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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58811-006-0Bert EsselinkA Practical Guide to Localization (Language International World Directory)
2001978-1-58811-028-2Joan L. Bybee · Paul J. HopperFrequency and the Emergence of Linguistic Structure
2005978-1-58811-031-2Malcolm EdwardsEgyptian Colloquial Arabic
2001978-1-58811-040-4Arın Bayraktaroğlu · Maria SifianouLinguistic Politeness Across Boundaries: The case of Greek and Turkish (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)
  ''978-1-58811-041-1A. James ArnoldThe History of Literature in the Caribbean series: A History of Literature in the Caribbean: Volume 2: English- and Dutch-speaking regions (Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages)
  ''978-1-58811-054-1Joan GrossSpeaking in Other Voices: An ethnography of Walloon puppet theaters (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)
  ''978-1-58811-055-8Artemis AlexiadouFunctional Structure in Nominals: Nominalization and ergativity (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today)
  ''978-1-58811-057-2Hiroko ItakuraConversational Dominance and Gender: A study of Japanese speakers in first and second language contexts (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)
2001978-1-58811-060-2Inderjeet ManiAutomatic Summarization (Natural Language Processing)
  ''978-1-58811-066-4T. GivónSyntax: An Introduction Volume I
  ''978-1-58811-068-8   ''Syntax: An Introduction Volume II
  ''978-1-58811-076-3Giuseppe VitielloMy Double Unveiled: The dissipative quantum model of brain (Advances in Consciousness Research)
  ''978-1-58811-082-4Marlis Hellinger · Hadumod BußmannGender Across Languages: The linguistic representation of women and men. Volume 1 (IMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society)
1998978-1-58811-091-6Per LinellApproaching Dialogue: Talk, Interaction and Contexts in Dialogical Perspectives (IMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society)
2002978-1-58811-108-1James H. FetzerConsciousness Evolving (Advances in Consciousness Research)
2005978-1-58811-123-4Dian Marie MoskiOrganization Behavior: Social Constructionist Approach (Advances in Organization Studies)
2002978-1-58811-156-2Paola Merlo · Suzanne StevensonThe Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing: Formal, computational and experimental issues (Natural Language Processing)
2002978-1-58811-157-9Elly Van GelderenAn Introduction to the Grammar of English: Syntactic arguments and socio-historical background
  ''978-1-58811-185-2Artemis Alexiadou · Elena Anagnostopoulou · Sjef Barbiers · Hans-Martin GärtnerDimensions of Movement: From features to remnants (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today)
  ''978-1-58811-191-3Artemis AlexiadouTheoretical Approaches to Universals (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today)
  ''978-1-58811-201-9Howard GilesLaw Enforcement, Communication, and Community
2003978-1-58811-210-1Marlis Hellinger · Hadumod BußmannGender Across Languages: The linguistic representation of women and men. Volume 3 (IMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society)
  ''978-1-58811-211-8   ''Gender Across Languages: The Linguistic Representation of Women and Men: 3 (IMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society)
2002978-1-58811-215-6Maxim I. Stamenov · Vittorio GalleseMirror Neurons and the Evolution of Brain and Language (Advances in Consciousness Research)
2002978-1-58811-222-4Saul LevinSemitic and Indo-European: Volume II: Comparative morphology, syntax and phonetics (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
  ''978-1-58811-224-8Simon C. Moore · Mike OaksfordEmotional Cognition: From brain to behaviour (Advances in Consciousness Research)
  ''978-1-58811-231-6Peter RobinsonIndividual Differences and Instructed Language Learning (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
  ''978-1-58811-237-8T. Givón · Bertram F. MalleThe Evolution of Language out of Pre-language (Typological Studies in Language)
  ''978-1-58811-250-7Peter Jackson · Isabelle MoulinierNatural Language Processing for Online Applications: Text retrieval, extraction and categorization
2002978-1-58811-259-0Hugh Trappes-Lomax · Gibson FergusonLanguage in Language Teacher Education (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
2003978-1-58811-273-6Michael Mateas · Phoebe SengersNarrative Intelligence (Advances in Consciousness Research)
2002978-1-58811-276-7Norman D. CookTone of Voice and Mind: The connections between intonation, emotion, cognition and consciousness (Advances in Consciousness Research)
  ''978-1-58811-298-9Geoff BarnbrookDefining Language: A local grammar of definition sentences (Studies in Corpus Linguistics)
  ''978-1-58811-302-3Royal Skousen · Deryle Lonsdale · Dilworth B. ParkinsonAnalogical Modeling: An exemplar-based approach to language (Human Cognitive Processing)
2003978-1-58811-344-3Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald · R.M.W. DixonStudies in Evidentiality (Typological Studies in Language)
  ''978-1-58811-379-5Henning AndersenLanguage Contacts in Prehistory: Studies in Stratigraphy. Papers from the Workshop on Linguistic Stratigraphy and Prehistory at the Fifteenth ... 2001 (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
  ''978-1-58811-381-8Piet van SterkenburgA Practical Guide to Lexicography (Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice)
2003978-1-58811-382-5Mark Janse · Sijmen Tol · Vincent HendriksLanguage Death and Language Maintenance: Theoretical, practical and descriptive approaches (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
  ''978-1-58811-412-9Christine Dimroth · Marianne StarrenInformation Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition (Studies in Bilingualism)
2004978-1-58811-417-4Georg NorthoffPhilosophy of the Brain: The Brain Problem (Advances in Consciousness Research)
2003978-1-58811-433-4Silvia LuraghiOn the Meaning of Prepositions and Cases: The expression of semantic roles in Ancient Greek (Studies in Language Companion Series)
  ''978-1-58811-435-8Manfred GörlachEnglish Words Abroad (Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice)
  ''978-1-58811-448-8Carol A. ChapelleEnglish Language Learning and Technology: Lectures on applied linguistics in the age of information and communication technology (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
2004978-1-58811-452-5Steven P. Sondrup · Virgil Nemoianu · Gerald GillespieThe Romanticism series: Nonfictional Romantic Prose: Expanding borders (Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages)
  ''978-1-58811-459-4Mario BeauregardConsciousness, Emotional Self-Regulation and the Brain (Advances in Consciousness Research)
2004978-1-58811-460-0David B. SawyerFundamental Aspects of Interpreter Education: Curriculum and Assessment (Benjamins Translation Library)
2003978-1-58811-471-6Liliana SánchezQuechua-Spanish Bilingualism: Interference and convergence in functional categories (Language Acquisition and Language Disorders)
  ''978-1-58811-476-1Johanna MattissenDependent-Head Synthesis in Nivkh: A contribution to a typology of polysynthesis (Typological Studies in Language)
2004978-1-58811-482-2Geoff JordanTheory Construction in Second Language Acquisition (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
  ''978-1-58811-485-3René Dirven † · Marjolijn Verspoor · Johan De Caluwé · Dirk Geeraerts · Cliff Goddard · Stef Grondelaers · Ralf Pörings · Günter RaddenCognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics: <strong>Second revised edition</strong> (Cognitive Linguistics in Practice)
  ''978-1-58811-486-0René Dirven † · Marjolijn Verspoor · Johan De Caluwé · Dirk Geeraerts · Cliff Goddard · Stef Grondelaers · Ralf Pörings · Günter RaddenCognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics: <strong>Second revised edition</strong> (Cognitive Linguistics in Practice)
  ''978-1-58811-491-4John McH. SinclairHow to Use Corpora in Language Teaching (Studies in Corpus Linguistics)
2004978-1-58811-500-3Norbert SchmittFormulaic Sequences: Acquisition, processing and use (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
2005978-1-58811-524-9Nadja NesselhaufCollocations in a Learner Corpus (Studies in Corpus Linguistics)
2004978-1-58811-525-6Pierre Pica · Johan RooryckLinguistic Variation Yearbook 2003
  ''978-1-58811-529-4Jan RenkemaIntroduction to Discourse Studies
  ''978-1-58811-539-3Gene H. LernerConversation Analysis: Studies from the first generation (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)
  ''978-1-58811-541-6Paul Bogaards · Batia LauferVocabulary in a Second Language: Selection, acquisition, and testing (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
  ''978-1-58811-547-8Maria González DaviesMultiple Voices in the Translation Classroom: Activities, tasks and projects (Benjamins Translation Library)
2005978-1-58811-553-9Uta M. Quasthoff · Tabea BeckerNarrative Interaction (Studies in Narrative)
2004978-1-58811-555-3Susumu Kuno · Ken-ichi TakamiFunctional Constraints in Grammar: On the unergative-unaccusative distinction (Constructional Approaches to Language)
2004978-1-58811-566-9Ellen Contini-Morava · Robert S. Kirsner · Betsy Rodríguez-BachillerCognitive and Communicative Approaches to Linguistic Analysis (Studies in Functional and Structural Linguistics)
  ''978-1-58811-569-0Pilar OreroTopics in Audiovisual Translation (Benjamins Translation Library)
  ''978-1-58811-576-8Lisa LimSingapore English: A grammatical description (Varieties of English Around the World)
2005978-1-58811-577-5Zygmunt Frajzyngier · Adam Hodges · David S. RoodLinguistic Diversity and Language Theories (Studies in Language Companion Series)
  ''978-1-58811-586-7Michael Fortescue · Eva Skafte Jensen · Jens Erik Mogensen · Lene SchøslerHistorical Linguistics 2003: Selected papers from the 16th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Copenhagen, 11-15 August 2003 (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
2004978-1-58811-589-8Juliane House · Jochen RehbeinMultilingual Communication (Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism)
2005978-1-58811-596-6Ralph D. Ellis · Natika NewtonConsciousness & Emotion: Agency, conscious choice, and selective perception (Consciousness & Emotion Book Series)
  ''978-1-58811-610-9Andrew Carnie · Heidi Harley · Sheila Ann DooleyVerb First: On the syntax of verb-initial languages (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today)
2005978-1-58811-614-7Rod EllisPlanning And Task Performance In A Second Language (Language Learning & Language Teaching)
  ''978-1-58811-616-1Frans H. van Eemeren · Peter HoutlosserArgumentation in Practice (Controversies)
  ''978-1-58811-617-8Philip Carr · Jacques Durand · Colin J. EwenHeadhood, Elements, Specification and Contrastivity: Phonological papers in honour of John Anderson (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
2004978-1-58811-620-8Edward J. VajdaLanguages and Prehistory of Central Siberia (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
2005978-1-58811-623-9Anna Maria Di SciulloUG and External Systems: Language, brain and computation (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today)
  ''978-1-58811-624-6Melita Stavrou · Arhonto TerziAdvances in Greek Generative Syntax: In honor of Dimitra Theophanopoulou-Kontou (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today)
  ''978-1-58811-628-4Ralph D. EllisCurious Emotions: Roots of consciousness and personality in motivated action (Advances in Consciousness Research)
2005978-1-58811-631-4Paul Fletcher · Jon F. MillerDevelopmental Theory and Language Disorders (Trends in Language Acquisition Research)
  ''978-1-58811-634-5Nike K. PokornChallenging the Traditional Axioms: Translation into a non-mother tongue (Benjamins Translation Library)
  ''978-1-58811-638-3Wolfgang U. Dressler · Dieter Kastovsky · Oskar E. Pfeiffer · Franz Rainer · Francesco Gardani · Markus A. PöchtragerMorphology and its demarcations: Selected papers from the 11th Morphology meeting, Vienna, February 2004 (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
  ''978-1-58811-640-6Leonie Cornips · Karen P. CorriganSyntax and Variation: Reconciling the Biological and the Social (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory)
  ''978-1-58811-647-5Alice DeignanMetaphor and Corpus Linguistics (Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research)