Star Bright Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-932065-00-8Giora CarmiA Circle of Friends
  ''978-1-932065-07-7Jan Ormerod · Lindsey GardinerIf You're Happy and You Know It!
  ''978-1-932065-08-4Miriam CohenDown in the Subway
2004978-1-932065-12-1Hui-Mei PanWhat's in Grandma's Grocery Bag?/Que hay en la bolsa de abuelita?
2003978-1-932065-13-8Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Animals To Count (Korean edition)
2005978-1-932065-14-5Lorna BalianA Sweetheart For Valentine
2003978-1-932065-15-2Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Quantos Animais Sao? (Portuguese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-17-6   ''Animals To Count (Simplified Chinese Edition) (Mandarin_chinese Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-18-3   ''Brian Wildsmith's Animals To Count (Traditional Chinese edition)
2003978-1-932065-19-0Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Farm Animals (Korean edition)
  ''978-1-932065-20-6   ''Animais da Fazenda (Brian Wildsmith's Farm Animals (Portuguese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-21-3   ''Gia Suc Brian Wildsmith's Farm Animals (Vietnamese edition)
2003978-1-932065-22-0Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Farm Animals (Simplified Chinese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-24-4Miriam CohenDown in the Subway
  ''978-1-932065-27-5Brian WildsmithAs Cores dos Animals (Portuguese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-28-2   ''Brian Wildsmith's Animal Colors (Korean edition)
  ''978-1-932065-29-9   ''Brian Wildsmith's: Mga Hayop sa Bukid ni (Tagalog Edition)
2003978-1-932065-30-5Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Mga Kulay ng Hayop ni (Tagalog Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-32-9Lorna BalianHumbug Witch
  ''978-1-932065-33-6Lorna Balian · Lecia BalianSometimes It's Turkey, Sometimes It's Feathers
2004978-1-932065-37-4   ''Leprechauns Never Lie
  ''978-1-932065-38-1Lorna BalianA Garden for a Groundhog
  ''978-1-932065-39-8   ''Mother's Mother's Day
2004978-1-932065-40-4Lorna BalianHumbug Rabbit
  ''978-1-932065-41-1Lorna Balian · Lecia BalianSometimes It's Turkey, Sometimes It's Feathers
  ''978-1-932065-43-5Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Animals To Count (Farsi edition)
2004978-1-932065-44-2Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Animal Colors (Arabic edition)
  ''978-1-932065-45-9   ''Brian Wildsmith's Animals To Count (Arabic edition)
  ''978-1-932065-48-0Jackie FrenchToo Many Pears!
  ''978-1-932065-51-0Brian WildsmithMau Sac Thu Vat(Animal Colors -Vietnamese Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-52-7   ''Brian Wildsmith's Animal Colors (Simplified Chinese edition))
2004978-1-932065-55-8Cheryl ChristianWhere's the Puppy?/¿Dónde está el perrito? (English/Spanish bilingual)
  ''978-1-932065-56-5Cheryl Christian · Laura DwightWhere's the Baby?/¿Dónde está el bebé? (English/Spanish bilingual edition)
  ''978-1-932065-57-2Cheryl ChristianWhat Happens Next?/ Y ahora, ¿qué pasará? (English/Spanish bilingual edition)
  ''978-1-932065-58-9   ''How Many?/¿Cuántos hay? (English/Spanish bilingual edition)
  ''978-1-932065-59-6   ''Where Does it Go?/¿Dónde va? (English/Spanish bilingual)
2004978-1-932065-61-9Cheryl Christian · Laura DwightWhere's the Puppy? (traditional Chinese)
  ''978-1-932065-62-6Cheryl ChristianWhere's The Baby? (Traditional Chinese edition)
2004978-1-932065-64-0Cheryl ChristianHow Many? (traditional Chinese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-65-7   ''Where Does it Go? (traditional Chinese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-66-4   ''Where's The Kitten? (Simplified Chinese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-67-1Cheryl Christian · Laura DwightWhere's the Puppy? (simplified Chinese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-70-1Cheryl ChristianHow Many? (simplified Chinese edition)
2004978-1-932065-71-8Cheryl ChristianWhere Does it Go? (simplified Chinese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-72-5   ''Con Mèo Con Ở Ðâu? (Where's The Kitten? (Vietnamese edition)
  ''978-1-932065-73-2   ''Con Cho' Con O Dau (Where's the Puppy? (Vietnamese Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-74-9Cheryl Christian · Laura DwightEm Be O' Dau? (Where's the Baby? (Vietnamese Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-76-3Cheryl ChristianHow Many? (Vietnamese edition)
2004978-1-932065-77-0Cheryl ChristianNo' Di Dau ? (Where Does it Go? (Vietnamese edition)
2004978-1-932065-78-7Cheryl ChristianWhere's The Kitten? (Korean edition)
  ''978-1-932065-79-4Cheryl Christian · Laura DwightWhere's the Puppy (Korean edition) (Photoflaps Boardbooks)
  ''978-1-932065-80-0   ''Where's the Baby? (Korean edition) (Photoflaps Boardbooks)
  ''978-1-932065-81-7   ''What Happens Next? (Korean edition) (Photoflaps Boardbooks)
  ''978-1-932065-82-4Cheryl ChristianHow Many? (Korean edition) (Photoflaps Boardbooks)
2004978-1-932065-83-1Cheryl ChristianWhere Does It Go? (Korean edition) (Photoflaps Boardbooks)
2005978-1-932065-84-8Laura Dwight · Cheryl ChristianWhere's the Kitten? (English/Russian bilingual edition)
  ''978-1-932065-85-5Cheryl ChristianWhere's the Puppy? (English/Russian) (Photoflap) (Russian Edition) (Photoflaps) (English and Russian Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-87-9   ''What Happens Next? (English/Russian) (Photoflap) (Russian Edition) (Photoflaps) (Russian and English Edition)
  ''978-1-932065-88-6   ''How Many? (English/Russian Bilingual Edition) (Photoflaps) (Russian Edition) (Russian and English Edition)
2005978-1-932065-89-3Cheryl ChristianWhere Does It Go? (English/Russian) (Photoflaps) (English and Russian Edition)
2004978-1-932065-90-9Michéle CoxonHave You Fed The Cat?
  ''978-1-932065-91-6Michèle CoxonHave You Fed The Cat?
  ''978-1-932065-93-0Ronald HimlerThe Girl on the Yellow Giraffe
2005978-1-932065-94-7Phillis GershatorRata-Pata-Scata-Fata: A Caribbean Story
  ''978-1-932065-95-4Phillis GershatorRata-Pata-Scata-Fata: A Caribbean Story