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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60750-024-7K. Saranto · P. Flatley Brennan · H.-A. Park · M. Tallberg · A. EnsioConnecting Health and Humans: Proceedings of NI2009, Volume 146 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
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  ''978-1-60750-062-9Darina Dicheva · Riichiro Mizoguchi · Jim GreerSemantic Web Technologies for e-Learning, The Future of Learning, Volume 4
  ''978-1-60750-075-9Thomas M. Pick · Anne Speckhard · Beatrice JacuchHome-Grown Terrorism: Understanding and Addressing the Root Causes of Radicalisation among Groups with an Immigrant Heritage in Europe - Volume 60 ... Series - E: Human and Societal Dynamics
2010978-1-60750-090-2A. BifetAdaptive Stream Mining: Pattern Learning and Mining from Evolving Data Streams - Volume 207 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
2010978-1-60750-092-6E.J.S. Hovenga · M.R. Kidd · S. Garde · C. Hullin Lucay CossioHealth Informatics: An Overview (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics)
2014978-1-60750-277-7Strasser HAssessment of the Ergonomic Quality of Hand-Held Tools and Computer Input Devices (Ergonomics, Human Factors and Safety)
2010978-1-60750-495-5Enid Gilbert-BarnessClinical Use of Pediatric Diagnostic Tests
  ''978-1-60750-527-3European Society for Engineering and MedBasic Engineering for Medics and Biologists: An Esem Primer
  ''978-1-60750-528-0J. LehmannLearning OWL Class Expressions (Studies on the Semantic Web)
  ''978-1-60750-529-7B. Chapman · F. Desprez · G.R. Joubert · A. Lichnewsky · F. Peters · T. PriolParallel Computing: From Multicores and GPU's to Petascale (ADVANCES IN PARALLEL COMPUTING)
  ''978-1-60750-542-6Anjali MahendraThe Impacts of Road Pricing on Businesses: An Institutional Analysis Across Economic Sectors
978-1-60750-544-0Oliver Kutz · Womo 2010 · IOS PressModular Ontologies: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop (Womo 2010) (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications)
2010978-1-60750-546-4R. Horodecki · S.Y. Kilin · J. KowalikQuantum Cryptography and Computing: Theory and Implementation
2010978-1-60750-565-5International Council on Medical and CarMedical and Care Compunetics 6
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  ''978-1-60750-620-1E. Shahbazian · G. RogovaHuman Systems Integration to Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness for Port/Harbour Security: Volume 28 NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: ... D: Information and Communication Security)
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  ''978-1-60750-731-4Bjeorn GottfriedBehaviour Monitoring and Interpretation - BMI: Well-Being
  ''978-1-60750-735-2European Federation for Medical InformatE-Health Across Borders Without Boundaries: Proceedings of the Efmi Special Topic Conference, 14-15 April 2011, Laesko, Slovenia = E-Salus Trans Confi
  ''978-1-60750-739-0V. Koutkias · J. Nies · S. Jensen · N. Maglaveras · R. BeuscartPatient Safety Informatics: Adverse Drug Events, Human Factors and IT Tools for Patient Medication Safety - Volume 166 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
2011978-1-60750-758-1Hisaichi OhnabeSelected Papers from the Japanese Conference on the Advancement of Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology: 23rd Jcaart 2008, Niigata
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