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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-87-7934-001-5Nikolaj Scharff 路 Soren ToftEuropean Arachnology 2000: Proceedings of the 19th Colloquium of Arachnology, Aarhus 17-22 July 2000
2001978-87-7934-003-9Henrik Holmboe 路 Signe IsagerTranslators and Translations: Greek-Danish
聽 ''978-87-7934-004-6Inge NielsenThe Royal Palace Institution in the First Millennium BC: Regional Development and Cultural Interchange between East and West (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
2002978-87-7934-005-3Anjum P. Saleemi 路 Ocke-Schwen Bohn 路 Albert GjeddeIn Search of a Language for the Mind-Brain: Can the Multiple Perspectives be Unified? (The Dolphin, No. 33
2001978-87-7934-006-0Inge NielsenMeals in a Social Context: Aspects of the Communal Meal in the Hellenistic and Roman World (AARHUS STUDIES IN MEDITERRANEAN ANTIQUITY)
2002978-87-7934-008-4James Bulman-MayRe-Mapping "Exile": Voices of Exile in Irish Writing (Dolphin)
2006978-87-7934-010-7Michael BossIrene Gilsenan NordinBritta OlinderRe-Mapping Exile: Realities and Metaphors in Irish Literature and History (THE DOLPHIN)
2012978-87-7934-011-4Stine BirkPatrons and Viewers in Late Antiquity (Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity)
2009978-87-7934-024-4David WarburtonTime's Up! Dating the Minoan Eruption of Santorini: Acts of the Minoan Eruption Chronology Workshop, Sandbjerg, November 2007 (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
2004978-87-7934-028-2Joren Goul AndersenMagten pa Borgen
2003978-87-7934-041-1Hans Sode-madsenFarlig ungdom
聽 ''978-87-7934-043-5Hans MouritzenEr vi sa forbeholdne
2004978-87-7934-046-6EDITED BY: JORN LOFTAGER .Politisk Offentlighed Og Demokrati I Danmark
2007978-87-7934-050-3MagtudredningenEt Ganske Levende Demokrati (Danish and English Edition)
2003978-87-7934-054-1Mogens RudigerStatens synlige hand
2004978-87-7934-057-2Anette WarringHistorie, magt og identitet
2003978-87-7934-059-6Lars Bille 路 Jorgen ElklitPartiernes medlemmer
2004978-87-7934-062-6Keith Christiansen 路 Heide Wrobel NorgaardHvem skriver lovene?
2003978-87-7934-072-5Lisa TogebyMagt og demokrati i Danmark
聽 ''978-87-7934-073-2J JensenEuropaudvalget
聽 ''978-87-7934-074-9M. SvenssonFolkets rost
2004978-87-7934-081-7Erik AlbaekEksperter kan vaere gode nok, men ...
2003978-87-7934-084-8J Bale 路 M Christensen 路 Gertrud PfisterWriting Lives in Sports: Biographies, Life Histories, and Methods (ACTA JUTLANDICA)
2003978-87-7934-085-5P. Guldager 路 Jakob Munk Hojte 路 Vladimir StolbaThe Cauldron of Ariantas (BLACK SEA STUDIES)
聽 ''978-87-7934-088-6Malene Grondahl 路 Torben Rugberg Rasmussen 路 Andrew SinclairHizb ut-Tahrir i Danmark: Farlig fundamentalisme eller uskyldigt ungdomsopror?
聽 ''978-87-7934-091-6Jeppe Sinding JensenA Study of Religion in a New Key (STUDIES IN RELIGION (AARHUS))
2004978-87-7934-094-7B Brorson ChristensenMiddelalderbyen
2005978-87-7934-096-1Tonnes Bekker-NielsenAncient Fishing and Fish Processing in the Black Sea Region (BLACK SEA STUDIES)
2004978-87-7934-098-5Asger OusagerPlotinus: On Selfhood, Freedom and Politics (AARHUS STUDIES IN MEDITERRANEAN ANTIQUITY)
聽 ''978-87-7934-099-2Richard RaskinA Child at Gunpoint
聽 ''978-87-7934-102-9Lars MorellKunstneren som polyhistor
2008978-87-7934-103-6Une Liaison Fran莽aise, 100 Annees de Presence d'Architectes Danois a l'Ecole Fran莽aise d'Athenes
2005978-87-7934-105-0Ole NyegaardSjaelens ingenicrer: russisk litteratur fra det 20 arhundrede
2004978-87-7934-107-4H. Thrane 路 Ingolf ThuesenKjeld von FolsachFrom Handaxe to Khan: Essays Presented to Peder Mortensen on the Occasion of his 70th birthday
2005978-87-7934-109-8Annika Hvithamar 路 Margit Warburg 路 Morten WarmindBaha'i and Globalisation (RENNER STUDIES ON NEW RELIGIONS)
2006978-87-7934-110-4Ton Otto 路 H. Thrane 路 Helle VANDKILDEWarfare and Society: Archaeological and Social Anthropological Perspectives
2006978-87-7934-115-9Hans Jeppe Jeppesen 路 Thomas Jonsson 路 Jens Mammen 路 Tom RasmussenParticipation and Prevention - when organizing shift work at company level in various European countries (STUDIES IN ORGANIZATIONAL PARTICIPATION AND COOPERATION)
2005978-87-7934-116-6Christian DamgaardEvolutionary Ecology of Plant-Plant Interactions: An Empirical Modelling Approach
2006978-87-7934-117-3Erik HallagerScience & Art: Present Activities of the Danish Institute at Athens
2004978-87-7934-118-0Jonas Eiring 路 John LundTransport Amphorae and Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
2005978-87-7934-132-6Vladimir StolbaChronologies of the Black Sea Area in the Period c. 400-100 BC (BLACK SEA STUDIES)
聽 ''978-87-7934-134-0Jorgen Baek SimonsenYouth and Youth Culture in the Contemporary Middle East (PROCEEDINGS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT DAMASCUS)
2004978-87-7934-136-4Erik Christiansen 路 Torstein JorgensenHistoriefaget pa Aarhus Universitet 75 ar
2005978-87-7934-138-8Ton OttoTradition and Agency: Tracing Cultural Continuity and Invention
2004978-87-7934-140-1Professor Kirsten HastrupKultur; Det Fleksible Faellesskab
2005978-87-7934-146-3Jakob Munk HojteRoman Imperial Statue Bases: from Augustus to Commodus (AARHUS STUDIES IN MEDITERRANEAN ANTIQUITY)
2004978-87-7934-147-0Carsten Fenger-GronFlygtningenes danmarkshistorie 1954-2004
2008978-87-7934-150-0Den Klassiske Kobstad
聽 ''978-87-7934-152-4Soren BitschDanish Towns During Absolutism: Urbanisation and Urban Life in Denmark 1660-1848 (URBAN STUDIES)
2005978-87-7934-154-8Lars MorellThe Artist as Polyhistor: The Intellectual Superstructure in the Work of Per Kirkeby
1999978-87-7934-155-5Torkild Bisgaard 路 Gry ClasenDansk NU (Danish Edition)
2007978-87-7934-158-6Jeppe B. Netterstrom 路 Birte PoulsenFeud in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
2006978-87-7934-159-3Paul ChristesenLetters from the Governor's Wife: A View of Russian Alaska 1859-1862 (Berengiana)
2008978-87-7934-161-6Af JensKobstadens Metamorfose (Danish and English Edition)
2006978-87-7934-162-3Hans BlosenRikke Agnete OlsenKriegskunst Und Kanonen/Artillery and the Art of War: Das Buchsenmeister- Und Kriegsbuch Des Johannes Bengedans
聽 ''978-87-7934-174-6Tonnes Bekker-NielsenRome and the Black Sea Region: Domination, Romanisation, Resistance (BLACK SEA STUDIES)
2005978-87-7934-177-7Niels Kayser NielsenBody, Sport and Society in Norden Countries: Essays in Cultural History
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2007978-87-7934-200-2Henning LaugerudInstruments of Devotion: The Practices and Objects of Religious Piety from the Late Middle Ages to the 20th Century (ENID)
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2006978-87-7934-214-9Ole H酶irisAntropologi i Middelalderen og Ren忙ssancen (in Danish)
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2007978-87-7934-232-3Jacob WambergLandscape as World Picture: Tracing Cultural Evolution in Images
2006978-87-7934-234-7Hanne Leth AndersenCulture in Language Learning
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聽 ''978-87-7934-239-2J M HojteMithradates VI AF Pontos ROMs Perfekte Fjende (Danish and English Edition)
2011978-87-7934-243-9Vicki Bjerre 路 Susan J. BandyLitteraere fort忙llinger om idr忙t i Norden: Helte, erindringer og identitet / Literary Narratives on Sport in Nordic Countries
2007978-87-7934-245-3Helle VANDKILDECulture and Change in Central European Prehistory
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2011978-87-7934-247-7Morten RasmussenJoining the European Communities: Morten Rasmussen
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2006978-87-7934-255-2BENEDICTE MadsenWorking on Boundaries: Gunnar Hjelholt and Applied Social Psychology
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2006978-87-7934-262-0Dorte HecksherTidligere Misbrugeres Fortaellinger (Danish and English Edition)
2007978-87-7934-264-4Karen Klitgaard PovlsenNorthbound: Travel, Encounters and Constructions 1700-1830
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2008978-87-7934-273-6Iben HaveLyt til tv. Underaegningsmusik i danske tv-dokumentarer
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2011978-87-7934-279-8Anders Hogberg 路 Deborah S. OlaussonScandinavian Flint
2007978-87-7934-281-1Lars BjorneboeIn Search of the True Political Position of the 'Ulama: An Analysis of the Aims and Perspectives of the Chronicles of 'Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti ... OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT DAMASCUS)
2008978-87-7934-282-8Thomas PedersenWhen Culture Becomes Politics: European Identity in Perspective
2009978-87-7934-287-3Jacob WambergLandscape As World Picture: Tracing Cultural Evolution in Images
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2009978-87-7934-292-7Erik HallagerThe Minoans in the Central, Eastern and Northern Aegean - New Evidence: Acts of a Minoan Seminar, 22-23 January 2005, in collaboration with the Danish ... OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
2010978-87-7934-293-4Metaxia TsipopoulouThe Hieroglyphic Archive at Petras, Siteia (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
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2008978-87-7934-308-5Dagfinn SkreThe Means of Exchange: Dealing with Silver in the Viking Age (KAUPANG EXCAVATION PROJECT)
2011978-87-7934-309-2 聽 ''Things from the Town: Artefacts and Inhabitants in Viking-Age Kaupang (Kaupang Excavation Project)
2016978-87-7934-310-8Unn PedersenInto the Melting Pot: Non-Ferrous Metalworkers in Viking-Period Kaupang (Kaupang Excavation Project)
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聽 ''978-87-7934-312-2KaupangViking Age Urbanism Volume 6
2008978-87-7934-313-9Torsten KolindPost-War Identification: Everyday Muslim Counter-discourse in Bosnia Herzegovina
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2008978-87-7934-317-7Kristian Hvidtfeldt-Nielsen 路 Peter Kjaergaard 路 Helge Kragh 路 Henry NielsenScience in Denmark: A Thousand-Year History
2007978-87-7934-325-2Ole Hoiris 路 Thomas LedetOplysningens Verden: Ide, Historie, Videnskab, Kunst (Dutch Edition)
2008978-87-7934-327-6Invented Futures: Fin De Siecle Fantasies
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聽 ''978-87-7934-370-2David WilsonVikings in the Isle of Man
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聽 ''978-87-7934-409-9Vagn AndersenTransformationen Gottes
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2008978-87-7934-414-3Klaus NielsenA Qualitative Stance
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978-87-7934-421-1Policy Research in Comparative Education
2008978-87-7934-422-8Inge BryderupEvidence Based and Knowledge Based Social Work: Research Methods and Approaches in Social Work Research
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聽 ''978-87-7934-426-6Kirsten NielsenReligion and Normativity, Volume II: Reception and Transformation of the Bible
2009978-87-7934-427-3Anders-Christian JacobsenReligion and Normativity, Volume I: The Discursive Fight over Religious Texts in Antiquity
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2009978-87-7934-432-7Jens ChristensenGlobal Experience Industries
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聽 ''978-87-7934-444-0Jens NielingDie Einfuehrung der Eisentechnologie in Suedkaukasien und Ostanatolien w盲hrend der Sp盲tbronze- und Frueheisenzeit (BLACK SEA STUDIES)
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2009978-87-7934-446-4John LiepA Papuan Plutocracy: Ranked Exchange on Rossel Island
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978-87-7934-488-4The Moving Earth: A documentary by Lars Becker-Larsen
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2012978-87-7934-595-9Emily HartzThe Zone of Twilight: A Study of the American Supreme Court's Conceptualization of the Problem of Emergency and the Question of How this Problem Plays out in the Context of Terrorism
2010978-87-7934-607-9Lotte PhilipsenGlobalizing Contemporary Art: The Art World's New Internationalism
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2011978-87-7934-729-8Ole HoirisAntikkens Verden: Videnskab, Kultur, Myter, Religion Og de Fremmede (Verdensboger) (Danish Edition)
978-87-7934-954-4Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding