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2015978-90-272-4017-0Enric Balaguer · Maria Jesús Francés · Vicent VidalAproximació a l'altre / An approach to the other: Biografies, semblances i retrats / Biographies, resemblances and portraits (IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature)
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1992978-90-272-4105-4Willem Fase · Koen Jaspaert · Sjaak KroonMaintenance and Loss of Minority Languages (Studies in Bilingualism)
1995978-90-272-4109-2Rainer Dietrich · Wolfgang Klein · Colette NoyauThe Acquisition of Temporality in a Second Language (Studies in Bilingualism)
1993978-90-272-4110-8Robert Schreuder · Bert WeltensThe Bilingual Lexicon (Studies in Bilingualism)
2004978-90-272-4126-9Michel ParadisA Neurolinguistic Theory of Bilingualism (Studies in Bilingualism)
  ''978-90-272-4127-6Michel ParadisA Neurolinguistic Theory of Bilingualism (Studies in Bilingualism)
1999978-90-272-4128-3Muhammad Hasan AmaraPolitics and Sociolinguistic Reflexes: Palestinian border villages (Studies in Bilingualism)
2002978-90-272-4135-1Monika S. SchmidFirst Language Attrition, Use and Maintenance: The case of German Jews in anglophone countries (Studies in Bilingualism)
2004978-90-272-4139-9Monika S. Schmid · Barbara Köpke · Merel Keijzer · Lina WeilemarFirst Language Attrition: Interdisciplinary perspectives on methodological issues (Studies in Bilingualism)
2007978-90-272-4144-3Barbara Kopke · Monika S. Schmid · Merel Keijzer · Susan DostertLanguage Attrition: Theoretical Perspectives
2008978-90-272-4147-4Jette G. Hansen Edwards · Mary L. ZampiniPhonology and Second Language Acquisition (Studies in Bilingualism)
  ''978-90-272-4149-8Carolina Plaza-Pust · Esperanza Morales-LópezSign Bilingualism: Language Development, Interaction, and Maintenance in Sign Language Contact Situations
2006978-90-272-4151-1Richard MenaryRadical Enactivism: Intentionality, Phenomenology and Narrative / Focus on the philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto (Consciousness & Emotion Book Series)
2012978-90-272-4156-6Ad Foolen · Ulrike M. Lüdtke · Timothy P. Racine · Jordan ZlatevMoving Ourselves, Moving Others: Motion and emotion in intersubjectivity, consciousness and language (Consciousness & Emotion Book Series)
2008978-90-272-4175-7Silvina MontrulIncomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism: Re-examining the Age Factor (Studies in Bilingualism)
2009978-90-272-4177-1Michel ParadisDeclarative and Procedural Determinants of Second Languages (Studies in Bilingualism)
  ''978-90-272-4180-1Silvina MontrulIncomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism: Re-examining the Age Factor (Studies in Bilingualism)
2011978-90-272-4181-8Kim Potowski · Jason RothmanBilingual Youth: Spanish in English-speaking societies (Studies in Bilingualism)
  ''978-90-272-4182-5Monika S. Schmid · Wander LowieModeling Bilingualism: From Structure to Chaos. In Honor of Kees de Bot (Studies in Bilingualism)
2011978-90-272-4184-9Fredric FieldBilingualism in the USA: The case of the Chicano-Latino community (Studies in Bilingualism)
2008978-90-272-4185-6Jette G. Hansen Edwards · Mary L. ZampiniPhonology and Second Language Acquisition (Studies in Bilingualism)
2012978-90-272-4186-3Lynne HansenSecond Language Acquisition Abroad: The LDS Missionary Experience (Studies in Bilingualism)
  ''978-90-272-4187-0Jennifer Cabrelli Amaro · Suzanne Flynn · Jason RothmanThird Language Acquisition in Adulthood (Studies in Bilingualism)
1991978-90-272-4225-9Ronald BogueMimesis in Contemporary Theory: An interdisciplinary approach: Volume 2: Mimesis, semiosis and power (Cultura Ludens)
2014978-90-272-4257-0Elke Brems · Reine Meylaerts · Luc van DoorslaerThe Known Unknowns of Translation Studies (Benjamins Current Topics)
2015978-90-272-4259-4Pawel RutkowskiSigns and Structures: Formal Approaches to Sign Language Syntax (Benjamins Current Topics)
  ''978-90-272-4263-1Leonid Kulikov · Nikolaos LavidasProto-Indo-European Syntax and its Development (Benjamins Current Topics)
  ''978-90-272-4266-2María Jesús Pinar SanzMultimodality and Cognitive Linguistics (Benjamins Current Topics)
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1992978-90-272-4546-5Brigitte NerlichSemantic Theories in Europe, 1830-1930: From etymology to contextuality (Studies in the History of the Language Sciences)
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978-90-272-4987-6The Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing: Formal, Computational and Experimental Issues
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978-90-272-8821-9Perspectives in Politics and Discourse
978-90-272-8851-6Constituent Order in Classical Latin Prose
978-90-272-8859-2Terminology in Everyday Life
978-90-272-8868-4Minority Languages and Group Identity: Cases and Categories