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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-8066-4069-3Debbie Trafton O'NealThank You for This Day: Action Prayers, Song, and Blessings for Every Day
2001978-0-8066-4156-0Debbie Trafton O'NealBefore and After Christmas
  ''978-0-8066-4157-7   ''Before and After Easter: Activities and Ideas for Lent to Pentecost
  ''978-0-8066-4160-7Terry-Anne PrestonYour Call Is Waiting: How to Recognize God's Purpose for Your Life
  ''978-0-8066-4161-4Gretchen PersonPsalms for Healing: Praying with Those in Need
2002978-0-8066-4191-1John BowenEvangelism for "Normal" People: Good News for Those Looking for a Fresh Approach
2003978-0-8066-4192-8Rick MeyerI Love You Son
2002978-0-8066-4194-2Malcolm BoydPrayers for the Later Years
2001978-0-8066-4253-6Andrea Lee Schieber · James SatterWidening the Circle: Designing Worship That Reaches
2002978-0-8066-4264-2Al MilesViolence in Families: What Every Christian Needs to Know
  ''978-0-8066-4265-9Theresa M. HuntleyHelping Children Grieve: When Someone They Love Dies (Revised Edition)
2001978-0-8066-4267-3Donna Erickson · David LaRochelleDonna Erickson's Fabulous Funstuff for Families: 100s of the best award-winning activities, games, and crafts from Donna's Prime Time books and TV show
2001978-0-8066-4282-6Augsburg Fortress PublishingLuther's Small Catechism
2002978-0-8066-4295-6Elaine RamshawSponsors and Baptism (A Worship Handbook)
2003978-0-8066-4347-2Harold Ivan SmithGrieving the Death of a Mother
  ''978-0-8066-4348-9Betty J. CarmackGrieving the Death of a Pet
2001978-0-8066-4355-7Louis A. GaminoWhen Your Baby Dies: Through Miscarriage or Stillbirth (Hope and Healing Series) (Hope & Healing Series)
2002978-0-8066-4357-1Ron KlugHow to Keep a Spiritual Journal: A Guide to Journal Keeping for Inner Growth and Personal Discovery
1995978-0-8066-4358-8Mary Ellen AshcroftThe Magdalene Gospel
2002978-0-8066-4362-5Donna BennettWhen You Lose Your Job (Difficult Times)
  ''978-0-8066-4370-0Felicity HendersonThe World Around Us (Pop-Up Prayers Series)
  ''978-0-8066-4374-8Lois Rock · Alison JayA Child's First Book of Prayers
  ''978-0-8066-4381-6Dandi Daley MackallOne Lost Sheep (First Things First)
2002978-0-8066-4423-3Marcia LundWhen Your Family is Living with Mental Illness (Difficult Times)
2001978-0-8066-4425-7Jeffrey A. NelsonThrough the New Testament
2002978-0-8066-4429-5Oletta WaldThe New Joy of Discovery in Bible Study
  ''978-0-8066-4430-1   ''New Joy of Teaching Discovery (New Joy of Discovery)
2003978-0-8066-4449-3Brian DoyleGod Is Love: Essays from Portland Magazine
2002978-0-8066-4473-8Sara MaitlandA Joyful Theology: Creation, Commitment, and an Awesome God
2003978-0-8066-4498-1Herbert BrokeringCat Psalms
  ''978-0-8066-4532-2Augsburg Fortress PublishingLife Together: Pre-Elementary Learner Resource
  ''978-0-8066-4550-6Karen StoneImage and Spirit: Finding Meaning in Visual Art
  ''978-0-8066-4552-0Cari JacksonThe Gift to Listen, the Courage to Hear
2003978-0-8066-4554-4Kurt SenskeExecutive Values
2004978-0-8066-4562-9Harold Ivan SmithGrievers Ask: Answers to Questions about Death and Loss
2003978-0-8066-4568-1Mark Francisco Bozzuti-JonesGod Created
  ''978-0-8066-4571-1Russell W. DaltonFaith Journey Through Fantasy Lands
  ''978-0-8066-4573-5James A. NestingenMartin Luther: A Life
2002978-0-8066-4574-2Harold Eppley · Rochelle MelanderGrowing Together (Congregational Leader)
2003978-0-8066-4577-3Michael MaloneListening For God, Vol. 4: Contemporary Literature And The Life Of Faith
  ''978-0-8066-4578-0Paula J. CarlsonListening for God Ldr Vol 4 (Listening for God) (Listening for God (Paperback))
1998978-0-8066-4585-8Jan KaronMiss Fannie's Hat
2003978-0-8066-4596-4Kelly A. FryerReclaiming the "L" Word: Renewing the Church from Its Lutheran Core
2004978-0-8066-4644-2Sara J. CorseCradled All the While: The Unexpected Gifts of a Mother's Death
2003978-0-8066-4651-0Richard J. BrueschoffPastor and People: Making Mutual Ministry Work (Congregational Leader)
  ''978-0-8066-4675-6Wayne L. WoldPreaching to the Choir: The Care and Nurture of the Church Choir
2004978-0-8066-4678-7Paul SimonFifty-Two Simple Ways to Make a Difference
2004978-0-8066-4691-6Kurt SenskePersonal Values
  ''978-0-8066-4800-2Alan Loy McGinnisBringing Out The Best In People
  ''978-0-8066-4801-9Michael W. FossReal Faith for Real Life: Living the Six Marks of Discipleship
2005978-0-8066-4929-0Catharine BrandtWe Light the Candles: Family Devotions Around the Advent Wreath
  ''978-0-8066-4930-6Augsburg Fortress PublishersRevised Common Lectionary Daily Readings: Consultations on the Common Texts
  ''978-0-8066-4934-4Alvin RognessLiving in the Kingdom Revised (Lutheran Voices)
1993978-0-8066-4944-3Philip Longfellow AndersonThe Gospel in Disney: Christian Values in the Early Animated Classics
2004978-0-8066-4945-0Barbara LaymonThe Devil's Inbox
2004978-0-8066-4949-8Olive M. Fleming DraneClowns, Storytellers, Disciples: Spirituality and Creativity for Today's Church
2005978-0-8066-4986-3Sally Anne Conan · Becky RadtkeGod Made Creepy Crawlies
2004978-0-8066-4987-0Cynthia Moe-LobedaPublic Church: For the Life of the World (Lutheran Voices)
2003978-0-8066-4989-4Ann HafftenWater from the Rock: Lutheran Voices from Palestine
  ''978-0-8066-4991-7D. Michael BennethumListen! God Is Calling!: Luther Speaks of Vocation, Faith, and Work (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-4993-1Craig L. NessanGive Us This Day: A Lutheran Proposal for Ending World Hunger (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-4994-8Martin E. MartySpeaking of Trust: Conversing With Luther About the Sermon on the Mount (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-4995-5Barbara DeGrote-Sorensen · David Allen SorensenLet the Servant Church Arise! (Lutheran Voices)
2003978-0-8066-4999-3Rochelle Melander · Harold EppleyOur Lives Are Not Our Own: Saying ''Yes'' to God (Lutheran Voices)
2005978-0-8066-5004-3Dietrich Bonhoeffer · Manfred WeberChristmas With Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Bonhoeffer Gift Books)
2004978-0-8066-5105-7Gail RamshawA Three-Year Banquet: The Lectionary for the Assembly (Worship Matters (Augsburg Fortress))
  ''978-0-8066-5107-1D. Foy ChristophersonA Place of Encounter: Renewing Worship Spaces (Worship Matters (Augsburg Fortress))
2005978-0-8066-5109-5Richard H. Bliese · Craig Van GelderEvangelizing Church
2006978-0-8066-5111-8William R. RussellPraying for Reform: Luther, Prayer, and the Christian Life: Martin Luther, Prayer, And The Christian Life (Lutheran Voices)
2005978-0-8066-5112-5Richard RouseFire of Grace
2004978-0-8066-5115-6Gail Ramshaw · G. RamshawThree Day Feast Wm (Worship Matters (Augsburg Fortress))
2005978-0-8066-5117-0Claudia MayJesus Is Enough: Love, Hope, and Comfort in the Storms of Life
  ''978-0-8066-5121-7Debbie Trafton O'NealA Is For Angel: A Christmas Alphabet And Activity Book (Augsburg Books for Children and Families)
  ''978-0-8066-5122-4Kathe Martin Copeland · Elissa HudsonMama's Going To Heaven Soon
2006978-0-8066-5123-1Debbie Trafton O'NealJ Is for Jesus: An Easter Alphabet And Activity Book
2005978-0-8066-5125-5Lois RockFive-Minute Bible Stories
  ''978-0-8066-5128-6Holly W. WhitcombSeven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting: Patience, Loss of Control, Living in the Present, Compassion, Gratitude, Humility, Trust in God
2005978-0-8066-5130-9Bo GiertzHammer of God
  ''978-0-8066-5131-6Al MilesEnding Violence in Teen Dating Relationships
  ''978-0-8066-5132-3Rick MeyerThrough The Fire: Spiritual Resoration For Adult Victims Of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  ''978-0-8066-5134-7Arthur SimonRediscovering The Lord's Prayer
  ''978-0-8066-5136-1Marjory Zoet BanksonSeasons Of Friendship: Naomi And Ruth As A Model For Relationship (Women to Walk With)
2005978-0-8066-5137-8Murray D. FinckStretch and Pray: A Daily Discipline for Physical and Spiritual Wellness
  ''978-0-8066-5138-5Kirk Byron JonesMorning B.R.E.W.: A Divine Power Drink For Your Soul
  ''978-0-8066-5141-5Ted LoderLoaves, Fishes, And Leftovers: Sharing Faith's Deep Questions
  ''978-0-8066-5142-2Robert BacherChasing Down a Rumor: The Death of Mainline Denominations
  ''978-0-8066-5143-9Kirk Byron JonesMorning B.r.e.w.: Journal With Empowerment Cards
2005978-0-8066-5145-3Joe CampeauOrdinary Joy: Finding Fresh Promise in Routine Moments
2006978-0-8066-5146-0Sandra Krebs HirshSoultypes: Matching Your Personality and Spiritual Path
2005978-0-8066-5147-7Lisa Dahill · L. DahillTruly Present (Worship Matters (Augsburg Fortress))
  ''978-0-8066-5148-4Melinda Ann Quivik · M. QuivikA Christian Funeral (Worship Matters (Augsburg Fortress))
2004978-0-8066-5150-7Granger E. Westberggood grief
  ''978-0-8066-5151-4Deborah E. Bowen · Susan L. StricklerA Good Friend for Bad Times: Helping Others Through Grief
  ''978-0-8066-5158-3David C. BentallThe Company You Keep: The Transforming Power of Male Friendship
  ''978-0-8066-5160-6Herbert BrokeringDog Psalms: Prayers My Dogs Have Taught Me
2005978-0-8066-5163-7Gordon W. Lathrop · G. LathropCentral Things (Worship Matters (Augsburg Fortress))
2005978-0-8066-5169-9Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones · Shelly HehenbergerJesus, The Word
  ''978-0-8066-5171-2David YountCelebrating The Rest Of Your Life: A Baby Boomer's Guide To Spirituality
2004978-0-8066-5172-9Robert F. HolleyCalled by God to Serve: Reflections for Church Leaders (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-5173-6Joseph SittlerGravity and Grace: Reflections and Provocations (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-5177-4Denyse O'LearyBy Design or By Chance? The Growing Controversy on the Origins of Life in the Universe
2005978-0-8066-5179-8Augsburg Fortress PublishersThe Lutheran Handbook: A Field Guide to Church Stuff, Everyday Stuff, and the Bible
2006978-0-8066-5224-5Roland D. Martinson · David W. Anderson · Paul HillComing of Age: Exploring the Identity and Spirituality of Younger Men
2005978-0-8066-5259-7Kristofer SkradeThe Christian Handbook: An Indispensable Guide to All Things Christian
2006978-0-8066-5263-4Charles R. LaneAsk, Thank, Tell: Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation
2005978-0-8066-5280-1John Ryan DuncanThe Magic Never Ends: An Oral History of the Life and Work of C.S. Lewis
2006978-0-8066-5281-8Dietrich BonhoefferWondrously Sheltered (Bonhoeffer Gift Books)
  ''978-0-8066-5287-0Jack FortinThe Centered Life: Awakened, Called, Set Free, Nurtured
2006978-0-8066-5294-8Gloria E. Bengtson · Laurie J. HansonThe Lutheran Handbook on Marriage
  ''978-0-8066-5295-5Kristofer SkradeThe Christian Handbook on Marriage
  ''978-0-8066-5296-2   ''The Lutheran Handbook for Pastors
  ''978-0-8066-5297-9Paul J. Blom · Gloria E. Bengtson · Kirk T. Livingston · James SatterThe Christian Handbook for Pastors
  ''978-0-8066-5307-5Murray D. Finck · Tammy DevineStretch and Pray: A Daily Discipline for Physical and Spiritual Wellness
2006978-0-8066-5319-8Kelly A. FryerReclaiming the "C" Word: Daring to Be Church Again (Lutheran Voices)
2002978-0-8066-5331-0Tom P. HaferFaith and Fitness: Diet and Exercise for a Better World
2007978-0-8066-5334-1Dave DaubertLiving Lutheran: Renewing Your Congregation (Lutheran Voices)
1985978-0-8066-5336-5Giacomo CasseseEpistolas Universales/ Catholic Epistles (Conozca Su Biblia/Know Your Bible) (Spanish Edition)
1992978-0-8066-5337-2Alvin PadillaLucas/luke (Conozca Su Biblia/Know Your Bible) (Know Your Bible (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)
1991978-0-8066-5339-6Renata FurstDe Josue a Cronicas/ Joshua to Chronicles (Conozca Su Biblia/Know Your Bible) (Spanish Edition)
2007978-0-8066-5350-1Martin MartyLutheran Questions, Lutheran Answers: Exploring Christian Faith
2008978-0-8066-5365-5Louis W. AccolaGiven for You: Reflections on the Meaning of the Lord's Supper (Lutheran Voices)
2007978-0-8066-5367-9Michael W. FossThe Disciple's Joy: Six Practices for Spiritual Growth (Truth and Christian Imagination) (Truth and the Christian Imagination)
  ''978-0-8066-5368-6Ron Klug40-Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer
2006978-0-8066-5617-5Ed KlodtThe Jonah Factor: 13 Spiritual Steps to Finding the Job of a Lifetime
  ''978-0-8066-5618-2Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaEvangelical Lutheran Worship: Pew Edition
2007978-0-8066-5624-3Julia K. DinsmoreMy Name Is Child of God...Not "Those People": A First Person Look at Poverty
2008978-0-8066-5625-0Curtiss Paul Deyoung · Wilda C. Gafney · Leticia Guardiola-Saenz · George E. Tinker · Frank M. YamadaThe Peoples' Bible
2009978-0-8066-5763-9Stephen Bouman · Ralston DeffenbaughThey Are Us: Lutherans and Immigration
  ''978-0-8066-5765-3Rolf A. Jacobson · Karl N. Jacobson · Hans H. WiersmaCrazy Book: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Biblical Terms
1998978-0-8066-5767-7Terence E. FretheimAbout the Bible: Short Answers to Big Questions (Exploring Christian Faith)
2009978-0-8066-5769-1Donna Schaper40-Day Journey with Howard Thurman
1992978-0-8066-5776-9Guillermo Ramirez-munozDe Genesis a Deuteronomio (Conazca Su Biblia) (Know Your Bible (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)
2009978-0-8066-5778-3Renata FurstRut, Esdras, Nehemias y Ester / Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther (Conozca Su Biblia) (Spanish Edition)
1994978-0-8066-5781-3Awilda Gonzalez-tejeraFilipenses, Colosenses, 1 y 2 Tesalonicenses, Filemon (Conazca Su Biblia) (Conazca Su Biblia) (Know Your Bible (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)
2008978-0-8066-7013-3Lorraine S. Brugh · Gordon W. LathropThe Sunday Assembly (Using Evangelical Lutheran Worship)
  ''978-0-8066-7014-0Dennis L. Bushkofsky · Craig A. SatterleeThe Christian Life: Baptism and Life Passages: Using Evangelical Lutheran Worship (Evangelical Lutheran Woship)
2007978-0-8066-7037-9Kristofer SkradeThe Lutheran Handbook II
2009978-0-8066-7057-7Dave Daubert · Tana KjosReclaiming the "V" Word: Renewing Life at Its Vocational Core (Lutheran Voices)
2009978-0-8066-7060-7L. Shannon JungHunger and Happiness: Feeding the Hungry, Nourishing Our Souls
  ''978-0-8066-7061-4Garrison KeillorLife among the Lutherans
2006978-0-8066-8001-9Timothy F. LullOn Being Lutheran: Reflections on Church, Theology, and Faith (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-8003-3Nancy MaekerEnding Poverty: A 20/20 Vision: A Guide for Individuals and Congregations (Lutheran Voices)
2007978-0-8066-8004-0Nathan FrambachEmerging Ministry: Being Church Today (Lutheran Voices)
2008978-0-8066-8006-4Kelly A. FryerReclaiming the E Word: Waking Up to Our Evangelical Identity (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-8010-1Frank C. SennLutheran Identity: A Classical Understanding (Lutheran Voices)
  ''978-0-8066-8011-8Frank G. HoneycuttSanctified Living: More than Grace and Forgiveness (Lutheran Voices)
1993978-0-8066-8013-2Ritva H. WilliamsThe Bible's Importance for the Church Today (Lutheran Voices)
1985978-0-8066-8016-3Samuel PaganIsaias (Isaiah) (Know Your Bible (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)
1987978-0-8066-8019-4Franciso Javier PadillaGalatas y Efesios: Galatians and Ephesians (Know Your Bible (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)
2007978-0-8066-8031-6Beverly Lanzetta40-day Journey With Joan Chittister
2008978-0-8066-8035-4Herbert BrokeringMore Cat Psalms: Prayers My Cats Have Taught Me
2008978-0-8066-8036-1Frank G. HoneycuttMarry a Pregnant Virgin: Unusual Bible Stories for New and Curious Christians
  ''978-0-8066-8037-8Karl N. Jacobson · Marc D. Ostlie-Olson · Megan J. Thorvilson · Megan L. Torgerson · Hans H. WiersmaCrazy Talk: A Not-so-stuffy Dictionary of Theological Terms
1999978-0-8066-8038-5Marva J. DawnBeing Well When We're Ill: Wholeness and Hope in Spite of Infirmity (Living Well)
2008978-0-8066-8040-8Kathryn Haueisen40-day Journey With Kathleen Norris (40-day Journey Series)
  ''978-0-8066-8042-2Herbert BrokeringMore Dog Psalms: Prayers My Dogs Have Taught Me
  ''978-0-8066-8044-6Rick Rouse · Craig Van GelderA Field Guide for the Missional Congregation: Embarking on a Journey of Transformation
1996978-0-8066-8046-0Henry F. French40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer
2008978-0-8066-8047-7Lisa E. Dahill40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich
2009978-0-8066-8048-4Francis X. Mcaloon40-Day Journey with Gerard Manley Hopkins (40-Day Journey)
1996978-0-8066-8049-1Martin E. MartyBaptism: A User's Guide (Exploring Christian Faith)
1993978-0-8066-8051-4Marshall D. JohnsonThe Apostles' Creed: A User's Guide (Exploring Christian Faith)
2008978-0-8066-8052-1Ronald W. RichardsonBecoming Your Best: A Self-Help Guide for Thinking People (Living Well)
  ''978-0-8066-8056-9Diane L. Jacobson · Stanley N. Olson · Mark Allen PowellOpening the Book of Faith: Lutheran Insights for Bible Study
2009978-0-8066-8059-0ELCA Youth MinistryLutheran Study Bible-NRSV
2009978-0-8066-8060-6Augsburg Fortress PublishingLutheran Study Bible-NRSV
1988978-0-8066-8070-5Justo L. GonzalezHechos / Acts (Conozca Su Biblia / Know Your Bible) (Spanish Edition)
2006978-0-8066-8072-9Alejandro F. BottaLos Doce Profetas Menores (Conozca su Biblia)
1990978-0-8066-8852-7Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament (10-9002)
1989978-0-8066-8854-1Robert H. SmithMatthew
2000978-0-8066-8856-5Donald JuelAugsburg Commentary on the New Testament Mark
1988978-0-8066-8858-9David L. TiedeAugsburg Commentary on the New Testament: Luke
1986978-0-8066-8860-2John KysarAugsburg Commentary on the New Testament: John
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1980978-0-8066-8864-0Roy A. Harrisville · R. A. HarrisvilleRomans (Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament)
1986978-0-8066-8884-8Gerhard KrodelAcnt Acts (Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament)
1935978-0-8066-9001-8Richard C. LenskiInterpretation of St. John's Revelation
2004978-0-8066-9014-8Ted LoderTracks in the Straw: Tales Spun from the Manger
1982978-0-8066-9017-9Donna SchaperSabbath Sense: A Spiritual Antidote for the Overworked
2004978-0-8066-9018-6Holly W. WhitcombPracticing Your Path: A Book of Retreats for an Intentional Life
  ''978-0-8066-9032-2Ted LoderMy Heart in My Mouth: Prayers for Our Lives
  ''978-0-8066-9033-9Bruce Epperly · Lewis D. SolomonMending the World: Spiritual Hope for Ourselves and Our Planet
  ''978-0-8066-9034-6Ted LoderThe Haunt of Grace: Responses to the Mystery of God's Presence
2004978-0-8066-9035-3Marjory Zoet BanksonThe Call to the Soul
  ''978-0-8066-9036-0   ''Braided Streams: Esther And A Woman's Way Of Growing
  ''978-0-8066-9039-1Ted LoderWrestling the Light: Ache and Awe in the Human-Divine Struggle: Prayers and Stories
2005978-0-8066-9054-4Ted LoderGuerrillas Of Grace: Prayers For The Battle
2004978-0-8066-9055-1Richard C. MeyerOne Anothering, Vol. 1: Biblical Building Blocks for Small Groups
  ''978-0-8066-9056-8Richard C. MeyerOne Anothering, Volume 2: Building Spiritual Community in Small Groups
  ''978-0-8066-9057-5   ''One Anothering: Creating Significant Spiritual Community
2007978-0-8066-9065-0Joann NesserContemplative Prayer: Praying When the Well Runs Dry
2006978-0-8066-9145-9ELCA YEARBOOK COMMITTEEEvangelical Lutheran Church in America 2007 Yearbook: Marked With The Cross Of Christ Forever, We Are Claimed, Gathered, And Sent For The Sake Of The ... Lutheran Church in America Yearbook)
2007978-0-8066-9146-6Augsburg FortressEvangelical Lutheran Church in America 2008 Yearbook (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Yearbook)
2010978-0-8066-9631-7Mary Lin Hudson · Robert P. Hoch · Susan Marie Smith · Craig A. SatterleeNew Proclamation: Year A, 2010-2011 Advent Through Holy Week
  ''978-0-8066-9768-0Nancy Claire Pittman · Richard I. Pervo · S. D. Giere · Shauna K. HannanNew Proclamation Year A, 2011: Easter Through Christ the King, April 24, 2011 - November 24, 2011
  ''978-0-8066-9848-9David J. LoseMaking Sense of the Christian Faith
2011978-0-8066-9851-9David J. LoseMaking Sense of the Cross
2009978-0-8066-9953-0   ''Making Sense of Scripture: Big Questions About the Book of Faith