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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-934187-01-2John PatrickDangerous Boys, Rent Boys
  ''978-1-934187-02-9Daniel W. KellyCloset Monsters: Zombied Out and Tales of Gothrotica
  ''978-1-934187-03-6Amjeed KabilStraightening Ali
  ''978-1-934187-04-3Tom CardamoneThe Werewolves of Central Park
  ''978-1-934187-05-0John PatrickBoys on the Prowl
2007978-1-934187-07-4John PatrickCome Again, Volume 1
  ''978-1-934187-08-1Eric SummersLove in a Lock-Up
  ''978-1-934187-09-8John PatrickIntimate Strangers
  ''978-1-934187-10-4Owen KeehnenMore Starz
  ''978-1-934187-11-1John PatrickSeduced: An Anthology of Erotic Tales
2007978-1-934187-12-8Jonathan AscheMoneyshots
  ''978-1-934187-13-5John PatrickInsatiable / Unforgettable
  ''978-1-934187-14-2Ken AndersonThe Statue of Pan
  ''978-1-934187-15-9Terry OldesDancing With Tina
  ''978-1-934187-16-6Jay StarreErotic Tales of the Knights Templar in the Holy Land
2007978-1-934187-17-3John PatrickMad About the Boys
978-1-934187-18-0Teacher Is the Best Experience
2007978-1-934187-19-7John PatrickDream Boys
  ''978-1-934187-20-3Eric SummersUnmasked: Erotic Tales of Gay Superheroes
  ''978-1-934187-21-0John PatrickHeatwave
2008978-1-934187-23-4   ''Country Boys City Boys
  ''978-1-934187-25-8Eric SummersDon't Ask, Don't Tie Me Up
  ''978-1-934187-27-2John PatrickBig Boys, Little Lies: An Anthology of Erotic Tales About Big Boys With Something to Hide
2008978-1-934187-29-6John PatrickHUGE: Every Man's Envy, Some Men's Obsession
  ''978-1-934187-30-2   ''Fever!
  ''978-1-934187-31-9Geoffrey KnightThe Cross of Sins (Fathom's Five, Vol. 1)
  ''978-1-934187-32-6Mickey ErlachBoys Will Be Boys - Their First Time
  ''978-1-934187-33-3John PatrickHeartthrobs
2008978-1-934187-36-4Owen KeehnenUltimate STARZ
  ''978-1-934187-37-1John PatrickCome Again, Volume 2
  ''978-1-934187-38-8Eric SummersRide Me Cowboy: Erotic Tales of the West
  ''978-1-934187-39-5John PatrickBoys Zone
  ''978-1-934187-40-1   ''Fresh and Frisky
2008978-1-934187-41-8Christopher PierceTaken By Force
2009978-1-934187-42-5Christopher PierceRogue: Hunted: The Second Book of Rogue
  ''978-1-934187-43-2John PatrickJuniors 2 (v. 2)
  ''978-1-934187-44-9Mickey ErlachBoys Caught in the Act
  ''978-1-934187-45-6Eric SummersNever Enough
  ''978-1-934187-47-0   ''Service With a Smile
2009978-1-934187-49-4Jay StarrLusty Adventures of the Knossos Prince
  ''978-1-934187-50-0John PatrickNaughty by Nature
2009978-1-934187-52-4John PatrickHuge 2
  ''978-1-934187-54-8Daniel W. KellyHorny Devils: Tantalizing Takes of Hot Men, Hairy Beasts and Other Creatures from Beyond
  ''978-1-934187-55-5John PatrickCan't Get Enough: More Erotica from John Patrick
  ''978-1-934187-56-2Eric SummersUnmasked II: More Erotic Tales of Gay Superheroes
  ''978-1-934187-57-9Fred TowersNerdvana
2009978-1-934187-60-9John PatrickBoys on the Prowl volume 2
2010978-1-934187-64-7Owen KeehnenRising Starz
  ''978-1-934187-65-4Christopher PierceKidnapped by a Sex Maniac
  ''978-1-934187-66-1Mickey ErlachBoys Getting Ahead
  ''978-1-934187-67-8Mark WildyrCut Hand
  ''978-1-934187-68-5John PatrickSmooth and Sassy
2010978-1-934187-70-8Eric SummersTeammates
  ''978-1-934187-73-9Mickey ErlachVideo Boys
  ''978-1-934187-75-3John PatrickHuge 3
  ''978-1-934187-76-0Eric SummersBig Holiday Packages
2011978-1-934187-77-7John PatrickRunaways
  ''978-1-934187-79-1Shane AllisonHomo Thugs
2011978-1-934187-82-1Marcus AnthonyThe Sweeter the Juice
  ''978-1-934187-83-8David HollyDelicious Darkness
  ''978-1-934187-86-9Mickey ErlachGym Buddies & Buff Boys
  ''978-1-934187-87-6John PatrickBeautiful Boys
  ''978-1-934187-88-3Jonathan AscheKept Men and Other Erotic Stories
2011978-1-934187-92-0John PatrickMy Three Boys
  ''978-1-934187-94-4Eric SummersMob Men on the Make
  ''978-1-934187-97-5Mickey ErlachBoys of Chi Omega Chi Kappa