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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-90-407-1003-2F. G. De BeerElectromagnetic Soft Transition: A Method for Programming Transistors in Electronically Controlled Induction Motor Drives
1995978-90-407-1099-5N. Wijnolst · Frans Waals · D. M. VriesendorpInnovatie in de containerbinnenvaart: geautomatiseerd overslagsysteem (Delft marine technology series)
  ''978-90-407-1105-3Chris PeetersAnalysis of the Competitive Position of Short Sea Shipping: Development of Policy Measures (Delft marine technology series)
  ''978-90-407-1116-9Paul BoogerdDynamic Compaction of Ceramics
  ''978-90-407-1139-8P. J. De WitLiquefaction of Cohesive Sediments Caused (Report- Delft University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering)
  ''978-90-407-1142-8Maarten Cornelissen · Arjan de Kok · Dick MandemakerPdm Selection Guide: from Needs to Selection, a Business Solution: Guide for the Selection of Product Data Management Systems
1996978-90-407-1281-4G. den Ouden · B.M. KorevaarMetaalkunde 1
1996978-90-407-1362-0Frederik H KreugerZigeunermuziek: Geschiedenis en beleving van de zigeunermuziek (Dutch Edition)
1997978-90-407-1461-0Wim RavesteijnDe zegenrijke heeren der wateren: irrigatie en staat op Java, 1832-1942
  ''978-90-407-1552-5Erik LuijtenInteraction Range, Universality and the Upper Critical Dimension
  ''978-90-407-1580-8J. C. GibsonThe Definition, Understanding and Design of Aircraft Handling Qualities (Series 03: control and simulation)
  ''978-90-407-1621-8Klaas van BreugelSimulation of Hydration and Formation of Structure in Hardening Cement-Based Materials
1998978-90-407-1662-1Erik Johannes Maria WallerbosReactivity Effects in a Pebble-Bed Type Nuclear Reactor: An Experimental and Calculational Study (NUGI)
  ''978-90-407-1735-2Chris PeetersEconomic Impact Study (Eis) for the Maritime Sector of the Netherlands Antilles: Conclusions and Recommendations
1998978-90-407-1774-1Ramon HanssenAtmospheric Heterogeneities in Ers Tandem Sar Interferometry (DEOS report)
1999978-90-407-1892-2G. P. A. G. Van ZijlA Numerical Formulation for Masonry Creep, Shrinkage and Cracking (Delft Aerospace Engineering and Technology, Series 11: Engineering Mechanims, Vol 1)
2002978-90-407-1935-6Robert Jan van EgmondRailway Capacity Assessment: An Algebraic Approach (TRAIL studies in transportation science)
2000978-90-407-1974-5P. J. G. TeunissenAdjustment Theory: an introduction (Mathematical Geodesy and Positioning)
1999978-90-407-1979-0Marius Leonardus Robertus van der LindenTimber-Concrete Composite Floor Systems
2000978-90-407-2017-8A. Van BeekDielectric properties of young concrete: Non-destructive dielectric sensor for monitoring the strength development of young concrete
  ''978-90-407-2064-2A.I.M. VoorbijIsometric and isoinertial force exertion in product handling (Physical Ergonomics, 6)
  ''978-90-407-2071-0J.A. Wesselingh · R. KrishnaMass transfer in multicomponent mixtures
  ''978-90-407-2077-2A.J. BerkhoutThe Dynamic Role of Knowledge in Innovation: An integrated framework of cyclic networks for the assessment of technological change and sustainable growth
  ''978-90-407-2092-5F. KoornneefOrganised Learning from Small-scale Incidents
2000978-90-407-2133-5A.M. Fernandez-Maldonado · E.D. Hulsbergen · P. StoutenTransforming Neighbourhoods: Examples of the French practice in the banlieue of Ile-de-France
2001978-90-407-2167-0G.-J. MuilermanTime-based logistics: An analysis of the relevance, causes and impacts
  ''978-90-407-2192-2Y. Bontekoning · E. KreutzbergerNew-generation terminals:: A performance evaluation study
2006978-90-407-2221-9M. JanssenFracture Mechanics
2001978-90-407-2267-7Asielzoekers En Asielbeleid in Nederland
2002978-90-407-2276-9D.A. KortSteel Sheet Pile Walls in Soft Soil
  ''978-90-407-2300-1R. Mansell · R. Samarajiva · A. MahanNetworking Knowledge for Information Societies: Institutions & Intervention
  ''978-90-407-2309-4R.W.E. Van De KruijsSpecular and off-specular reflection of polarized neutrons from magnetic thin films and multilayers
2003978-90-407-2318-6Louis BucciarelliEngineering Philosophy
2002978-90-407-2330-8P.M.J. PolA Renaissance of Stations, Railways and Cities: Economic Effects, Development Strategies and Organisational Issues of European High-Speed-Train Stations (Trail Thesis Series)
  ''978-90-407-2337-7C.V. FalubThe Delft intense slow positron beam 2D-ACAR facility for analysis of nanocavities and quantum dots
2006978-90-407-2359-9C. D. de JongHydrography
2002978-90-407-2368-1A.V. VostroukhovThree-dimensional Dynamic Models of a Railway Track for High-speed Trains
2002978-90-407-2381-0Yusuf HartonoErgodic Properties of Continued Fraction Algorithms
2004978-90-407-2433-6F. R. van VeenGustaaf Molengraaff, 1860-1942: een avontuurlijk geleerde
2003978-90-407-2443-5M.T. KreutzerHydrodynamics of Taylor Flow in Capillaries and Monolith Reactors
  ''978-90-407-2445-9M. Ten KortenaarAdsorption and Oxidation of Formaldehyde on Transition Metals Catalysts from Alkaline Acqueous Solutions
  ''978-90-407-2457-2N. Wijnolst · Jan Inge Jenssen · Sigbjørn SødalEuropean Maritime Clusters: Global Trends, Theoretical Framework, the Cases of Norway and the Netherlands, Policy Recommendations (Dutch Maritime Network series)
2004978-90-407-2483-1R. TurkingtonHigh-Rise Housing In Europe: Current Trends and Future Prospects (Housing and Urban Policy Studies)
  ''978-90-407-2487-9S. GrunewaldPerformance-based design of self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete
  ''978-90-407-2505-0Y. LiEffect of Spatial Variability on Maintenance and Repair Decisions for Concrete Structures
2004978-90-407-2520-3J. PirisOptoelectronic Properties of Discotic Materials for device applications
  ''978-90-407-2531-9E. Subrahmanian · R. Sriram · P. Herder · H. Christiaans · R. SchneiderThe Role of Empirical Studies in Understanding and Supporting Engineering Design
  ''978-90-407-2533-3J. ElzermanElectron spin and charge in semiconductor quantum dots
  ''978-90-407-2560-9G.J.J. RuijgrokElements of Aviation Acoustics
2005978-90-407-2585-2Fist Marine InternationalDutch Maritime Research, Development And Innovation Expenditure (Dutch Maritime Network Series 1)
  ''978-90-407-2589-0N. IqbalSolidification: Real-Time Investigation of Grain Nucleation and Growth During Liquid to Solid Phase Transformation of Aluminum Alloys (Stand Alone Dup)
2005978-90-407-2597-5A. Van RenssenGellish: A Generic Extensible Ontological Language - Design and Application of a Universal Data Structure (Stand Alone Dup)