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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-62105-000-1Athena VillaverdeClockwork Girl
  ''978-1-62105-001-8Justin GrimbolThe Crud Masters
  ''978-1-62105-002-5Constance Ann FitzgeraldTrashland a Go-Go
  ''978-1-62105-003-2Spike MarlowePlacenta of Love
  ''978-1-62105-004-9Vince KramerGigantic Death Worm
2011978-1-62105-005-6Troy ChambersSeven Seagulls for a Single Nipple
  ''978-1-62105-006-3Michael Allen RoseParty Wolves in My Skull
  ''978-1-62105-007-0Eric BeenyLepers and Mannequins
  ''978-1-62105-008-7S. D. FosterA Hollow Cube Is a Lonely Space (New Bizarro Author)
  ''978-1-62105-009-4Bradley SandsBust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, No.10
2011978-1-62105-010-0Bradley SandsPlease Do Not Shoot Me in the Face
  ''978-1-62105-011-7Mykle HansenHooray for Death!
  ''978-1-62105-015-5Carlton III MellickArmadillo Fists
  ''978-1-62105-016-2Cameron PierceGargoyle Girls of Spider Island
2012978-1-62105-017-9Nick AntoscaThe Obese
  ''978-1-62105-018-6Blake Butler · Sean KilpatrickAnatomy Courses
2012978-1-62105-019-3Stephen Graham JonesZombie Bake-Off
  ''978-1-62105-020-9Patrick WensinkBroken Piano for President
  ''978-1-62105-021-6Brian KeeneThe Cage
  ''978-1-62105-022-3Ryan HardingGenital Grinder
  ''978-1-62105-024-7Sam PinkNo One Can Do Anything Worse to You Than You Can
2012978-1-62105-025-4Jordan KrallTentacle Death Trip
  ''978-1-62105-026-1Carlton Mellick IIIThe Handsome Squirm
  ''978-1-62105-027-8Sam PinkI Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It
  ''978-1-62105-029-2Carlton Mellick IIIUgly Heaven
  ''978-1-62105-031-5Shane McKenzieAll You Can Eat
2012978-1-62105-032-2Bryan SmithThe Dark Ones
  ''978-1-62105-033-9Scott McclanahanThe Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Vol. 1
  ''978-1-62105-035-3Carlton Mellick IIIRazor Wire Pubic Hair
  ''978-1-62105-036-0   ''Fishy-Fleshed
  ''978-1-62105-037-7   ''The Steel Breakfast Era: A Postmodern Zombie Novel
2012978-1-62105-043-8Jeff BurkThe Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (Issue Six)
  ''978-1-62105-045-2Carlton III MellickTumor Fruit
  ''978-1-62105-048-3Brian KeeneAn Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley
  ''978-1-62105-049-0   ''Entombed
  ''978-1-62105-050-6Molly TanzerA Pretty Mouth
2012978-1-62105-051-3Stephen Graham JonesThe Last Final Girl
  ''978-1-62105-061-2Edward LeeHeader
2013978-1-62105-084-1Brian KeeneEarthworm Gods II: Deluge
  ''978-1-62105-088-9Carlton III MellickVillage of the Mermaids
  ''978-1-62105-089-6Thomas Ligotti · Blake Butler · Kevin SampsellIn Heaven, Everything Is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch
  ''978-1-62105-131-2Brian Keene · Jack Ketchum · Edward Lee · Wrath James White · Bryan Smith · J. F. Gonzalez · Nate Southard · Shane McKenzieSixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road
2014978-1-62105-169-5Wrath James WhiteCupid in Bondage
2016978-1-62105-221-0Carlton Mellick IIIEvery Time We Meet at the Dairy Queen, Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes
2017978-1-62105-222-7   ''Exercise Bike
2018978-1-62105-258-6Farah Rose SmithEviscerator
2018978-1-62105-259-3Leigham ShardlowFell Beauties
  ''978-1-62105-264-7Carlton Mellick IIINeverday
  ''978-1-62105-268-5Garrett CookCrisis Boy
  ''978-1-62105-273-9G. Arthur BrownGod's Mean Older Brother
  ''978-1-62105-275-3Cody GoodfellowSleazeland
2020978-1-62105-294-4Sarah KarasekThe Little Punk Princess
2019978-1-62105-295-1John Skipp · Heather DrainThe Bizarro Encyclopedia of Film Volume 1