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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-87-7288-618-3Helene Blinkenberg HastrupThe Castellani Fragments in the Villa Giulia, Volume 2: Atheian Black Figure
1988978-87-7288-624-4Anders IversenSomething to Believe in: Write Responses to the Spanish Civil War (Dolphin)
2011978-87-7288-628-2Soren DietzKalydon in Aitolia I+II: Danish/Greek Field Work 2001-2005 (Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens)
1998978-87-7288-645-9Inge NielsenHellenistic Palaces: Tradition and Renewal (STUDIES IN HELLENISTIC CIVILIZATION)
1997978-87-7288-652-7Ingrid SORENSENForward to the Past?: Continuity and Change in Political Development in Hungary, Austria, and the Czech and Slovak Republics
1999978-87-7288-654-1SOREN AGERSNAPBaptism and the New Life: A Study of Roman 6, 1-14
1997978-87-7288-655-8Bent PreislerA Handbook of English Grammar on Functional Principles
聽 ''978-87-7288-656-5A M AllchinDetlev JasperN F S Gruntvig: An Introduction to his Life and Work (Skrifter udgivet af Grundtvig-selskabet)
1998978-87-7288-658-9ERIK OSTERUDTheatrical and Narrative Space: Studies in Ibsen, Strindberg and J.P. Jacobsen
1987978-87-7288-660-2Casey Due 路 L Johansen 路 Thomas JOHANSEN 路 PETER TERKELSENLexicon Mediae Latinitatis Danicae 1: A-Axis
1988978-87-7288-661-9Casey Due 路 L Johansen 路 Thomas JOHANSEN 路 PETER TERKELSENLexicon Mediae Latinitatis Danicae 2: B-Contiguus
1990978-87-7288-662-6 聽 ''Lexicon Mediae Latinitatis Danicae 3: Continentia-Evinco (No. 3)
1992978-87-7288-663-3 聽 ''Lexicon Mediae Latinitatis Danicae 4: Evitatio-Increpito (No. 4)
1999978-87-7288-664-0 聽 ''Lexicon Mediae Latinitatis Danicae 5: Increpo (No. 5)
1996978-87-7288-672-5Kees Booij 路 Loes den NijsArthropod Natural Enemies 2: Survival, Reproduction and Enhancement (ACTA JUTLANDICA) (v. 2)
1998978-87-7288-673-2Susan PowellArthropod Natural Enemies 3: The Individual, the Population and the Community (ACTA JUTLANDICA) (v. 3)
2000978-87-7288-676-3Vincent GabrielsenHellenistic Rhodes: Politics, Culture and Society (STUDIES IN HELLENISTIC CIVILIZATION)
1996978-87-7288-677-0Jf Willumsens MuseumTanagra (Danish and English Edition)
1997978-87-7288-686-2Claus Kjeld JENSENBurial and Society: The Chronological and Social Analysis of Archaeological Burial Data
聽 ''978-87-7288-689-3Bjarke FRELLESVIGJapan and Korea: Contemporary Studies
聽 ''978-87-7288-691-6Ole HOIRIS 路 Sefa Martin YurukelContrasts and Solutions in the Middle East
聽 ''978-87-7288-692-3Helle MELDGAARDRationality and the Study of Religion (ACTA JUTLANDICA)
1997978-87-7288-703-6Johan Henrik SchreinerHellanikos, Thukydides and the Era of Kimon
1998978-87-7288-708-1Ole HOIRISContrasts and Solutions in the Caucasus
聽 ''978-87-7288-713-5Jerome LundBygmesteren C.F. Moller
1997978-87-7288-717-3Annette HoffLov og landskab: Landskabslovenes bidrag til forst氓elsen af landbrugs- og landskabudviklingen i Danmark ca. 900-1250 (Danish Edition)
2002978-87-7288-719-7Leslie Eliason 路 j. SorensonFascism, Liberalism, and Social Democracy in Central Europe: Past and Present
1995978-87-7288-721-0Soren DIETZProceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens I (v. 1)
1998978-87-7288-722-7 聽 ''Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens II (v. 2)
2000978-87-7288-723-4Signe Isager 路 Inge NielsenProceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens III (v. 3)
2003978-87-7288-724-1Jonas Eiring 路 Jorgen MejerProceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens 4 (v. 4)
2007978-87-7288-725-8Erik Hallager 路 Jesper Tae JensenProceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens V
1997978-87-7288-731-9Erik HallagerLate Minoan Pottery: Chronology and Terminology (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
聽 ''978-87-7288-733-3CHRISTIAN TROELSGARDByzantine Chant: Tradition and Reform (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
2001978-87-7288-734-0Jacob IsagerFoundation and Destruction: Nikopolis and Northwestern Greece: The archaeological evidence for the city destructions, the foundation of Nikopolis and ... OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
1996978-87-7288-740-1Soren DIETZAfrica Proconsularis, Vol I & II (v. 1-2)
1999978-87-7288-742-5Michael StaffordFrom Forager to Farmer in Flint: A Lithic Analysis of the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture in Southern Scandinavia
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聽 ''978-87-7288-767-8P. PODDARViolent Civilities (None)
2000978-87-7288-768-5Danmark og Europa i senmiddelalderen (Danish Edition)
2001978-87-7288-770-8Lise Hannestad1: Panskoye I: Archaeological Investigations in Western Crimea (ARCHAEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS IN NORTHWESTERN CRIMEA)
2012978-87-7288-771-5Vladimir F. Stolba 路 Eugeny RogovPanskoye I: The Necropolis, Vol. 2 (Archaeological Investigations in Western Crimea)
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1998978-87-7288-776-0MEHDI MOZAFFARIFatwa: Violence and Discourtesy
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2000978-87-7288-782-1Birgitta MarkMysticism and Cognition: The Cognitive Development of John of the Cross as Revealed in his Works (Studies in Religion, 1)
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1998978-87-7288-787-6Lars Kiel BertelsenRune GadeMette SandbyeSymbolic Imprints: Essays on Photography and Visual Culture
1999978-87-7288-791-3Martijn van WeekLadakh: Culture, History and Development between Himalaya and Kakakoram (Recent Research on Ladakh)
2001978-87-7288-792-0Mikael RothsteinNew Age Religion and Globalization (RENNER STUDIES ON NEW RELIGIONS)
聽 ''978-87-7288-796-8Karin Blomqvist 路 E. OstenfeldGreek Romans and Roman Greeks (AARHUS STUDIES IN MEDITERRANEAN ANTIQUITY)
2000978-87-7288-803-3Finn FrandsenUmberto Eco og semiotikken (Sp虏rg Aarhus)
1999978-87-7288-804-0E. P. WegenerTime, Creation and World Order (ACTA JUTLANDICA)
2005978-87-7288-807-1Hans BuhlBuesenderen: Valdemar Poulsens radiosystem
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1999978-87-7288-811-8Seth ChaiklinActivity Theory and Social Practice (None)
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1999978-87-7288-815-6Mariane HedegaardJoachim LompscherLearning Activity and Development
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2000978-87-7288-818-7J M DriessenBeatrice K OttoPerplexities of Identification
2000978-87-7288-820-0Jerome ChristensenIT and Business: A History of Scandinavian Airlines
2007978-87-7288-824-8Erik AlbaekCrisis, Miracles, and Beyond: Negotiated Adaptation of the Danish Welfare State
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2005978-87-7288-829-3Seth Chaiklin 路 Mariane HedegaardRadical-Local Teaching and Learning
2013978-87-7288-832-3Herbert PundikBJ脴L (in Danish)
2000978-87-7288-833-0Lars AlbinusThe House of Hades: Studies in Ancient Greek Eschatology (STUDIES IN RELIGION (AARHUS))
聽 ''978-87-7288-835-4A. M. Allchin 路 S.A.J. BRADLEY 路 N. A. HJELM 路 J. H. SCHJORRINGGrundtvig in International Perspective: Studies in the Creativity of Interaction
2006978-87-7288-836-1K. Winther Jacobsen 路 L. Wriedt SorensenPanayia Ematousa: A Rural Site in South-Eastern Cyprus (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS)
2001978-87-7288-837-8YOICHI NAGASHIMAReturn to Japan: From 'Pilgrimage' to the West (Social Science (Aarhus))
2000978-87-7288-838-5Seth ChaiklinThe Theory and Practice of Cultural-Historical Psychology (ACTA JUTLANDICA)
2002978-87-7288-839-2Niels Brugger 路 Soren KolstrupMedia History
1999978-87-7288-840-8PETER OLUF BRONDSTEDInterviews with Ali Pacha of Joanina
2001978-87-7288-841-5Mariane HedegaardLearning in Classrooms: A Cultural-Historical Approach (ACTA JUTLANDICA)
聽 ''978-87-7288-854-5J.E. MadsenFlora of Puna: Botanical Resources on a Neotropical Island
2004978-87-7288-860-6Lise BekReality in the Mirror of Art (None)
2006978-87-7288-866-8Soren DIETZ 路 Ioannis MoschosChalkis Aitolias I: The Prehistoric Periods (MONOGRAPHS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT ATHENS) (v. 1)
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聽 ''978-87-7288-881-1Henrik JorgensenStudien zur Morphologie und Syntax der Festlandskandinavischen Personalpronomina (ACTA JUTLANDICA)
2002978-87-7288-886-6Vinnie NorskovGreek Vases in New Contexts: The Collecting and Trading of Greek vases - An Aspect of the Modern Reception of Antiquity
聽 ''978-87-7288-888-0Anne-Sofie DideriksenSelv med dode fluer
2002978-87-7288-896-5Helena Orrje 路 Eskil WadensjoImmigration and the Public Sector in Denmark
2001978-87-7288-898-9Jens Holger SchjrringNordiske Folkekirker I Opbrud: National Identitet Og International Nyorientering Efter 1945
2000978-87-7288-899-6Henry Nielsen 路 Poul Otto NielsenNeighbouring Nobel: The History of Thirteen Danish Noble Prizes
2003978-87-7288-901-6hans ArndtSproget: hverdagens mirakel
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2000978-87-7288-910-8Eckhard BickThe Parsing System 'Palavras': Automatic Grammatical Analysis
2001978-87-7288-912-2Sabine BeckmannEnvironmental Regulation and Rationality: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
聽 ''978-87-7288-913-9Ole BORREIssue Voting: An Introduction
聽 ''978-87-7288-920-7Mariane HedegaardLearning and Child Development
2002978-87-7288-924-5Ole FengerNotarius publicus: Les notaires dans l'Europe medievale
聽 ''978-87-7288-926-9Ejnar Fugmann 路 Sten NilssonHama and Jabla: Water-colours 1931-1961 by the Danish architect Ejnar Fugmann (PROCEEDINGS OF THE DANISH INSTITUTE AT DAMASCUS)
聽 ''978-87-7288-931-3Bo MarschnerZwischen Einfuhlung and Abstraktion: Studien zum Problem des Symphonischen Typus Anton Bruckners
2002978-87-7288-932-0Natasha Lind 路 Peter Ulf MollerUnder Vitus Bering's Command (Berengiana)
2003978-87-7288-934-4Else OstergardSom Syet Til Jorden: Tekstilfund Fra Det Norrone Gronland
2004978-87-7288-935-1Else OSTERGAARDWoven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland (None)
2002978-87-7288-937-5Karl-Heinz WestarpPrecision and Depth in Flannery O'Connor's Short Stories
2003978-87-7288-944-3Peder Von HavenReise udi Rusland: Forste udgave fra 1743, med forord af Ludvig Holberg
聽 ''978-87-7288-945-0Nils BubandtKalevi Kull 路 Andreas RoepstorffImagining Nature: Practices of Cosmology and Identity (None)
2002978-87-7288-946-7A. M. AllchinGrundtvigs kristendom: Menneskeliv og gudstjeneste
2003978-87-7288-947-4Katherine A LynchHelmuth TrischlerWiring Prometheus: History, Globalisation and Technology (None)
2002978-87-7288-948-1Jakob Munk HojteImages of Ancestors (AARHUS STUDIES IN MEDITERRANEAN ANTIQUITY)
1999978-87-7288-955-9Seth ChaiklinActivity Theory and Social Practice (None)
2003978-87-7288-957-3K. E. BuggeGrundtvig og slavesagen
聽 ''978-87-7288-959-7Anne Brigitte Gebauer 路 T. Douglas PriceSmakkerup Huse: A Late Mesolithic Coastal Site in Northwest Zealand, Denmark
聽 ''978-87-7288-962-7Rene FalkenbergGrundlaget for erkendelse
聽 ''978-87-7288-963-4Benedicte NielsenKinesisk filosofi
2003978-87-7288-964-1Erik ChristiansenCoinage in Roman Egypt: The Hoard Evidence (None)
2008978-87-7288-969-6S.A.J. BRADLEYN.F.S.. Grundtvig, A Life Recalled: An Anthology of Biographical Source-Texts
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1969978-87-7288-993-1Gottfried PolykratesWawanaueteri und Pukimapueteri: Zwei Yanonami-St盲mme Nordwestbrasiliens (Publications of the National Museum Ethnographical) (German Edition)
聽 ''978-87-7288-994-8Marie-Louise BuhlShiloh. The Pre-Hellenistic Remains: The Danish Excavations at Tall Sailun, Palestine in 1926, 1929, 1932 and 1963