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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-600-00-7381-7Shirt SS Wht Wine NB 17.5
  ''978-600-00-7382-4Shirt SS Wht Wine NB 18
978-600-00-7495-1Go Public! Motivating Your Plan for Communication Evangelism: An Interactive Video Workshop
978-600-00-8037-2Large Print Book of Worship II: Hymns, Liturgies, Psalms and Bible Stories
978-600-00-8159-1David CherwienLet the People Sing
2003978-600-00-8301-4Easter Joy Candle: 1 15/16 X 36 "
  ''978-600-00-8324-3Guatemalan Stole Red
  ''978-600-00-8325-0Guatemalan Stole Green
  ''978-600-00-8326-7Guatemalan Stole White
2003978-600-00-8327-4Guatemalan Stole Purple
  ''978-600-00-8328-1Guatemalan Stole Blue
  ''978-600-00-8359-5Rex Glass Candle Follower: Fits 3 " Dia
  ''978-600-00-8363-2Cross and Dove Unity Set
  ''978-600-00-8364-9Cross and Dove Unity Center Candle
978-600-00-8395-3Global Songs/Local Voices: Bread for the Journey (Ray Makeever & Bread for the Journey)
1997978-600-00-8483-7Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 14.5 32/33
1997978-600-00-8484-4Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 15 32/33
  ''978-600-00-8485-1Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 15.5 32/33
  ''978-600-00-8486-8Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 15.5 34/35
  ''978-600-00-8487-5Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 16 32/33
  ''978-600-00-8488-2Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 16 34/35
1997978-600-00-8489-9Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 16.5 32/33
978-600-00-8490-5Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 16.5 34/35
1997978-600-00-8491-2Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 17 32/33
  ''978-600-00-8492-9Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 17 34/35
  ''978-600-00-8493-6Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 17.5 32/33
  ''978-600-00-8494-3Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 17.5 34/35
  ''978-600-00-8495-0Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 18 34/35
1997978-600-00-8496-7Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 18.5 36/37
  ''978-600-00-8497-4Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 19 36/37
  ''978-600-00-8498-1Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 20 36/37
  ''978-600-00-8499-8Shirt Ls Whtox Tab 21 36/37
978-600-00-8773-9Between Two Altars
1998978-600-00-8775-3Collar Pontiff 2 Sz 21
978-600-00-8782-1Building Blocks of Faith: A New Help for Christian Parents of Very Young Children
2003978-600-00-8953-5Guatemalan Stole Multi-Color
1998978-600-00-9024-1Ls Pur NB 18.5 36/37
  ''978-600-00-9025-8Shirt Ls Prp NB 19 36/37
1998978-600-00-9026-5Shirt Ls Prp NB 20 36/37
  ''978-600-00-9027-2Shirt Ls Prp NB 21 36/37
978-600-00-9043-2Welcome to Christ Video
978-600-00-9044-9These Things Matter: Word, Baptism, Communion
978-600-00-9054-8BP-407 Charger for Canon MV4IMC MVX10i IXY DV IXY
1938978-600-00-9057-9LeithMineral Valuations of Future
2003978-600-00-9060-9Ash Vessel
  ''978-600-00-9081-4Communion Bread Large White Flour
  ''978-600-00-9098-2Communion Bread Large Whole Wheat
  ''978-600-00-9099-9Candle Draft Protector 1 1/2 " Dia
2003978-600-00-9101-9Communion Pewter Chalice
  ''978-600-00-9102-6Communion Pewter Paten
  ''978-600-00-9103-3Communion Cruet Crystal
  ''978-600-00-9104-0Communion Cruet Romanian Crystal
  ''978-600-00-9105-7Communion Cruet Hungarian Crystal
2003978-600-00-9106-4Communion Set with Other
  ''978-600-00-9107-1Communion Basin and Ewer Combination
  ''978-600-00-9108-8Communion Vase
  ''978-600-00-9109-5Communion Bread Plate
  ''978-600-00-9110-1Communion Flagon
2003978-600-00-9111-8Candle Draft Protector 1 1/8 " Dia
  ''978-600-00-9112-5Candle Draft Protector 7/8 " Dia
978-600-00-9113-2Chicago Folk Service: Accompaniment Edition
978-600-00-9114-9Chicago Folk Service: Congregational Edition
2003978-600-00-9376-1Communion Pin
  ''978-600-00-9377-8Tea Cup Lapel Pin
  ''978-600-00-9378-5Communion Cross Pendant
  ''978-600-00-9391-4Augsburg Fortress PublishingBaby's First Bible
1978978-600-00-9474-4Jeremy BernsteinExperiencing Science
978-600-00-9494-2The Future of Worship in the Elca: Exploring the Critical Questions: A Report to the Church
1999978-600-00-9495-9Ted SchroederA Guide for Study and Discussion of the Use of the Means of Grace: A Statement on the Practice of Word and Sacrament (New Joy of Discovery)
2002978-600-00-9543-7Augsburg Fortress PublishingRoad Trip: The New Journeys in Faith Catechism Set
2002978-600-00-9544-4Augsburg Fortress PublishingThe New Journeys in Faith Bible Set
978-600-00-9545-1Lift Every Voice: The Bible in an Age of Diversity
2001978-600-00-9548-2Augsburg Fortress PublishingThe Jesus Story: According to Mark
1999978-600-00-9614-4Jan Karon · Toni GoffeMiss Fannie's Hat Postcards
1950978-600-00-9652-6Welty · TaylorBlack Bonanza
978-600-00-9895-7Building Bridges: Participant Book
978-600-00-9896-4Building Bridges: Leader Guide
1997978-600-00-9901-5Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Alleluia Easter Regular Bulletin
  ''978-600-00-9902-2Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Allehuia! Easter Bulletin Large
  ''978-600-00-9903-9Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Alleluia! Easter Letterhead
  ''978-600-00-9904-6Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Alleluia! Easter Offering Envelope
  ''978-600-00-9905-3Christ Is Risen Alleluia Easter Bulletin Regular
1997978-600-00-9906-0Christ Is Risen Alleluia Easter Bulletin Large
  ''978-600-00-9907-7Alleluia Christ is Risen: Easter Bulletin
  ''978-600-00-9908-4Alleluia Christ is Risen: Easter Bulletin Large
  ''978-600-00-9909-1My Song is Love: Lent Prayer
  ''978-600-00-9910-7My Song is Love-Large: Lent Prayer
1997978-600-00-9911-4My Lenten Gift: Letterhead
  ''978-600-00-9912-1My Lenten Gift: Offering Envelope
1998978-600-00-9913-8Our Lenten Calendar
978-600-00-9914-5Palm Sunday: Regular Bulletin
1997978-600-00-9915-2Maundy Thursday: Regular Bulletin
1996978-600-00-9916-9Christmas: Regular Bulletin
1994978-600-00-9917-6Christmas: Large Bulletin
  ''978-600-00-9918-3Christmas: Letterhead
  ''978-600-00-9919-0Christmas: Offering Envelope
1996978-600-00-9920-6Christmas: Regular Bulletin
  ''978-600-00-9921-3Christmas: Large Bulletin
1996978-600-00-9922-0Christmas: Letterhead
  ''978-600-00-9923-7Christmas: Offering Envelope
1997978-600-00-9924-4Oh Come Strong Branch of Jesse: Advent Bulletin
  ''978-600-00-9925-1Savior of the Nations Come: Advent Bulletin
  ''978-600-00-9926-8Savior of the Nations Come: Advent Announcement Folder
1996978-600-00-9927-5New Years: Bulletin
1994978-600-00-9928-2Thanks Be to God: Thanksgiving Bulletin
978-600-00-9929-9Thanks Be to God: Thanksgiving Bulletin Large
1996978-600-00-9930-5Thanks Be to God: Thanksgiving Letterhead
  ''978-600-00-9931-2Thanks Be to God: Thanksgiving Offering Envelope
1996978-600-00-9932-9Praise God: Thanksgiving Bulletin
1997978-600-00-9933-6Praise God: Thanksgiving Bulletin Large
  ''978-600-00-9934-3Praise God: Thanksgiving Letterhead
  ''978-600-00-9935-0Praise God: Thanksgiving Offering Envelope
2002978-600-00-9951-0Love, Dad Booktalk Guide
  ''978-600-00-9952-7Herbert BrokeringI'm Thinking of You Booktalk Guide
978-600-00-9989-3Living Faith: 1998-99 Christian Education Emphasis Packet
978-600-00-9990-9Celebrating the Small Catechism: A Year-Long Adventure for the Whole Congregation
978-600-00-9992-3Confirmation: Anything But Business as Usual
978-600-00-9993-0The Sounds of Christmas (Evangelism)
978-600-00-9995-4Sharing Faith in Daily Life: A Small Group Study
978-600-00-9996-1Still Real Still Relevant: A Guide for Planning a Christmas Friendship Celebration
1998978-600-00-9997-8Brent DahlsengGrowing Your Congregation's Prayer Ministries
978-600-00-9998-5Evangelism Essentials: An Assessment Tool