World Wisdom

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-933316-10-9Seyyed Hossein Nasr · Katherine O'BrienThe Essential Sophia (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-12-3Titus BurckhardtThe Foundations of Christian Art (Sacred Art in Tradition)
  ''978-1-933316-13-0Joseph A. FitzgeraldHonen The Buddhist Saint: Essential Writings and Official Biography (Spiritual Masters: East and West)
  ''978-1-933316-14-7Patrick LaudePray Without Ceasing: The Way of the Invocation in World Religions (Treasures of the World's Religions)
  ''978-1-933316-15-4A.R. Natarajan · Eliot DeutschTimeless in Time: Sri Ramana Maharshi (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
2006978-1-933316-17-8Arvind SharmaA Guide to Hindu Spirituality (The Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-18-5Frithjof SchuonGnosis: Divine Wisdom, A New Translation with Selected Letters (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-19-2Michael Oren Fitzgerald · Judith Fitzgerald · Thomas Yellowtail · James TrosperIndian Spirit (Sacred Worlds)
  ''978-1-933316-20-8Samdhong RinpocheSamdhong Rinpoche Uncompromising Truth for a Compromised World: Tibetan Buddhism and Today's World
  ''978-1-933316-21-5Alfred Bloom · Ruben HavitoThe Essential Shinran: A Buddhist Path of True Entrusting
2007978-1-933316-22-2Harry OldmeadowLight from the East: Eastern Wisdom for the Modern West (Perennial Philosophy Series)
2006978-1-933316-24-6Frithjof SchuonSongs Without Names: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) (Volumes VII-XII)
2006978-1-933316-25-3Frithjof SchuonWorld Wheel, Volumes I-III: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Fritchjof Schuon)
  ''978-1-933316-26-0Reza Shah-Kazemi · Leonard LewisohnThe Sacred Foundations of Justice in Islam: The Teachings of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (Perennial Philosophy)
2007978-1-933316-27-7Thomas YellowtailNative Spirit: The Sun Dance Way (Treasures of the World's Religions)
2006978-1-933316-28-4Frithjof SchuonSufism: Veil and Quintessence A New Translation with Selected Letters (The Writings of Frithjof Schuon)
2007978-1-933316-32-1Thomas YellowtailNative Spirit and The Sun Dance Way
  ''978-1-933316-33-8Charles EastmanThe Essential Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa): Light on the Indian World (Sacred Worlds)
  ''978-1-933316-34-5Ananda K. CoomaraswamyFigures of Speech or Figures of Thought?: The Traditional View of Art, Revised Edition with Previously Author's Unpublished Notes (Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-35-2Frithjof SchuonArt from the Sacred to the Profane: East and West (Writings of Frithjof Schuon)
2007978-1-933316-36-9Joseph Epes BrownThe Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian: Commemorative Edition with Letters while Living with Black Elk (Perennial Philosophy Series)
  ''978-1-933316-37-6Paul GobleTipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters
  ''978-1-933316-38-3Seyyed Hossein NasrThe Essential Seyyed Hossein Nasr (Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-39-0Paul GobleTipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters
  ''978-1-933316-41-3Anandamayi MaThe Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma: Life and Teaching of a 20th Century Indian Saint
2007978-1-933316-42-0Frithjof SchuonSpiritual Perspectives and Human Facts: A New Translation with Selected Letters (Writings of Frithjof Schuon)
  ''978-1-933316-43-7Martin Lings · Clinton MinnaarThe Underlying Religion: An Introduction to the Perennial Philosophy
  ''978-1-933316-45-1Harry OldmeadowA Christian Pilgrim in India: The Spiritual Journey of Swami Abhishiktananda (Henri Le Saux) (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-46-8William StoddartRemembering in a World of Forgetting: Thoughts on Tradition and Postmodernism (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-47-5Amadou Hampate BaA Spirit of Tolerance: The Inspiring Life of Tierno Bokar (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
2008978-1-933316-50-5Titus BurckhardtIntroduction to Sufi Doctrine (Spiritual Classics)
2008978-1-933316-51-2Jean-Louis MichonIntroduction to Traditional Islam: Foundations, Art and Spirituality (Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-52-9Gerhard TersteegenThe Quiet Way: A Christian Path to Inner Peace (Spiritual Classics)
  ''978-1-933316-53-6Marco PallisThe Way and the Mountain: Tibet, Buddhism, and Tradition (Perennial Philosophy)
2007978-1-933316-54-3F. Clive-RossStudies in Comparative Religion: 1967 Commemorative Annual Edition
2008978-1-933316-55-0   ''Studies in Comparative Religion: 1968 Commemorative Annual Edition
  ''978-1-933316-56-7John ChryssavgisIn the Heart of the Desert: The Spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers (Treasures of the World's Religions)
2009978-1-933316-57-4Rene GuenonThe Essential Rene Guenon: Metaphysics, Tradition, and the Crisis of Modernity
2008978-1-933316-59-8Titus BurckhardtSiena, City of the Virgin: Illustrated (Sacred Art in Tradition)
  ''978-1-933316-60-4George Bird GrinnellThe Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Lifeways, Edited and Illustrated (American Indian Traditions)
2008978-1-933316-61-1Lord NorthbourneOf the Land and the Spirit: The Essential Lord Northbourne on Ecology and Religion (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-63-5Lalita SinhaUnveiling the Garden of Love: Mystical Symbolism in Layla Majnun & Gita Govinda (Perennial Philosophy)
2009978-1-933316-65-9Titus BurckhardtArt of Islam, Language and Meaning (Library of Perennial Philosophy Sacred Art in Tradition)
  ''978-1-933316-66-6Joseph E. B. Lumbard · Seyyed Hossein NasrIslam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition, Revised and Expanded: Essays by Western Muslim Scholars (Library of Perennial Philosophy the Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-67-3Paul GobleThe Earth Made New: Plains Indian Stories of Creation
  ''978-1-933316-68-0Brian KeebleGod and Work: Aspects of Art and Tradition (Perennial Philosophy)
2009978-1-933316-69-7Aldis Uzdavinys · Jay BregmanThe Heart of Plotinus: The Essential Enneads (The Perennial Philosophy)
  ''978-1-933316-70-3Gerald Hausman · Bob Kapoun · Joe Medicine CrowThe Image Taker: The Selected Stories and Photographs of Edward S. Curtis (Library of Perennial Philosophy. American Indian Traditions)
  ''978-1-933316-72-7Titus BurckhardtFoundations of Oriental Art & Symbolism
  ''978-1-933316-73-4Frithjof SchuonLogic and Transcendence: A New Translation with Selected Letters (Writings of Frithjof Schuon)
  ''978-1-933316-74-1Ira B. ZinmanShakespeare's Sonnets and the Bible: A Spiritual Interpretation with Christian Sources
2009978-1-933316-76-5Charles EastmanLiving in Two Worlds: The American Indian Experience (Library of Perennial Philosophy. American Indian Traditions Series)
2010978-1-933316-77-2Titus BurckhardtChartres and the Birth of the Cathedral