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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-934840-02-3W. Frederick ZimmermanCVN-78 GERALD R. FORD, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
2008978-1-934840-08-5W. Frederick ZimmermanCVN-76 RONALD REAGAN, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
  ''978-1-934840-18-4   ''BB-67 Montana, U.S. Navy Battleship: Why She Matters Today
  ''978-1-934840-19-1   ''CVN-68 NIMITZ, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
  ''978-1-934840-20-7   ''Cvn-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
  ''978-1-934840-23-8   ''CVN-72 ABRAHAM LINCOLN, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
2008978-1-934840-25-2W. Frederick ZimmermanCVN-74 JOHN C. STENNIS, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
2008978-1-934840-26-9W. Frederick ZimmermanCVN-75 HARRY S. TRUMAN, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
  ''978-1-934840-31-3   ''Cool Maps of France: Paris and Beyond
  ''978-1-934840-32-0   ''Cool Maps of France's Overseas Territories and Departments
  ''978-1-934840-34-4   ''Battleship YAMATO: Why She Matters Today
  ''978-1-934840-37-5David Axe · Steve OlexaWar Bots: How U.S. Military Robots Are Transforming War In Iraq, Afghanistan, And The Future
2008978-1-934840-38-2Wayne ScarpaciIowa Class Battleships and Alaska Class Large Cruisers Conversion Projects, 1942-1964: An Illustrated Technical Reference
  ''978-1-934840-44-3Graeme DavisThe Unauthorized Harry Potter Quiz Book: 165 Questions Ranging From The Sorcerer's Stone To The Deathly Hallows
  ''978-1-934840-46-7Mark Safranski · Thomas P.M. BarnettThe John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy, and War
  ''978-1-934840-49-8Tim ChalliesThe Shack: Unauthorized Theological Critique
  ''978-1-934840-52-8Richard WorthIn The Shadow Of The Battleship: Considering The Cruisers Of World War II
2008978-1-934840-72-6Graeme DavisRe-read HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS Today! An Unauthorized Guide
  ''978-1-934840-79-5   ''Exploring Beedle The Bard: Unauthorized, Pithy, Tale-By-Tale Perspectives
2009978-1-934840-81-8Nancy SnowPersuader-in-Chief: Global Opinion and Public Diplomacy in the Age of Obama
  ''978-1-934840-83-2Pepe EscobarObama Does Globalistan
  ''978-1-934840-85-6Frank J. Andruss SrBuilding the PT Boats: An Illustrated History of U.S. Navy Torpedo Boat Construction in World War II
  ''978-1-934840-90-0Sasha GongBorn American: A Chinese Woman's Dream of Liberty
2009978-1-934840-91-7Vincent O'Hara · Enrico CernuschiDark Navy: The Italian Regia Marina and the Armistice of 8 September 1943