Magnetic Poetry

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-932289-01-5Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry High School
  ''978-1-932289-03-9   ''Mag Creative Stepping Stones
978-1-932289-04-6Magnetic Poetry - Book Lover Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA
1998978-1-932289-09-1Magnetic PoetryAdd & Subtract Magnets
2004978-1-932289-13-8   ''Magnetic Poetry Motherhood
2005978-1-932289-49-7   ''Magnetic Poetry Holidays & Seasons Word Stickers
  ''978-1-932289-50-3   ''Magnetic Vacation & Travel Word Stickers
2005978-1-932289-51-0Magnetic PoetryMag Love & Romance Word Stickers
  ''978-1-932289-52-7   ''Magnetic Poetry Family & Friends Word Stickers
  ''978-1-932289-54-1   ''Magnetic Poetry Word Beads Black
  ''978-1-932289-55-8   ''Magnetic Poetry Word Beads Red
  ''978-1-932289-56-5   ''Magnetic Poetry Word Beads White
2004978-1-932289-60-2Magnetic PoetryMag Make Your Own Marker Stones
2005978-1-932289-67-1   ''Magnetic Poetry 2006 Wall Calendar
978-1-932289-72-5Vielseitiges Stempel-Set CLASSIC LETTER
2005978-1-932289-73-2Magnetic PoetryMag Word Stamp Kit: Deluxe Edition
  ''978-1-932289-77-0   ''Mag Mind Over Magnets: Red Wine
  ''978-1-932289-78-7   ''Mag Mind Over Magnets: White Wine
2006978-1-932289-81-7   ''Magnetic Poetry - The Poet Kit - More Essential Words For Your Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge - Made in the USA
2006978-1-932289-92-3Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Family
  ''978-1-932289-93-0   ''Magnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Friends
  ''978-1-932289-94-7   ''Magnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Seasons
  ''978-1-932289-95-4   ''Magnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Wedding
  ''978-1-932289-96-1   ''Magnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Baby
2006978-1-932289-97-8Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: School
2006978-1-932289-98-5Magnetic PoetryMagnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Sports
  ''978-1-932289-99-2   ''Magnetic Poetry Chipboard Words: Travel