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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-60888-014-0Brent Stransky · Andrew FoyThe Young Conservative's Field Guide
  ''978-1-60888-020-1Brian BaxleyOperation Weseruebung: The Dawn of Decisive Airpower in Joint Military Operations
  ''978-1-60888-022-5Lt Col Randy McCanne · Ltc Greg D. Olson Olson · Cdr Dario E. TeicherOperation Sea Lion: A Joint Critical Analysis, Or, How Hitler Could Have Won, If He Were More Joint
  ''978-1-60888-024-9Lars R. Hagendorf-OrloffOops! Boom! An Analysis of Fratricide in US Naval Surface and Submarine Forces in World War II
  ''978-1-60888-025-6Michelle Lee HuygenSubmarine Warfare in the 20th and 21st Centuries - A Bibliography
2010978-1-60888-032-4Chris MasonFalling from Grace: The German Airborne (Fallschirmjager) in World War II
  ''978-1-60888-040-9Major George BondCrete: The Graveyard of the Fallschirmjger
  ''978-1-60888-050-8House Of U. S. House of RepresentativesRise of the Drones: Unmanned Systems and the Future of War
2015978-1-60888-058-4The SakerThe Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world
2014978-1-60888-083-6Hans Lengerer · Lars AhlbergCapital Ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1868-1945: The Yamato Class and Subsequent Planning
2011978-1-60888-101-7Richard WorthThunder in its Courses: Essays on the Battlecruiser