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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-936383-00-9Nicole CushingHow to Eat Fried Furries (The New Bizarro Author)
  ''978-1-936383-01-6Steve LoweMuscle Memory (New Bizarro Author)
  ''978-1-936383-02-3Edward Jr. LeeBullet Through Your Face
  ''978-1-936383-03-0Edward Jr. LeeBrain Cheese Buffet
  ''978-1-936383-04-7Cameron PierceLost in Cat Brain Land
2010978-1-936383-05-4Carlton Mellick IIIThe Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2 (an Adventure for 3-6 Players, Levels 2-5
  ''978-1-936383-06-1Chris GenoaLick Your Neighbor
  ''978-1-936383-08-5Cameron PierceThe Pickled Apocalypse of Pancake Island
  ''978-1-936383-09-2Andersen PruntySlag Attack
  ''978-1-936383-10-8Robert DevereauxSlaughterhouse High
2010978-1-936383-11-5Edward Jr. LeeThe Innswich Horror
  ''978-1-936383-12-2John Skipp · Marc LevinthalThe Emerald Burrito of Oz
  ''978-1-936383-14-6Wrath James WhiteThe Book of a Thousand Sins
  ''978-1-936383-15-3Bradley SandsSorry I Ruined Your Orgy
  ''978-1-936383-17-7Edward Jr. LeeTrolley No. 1852
2010978-1-936383-18-4Sam PinkPerson
  ''978-1-936383-19-1Carlton Mellick IIIZombies and Shit
  ''978-1-936383-20-7Cameron Pierce · Jeff Burk · Cody Goodfellow · Athena Villaverde · Russell Edson · David Agranoff · Matthew Revert · Andrew GoldfarbThe Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple)
  ''978-1-936383-22-1Kevin L. DoniheNight of the Assholes
  ''978-1-936383-23-8James SteeleFelix and the Sacred Thor
2010978-1-936383-24-5Kirsten AleneLove in the Time of Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-936383-25-2Kirk JonesUncle Sam's Carnival of Copulating Inanimals
  ''978-1-936383-26-9Caris O'MalleyThe Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
  ''978-1-936383-27-6Bryan SmithRock and Roll Reform School Zombies
  ''978-1-936383-28-3Mykle HansenThe Cannibal's Guide to Ethical Living
2010978-1-936383-30-6Athena VillaverdeStarfish Girl
  ''978-1-936383-31-3Eric HendrixsonBucket of Face
  ''978-1-936383-34-4Amelia Beamer · Jeremy Robert JohnsonThe Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (Issue Four)
  ''978-1-936383-35-1Sam PinkThe Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home
  ''978-1-936383-37-5Wrath James WhitePopulation Zero
2010978-1-936383-38-2Carlton Mellick IIIChristmas on Crack
  ''978-1-936383-39-9Edward Jr. LeeThe Haunter of the Threshold
2011978-1-936383-41-2Carlton Mellick IIICrab Town
  ''978-1-936383-42-9J. F. Gonzalez · Mark WilliamsClickers
  ''978-1-936383-43-6J. F. Gonzalez · Brian KeeneClickers II: The Next Wave
  ''978-1-936383-44-3Brian KeeneUrban Gothic
2011978-1-936383-45-0Brian KeeneJack's Magic Beans
  ''978-1-936383-46-7Kris SaknussemmSinister Miniatures
  ''978-1-936383-47-4Bradley SandsRico Slade Will Fucking Kill You
  ''978-1-936383-48-1Brian KeeneTake the Long Way Home
  ''978-1-936383-49-8Edward Jr. LeeCarnal Surgery
2011978-1-936383-50-4Robert DevereauxBaby's First Book of Seriously Fucked-Up Shit
  ''978-1-936383-51-1Patrick WensinkBlack Hole Blues
  ''978-1-936383-52-8Brian KeeneA Gathering of Crows
  ''978-1-936383-53-5Cameron PierceAbortion Arcade
  ''978-1-936383-55-9Brian KeeneTequila's Sunrise
2011978-1-936383-56-6Brian KeeneDarkness on the Edge of Town
  ''978-1-936383-57-3Carlton Mellick IIIThe Morbidly Obese Ninja
  ''978-1-936383-61-0Brian KeeneDead Sea
  ''978-1-936383-63-4Garrett CookJimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective
  ''978-1-936383-64-1Carlton Mellick IIIThe Menstruating Mall
2011978-1-936383-65-8Carlton Mellick IIIBarbarian Beast Bitches of the Badlands
  ''978-1-936383-66-5Brian KeeneKill Whitey
  ''978-1-936383-67-2Wrath James WhiteHis Pain
  ''978-1-936383-68-9Bryan SmithHighways to Hell
  ''978-1-936383-70-2Kevin L. DoniheThe Traveling Dildo Salesman
2011978-1-936383-71-9Nick Antosca · Stephen Graham JonesThe Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (Issue Five)
  ''978-1-936383-72-6Bruce TaylorMetamorphosis Blues
2012978-1-936383-73-3Brian KeeneGhoul
2011978-1-936383-74-0Bryan SmithThe Killing Kind
  ''978-1-936383-76-4Sam PinkThe No Hellos Diet
  ''978-1-936383-77-1   ''Hurt Others
  ''978-1-936383-78-8Edward Jr. LeeMangled Meat
2011978-1-936383-79-5Andersen PruntyThe Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians
  ''978-1-936383-80-1Carlton Mellick IIIFantastic Orgy
  ''978-1-936383-81-8Kevin ShamelIsland of the Super People
  ''978-1-936383-82-5Carlton Mellick IIII Knocked Up Satan's Daughter: A Demonic Romantic Comedy
  ''978-1-936383-83-2Nate SouthardJust Like Hell
2011978-1-936383-84-9Wrath James WhiteLike Porno for Psychos
  ''978-1-936383-86-3Jeff BurkCripple Wolf
  ''978-1-936383-87-0David W. BarbeeA Town Called Suckhole
  ''978-1-936383-88-7Piers AnthonyThe Sopaths
  ''978-1-936383-89-4Laura Lee BahrHaunt
2011978-1-936383-90-0Violet LevoitI Am Genghis Cum
  ''978-1-936383-91-7J. F. GonzalezSurvivor
  ''978-1-936383-92-4Bryan SmithDepraved
  ''978-1-936383-93-1Brian KeeneCastaways
  ''978-1-936383-95-5Cameron PierceCthulhu Comes to the Vampire Kingdom
2011978-1-936383-97-9Cameron PierceAmazing Stories of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  ''978-1-936383-99-3Carlton Mellick IIISea of the Patchwork Cats