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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-891855-01-6John PatrickJuniors 2
  ''978-1-891855-03-0John PatrickPleasures of the Flesh
2000978-1-891855-05-4   ''Fresh 'n' Frisky
  ''978-1-891855-06-1   ''Boys on the Prowl
  ''978-1-891855-08-5   ''Heatwave
  ''978-1-891855-09-2   ''TABOO! The Lure of the Forbidden
2004978-1-891855-10-8John PatrickHuge 2
2001978-1-891855-11-5   ''Any Boy Can
2004978-1-891855-14-6   ''Best of the Superstars: 2000: The Year in Sex
  ''978-1-891855-16-0John Patrick · John ButlerWild and Willing
2002978-1-891855-17-7John Patrck · John ButlerSeduced 2 (v. 2)
2001978-1-891855-21-4John PatrickThe Best of the Superstars 2002: The Year in Sex
2003978-1-891855-32-0John ButlerLiving Vicariously: The Best of John Patrick
2004978-1-891855-34-4John PatrickTaboo
  ''978-1-891855-36-8Michael HuxleyMen Amplified
  ''978-1-891855-37-5Paul J. WillisView to a Thrill
2005978-1-891855-39-9Michael HuxleyWet Nightmares, Wet Dreams
2004978-1-891855-40-5Paul J. Willis · Ron JacksonKink
2003978-1-891855-41-2John PatrickRaw Recruits
2004978-1-891855-42-9Dave MacMillan · Paul WillisLovers Who Stay With You
2006978-1-891855-43-6Christopher PierceRogue: Slave
2005978-1-891855-48-1Michael FergusonIdol Worship
  ''978-1-891855-62-7Owen KeehnenStarz
2006978-1-891855-63-4Bob CondronDaddy's Boyz: Tales of Intergenerational Adult Gay Sex
2006978-1-891855-70-2John PatrickPlay Hard, Score Big
  ''978-1-891855-71-9   ''Pleasures of the Flesh
  ''978-1-891855-72-6   ''Barely Legal
2006978-1-891855-73-3John PatrickTaboo! The Lure of the Forbidden
  ''978-1-891855-74-0   ''Angel: The Complete Quintet
  ''978-1-891855-78-8   ''Boys of the Night
  ''978-1-891855-79-5Steve HartLucky's 13
  ''978-1-891855-80-1John PatrickLover Boys
2006978-1-891855-81-8Marc HollandMark Stone: Secret Agent
  ''978-1-891855-82-5John PatrickWild & Willing
  ''978-1-891855-83-2Eric SummersMuscle Worshipers
  ''978-1-891855-84-9John PatrickSecret Passions
  ''978-1-891855-85-6John ButlerSeduced 2
2006978-1-891855-87-0John PatrickJuniors: A New Collection of Erotic Tales
  ''978-1-891855-89-4John Patrick · John ButlerDESCUIDADO Y DISPUESTO (Spanish Edition)