iles Du Pacifique
2005978-90-5496-104-8   ''The International Hairstyle Index
2012978-90-5496-106-2Durant StuartEncyclopedia of Ornaments
2006978-90-5496-109-3S. IvoBags
2005978-90-5496-110-9Pepin PressSpectacles & Sunglasses (Pepin Press Design Books)
2007978-90-5496-125-3E. DrudiWrap & Drape Fashion
1900978-90-5496-126-0Auteur onbekendCATALOGUE 1 2006
2007978-90-5496-130-7Dr E. UdiLa Mode Du Drape: Histoire, Conception Et Dessin (French Edition)
2006978-90-5496-132-1Elisabetta DrudiDiseno De Prendas Sin Costuras: Historia, Diseno Y Dibujo (Pepin Press Fashion Book) (Spanish Edition)
2007978-90-5496-135-2Pepin PressArt Deco Fashion (Pepin Press Fashion Books)
2008978-90-5496-137-6Elisabetta Drudi · Tiziana PaciRysunek postaci w projektowaniu mody
2008978-90-5496-140-6E. DrudiFashion Prints: How to Design and Draw
  ''978-90-5496-141-3Rene van der StarEthnic Jewellery: From Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands
2011978-90-5496-143-7Sigrid IvoBags: A Selection from the Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam
2015978-90-5496-150-5Elisabetta DrudiPepin Press Figure Drawing for Fashion Design (Pepin Press Design Books) (961505)
978-90-5496-151-2Zeichnen für Modedesign
2011978-90-5496-152-9Elisabetta DrudiDibujo de Figurines para el DiseOo de Moda, nueva edicion
  ''978-90-5496-153-6   ''Figurines de Mode et Stylisme
2011978-90-5496-155-0Elisabetta DrudiFigure Drawing for Men's Fashion (Pepin Press Design Books)
978-90-5496-156-7Modezeichnen für Männermode
2011978-90-5496-157-4Elisabetta DrudiDibujo de Figurines Para El Diseno De Moda Masculina
  ''978-90-5496-158-1   ''La figure masculine en design de mode
  ''978-90-5496-159-8   ''O Desenho da Figura Masculina no Design de Moda
2012978-90-5496-160-4Alexandra SuhnerTechnical Drawing for Fashion Design (Volume 1)
  ''978-90-5496-162-8   ''Technical Drawing for Fashion Design (Fashion Textiles) (Book & CD) (Volume 2)
2011978-90-5496-163-5NoovoContemporary Portraits of Fashion, Photography & Jewellery (Noovo)
  ''978-90-5496-164-2   ''Contemporary Designers of Fashion With Soul (Noovo)
2011978-90-5496-165-9NoovoContemporary Jewellery (Noovo)
2012978-90-5496-169-7Noovo · Pepin Van RoojenAvant Garde Bags
  ''978-90-5496-171-0Pepin Van RoojenExceptional Jewellery
978-90-5496-177-2Figurines de Mode et Stylisme