Magnetic Poetry

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-933682-00-6Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Make Your Own Poetry Stones
  ''978-1-933682-01-3   ''Magnetic Poetry 2007 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-933682-04-4   ''Mag Big Letter Stamps - Lower Case
  ''978-1-933682-05-1   ''Mag Big Letter Stamps - Upper Case
  ''978-1-933682-06-8   ''Magnetic Poetry Letter Stamp Kit - Smarty
978-1-933682-13-6Magne 3368Fridgelife Magnets - Chore Magnets
978-1-933682-14-3Magnifico School Reminder List
2007978-1-933682-17-4Magnetic PoetryMag Word Button Bundle #1
2007978-1-933682-18-1Magnetic PoetryMag Word Button Bundle #2
2007978-1-933682-19-8Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Word Button Bundle #3
  ''978-1-933682-20-4   ''Mag Word Button Bundle #4
  ''978-1-933682-21-1   ''Mag Stone Face: Buddha
  ''978-1-933682-22-8   ''Mag Stone Face: Greek God
2006978-1-933682-23-5   ''3.95
2006978-1-933682-24-2Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Mind Over Magnets: Cheese
  ''978-1-933682-25-9   ''Mag Mind Over Magnets: Coffee Drinks
  ''978-1-933682-26-6   ''Mag Mind Over Magnets: Fancy Food
2007978-1-933682-31-0   ''Magnetic Poetry Go Games: Pachisi
978-1-933682-32-7Magnetic Poetry - Kids' French Kit - Ages 5 and Up - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA
2007978-1-933682-34-1Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Letter Stamping Kit: Typewriter
  ''978-1-933682-35-8   ''Mag Kids T-Shirt Stamping Kit
2007978-1-933682-37-2Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry 2008 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-933682-38-9   ''Magnetic Poetry Cat Lover Calendar
  ''978-1-933682-39-6   ''Magnetic Poetry Dog Lover Calendar
  ''978-1-933682-40-2   ''Magnetic Poetry Stone Face: Green Man
  ''978-1-933682-41-9   ''Magnetic Poetry Stone Face Garden Goddess
2007978-1-933682-42-6Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Kids: Rhymemaker
2007978-1-933682-44-0Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Magnifico Weekly Planner Magnet Square Pink
  ''978-1-933682-45-7   ''Magnifico Weekly Planner Circle Blue
  ''978-1-933682-48-8   ''Magnifico Perpetual Calendar
2008978-1-933682-49-5   ''Magnetic Poetry Green Words
  ''978-1-933682-50-1   ''Magnetic Poetry Red Words
2008978-1-933682-51-8Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Blue Words
  ''978-1-933682-52-5   ''Mag Pink Words
2007978-1-933682-53-2   ''Magnetic Poetry Mixed-Up Detective Novel
  ''978-1-933682-54-9   ''Magnetic Poetry Hot Flash Kit
2008978-1-933682-55-6   ''Mag Go Art Drawing Travel Kit
2008978-1-933682-56-3Magnetic PoetryMag Go Art Watercolor Travel Kit
  ''978-1-933682-57-0   ''Mag Go Art Coloring Travel Kit
  ''978-1-933682-58-7   ''Mag Go Art Flip Book Travel Kit
  ''978-1-933682-60-0   ''Magnetic Poetry Photo Phrases
978-1-933682-61-7Magnetic Poetry - F Word Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge - Made in the USA
2008978-1-933682-62-4Magnetic PoetryMag Stone Faces: Tiki Head
  ''978-1-933682-66-2   ''Mag Play Scene: Pirate Ship
2008978-1-933682-67-9Magnetic PoetryMag Play Scene: Fairy Tree House: Magnetic Play Scene
2008978-1-933682-70-9Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry 2009 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-933682-71-6   ''Magnetic Poetry 2009 Cat Lover Calendar
  ''978-1-933682-73-0   ''Magnifico Fridge: Body Double
  ''978-1-933682-74-7   ''Magnifico Fridge: TXT Messaging
  ''978-1-933682-75-4   ''Magnifico Fridge: Pictograms
2008978-1-933682-76-1Magnetic PoetryMagnifico Fridge: Love Notes
2008978-1-933682-80-8Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry 50 Something Kit
2012978-1-933682-81-5   ''Monsters & Cuties #1
  ''978-1-933682-82-2   ''Monsters & Cuties #2
  ''978-1-933682-83-9   ''Monsters & Cuties #3
  ''978-1-933682-84-6   ''Monsters & Cuties #4
2009978-1-933682-85-3Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Make Your Own Pet Stone Kit
2010978-1-933682-89-1   ''Mag Play Scene: Medieval Castle
  ''978-1-933682-90-7   ''Magnetic Poetry Play Scene: A Day at the Farm
2008978-1-933682-94-5   ''Mag Eggnog Recipes
2009978-1-933682-99-0   ''Mag Perpetual Calendar