Star Bright Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-59572-001-6Michèle CoxonHave You Fed the Cat? Spanish/English Bilingual Edition
2005978-1-59572-003-0Lorna BalianThe Socksnatchers
  ''978-1-59572-006-1Lorna Balian · Lecia BalianThe Aminal
  ''978-1-59572-007-8Miriam CohenMy Big Brother (HC)
  ''978-1-59572-008-5Colin ThompsonThe Great Montefiasco
2004978-1-59572-009-2Lorna BalianHumbug Witch
2005978-1-59572-017-7Lorna Balian · Lecia BalianThe Sweet Touch
  ''978-1-59572-018-4Miriam CohenBackpack Baby (Backpack Baby Board Books) (English and Spanish Edition)
2005978-1-59572-019-1Miriam CohenMine! /Sólo Mío!-Backpack Baby Board Books (English/Spanish Edition) (Spanish and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-024-5Cheryl ChristianHow many? (English/Haitian Creole bilingual edition)
  ''978-1-59572-025-2   ''What Happens Next? (English/Haitian Creole bilingual edition)
  ''978-1-59572-026-9   ''Where Does It Go? / Kote Li ale?
  ''978-1-59572-028-3   ''Where's The Kitten? (English/Haitian Creole Bilingual Edition) (Photoflaps) (French and English Edition)
2005978-1-59572-029-0Cheryl ChristianWhere's the Puppy? (English/Haitian Creole bilingual)
  ''978-1-59572-031-3Brian WildsmithLes Couleurs Des Animaux/Animal Colors (French/English Bilingual) (French Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-033-7Laura DwightWe Can Do It!
  ''978-1-59572-035-1Lorna BalianWhere in the World Is Henry?
2006978-1-59572-036-8Lorna Balian · Lecia BalianBah! Humbug?
  ''978-1-59572-040-5Rochelle BunnettFriends at School
2007978-1-59572-042-9Brian WildsmithThe Little Wood Duck
2007978-1-59572-043-6Brian WildsmithThe Owl and the Woodpecker
2006978-1-59572-044-3Miriam CohenTwo Little Mittens
  ''978-1-59572-045-0John StadlerSnail Saves the Day
  ''978-1-59572-046-7John StadlerThree Cheers for Hippo!
  ''978-1-59572-047-4Michèle CoxonKitten's Adventure/as Aventuras Do Gatinho (Portuguese Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-048-1Michele CoxonKitten's Adventure / Las Aventuras Del Gatito (English and Spanish Edition)
2007978-1-59572-049-8Brian WildsmithThe Little Wood Duck
2007978-1-59572-050-4Brian WildsmithThe Owl And the Woodpecker
2006978-1-59572-052-8   ''Jungle Party
2006978-1-59572-053-5Brian WildsmithJungle Party
  ''978-1-59572-055-9Miriam CohenFirst Grade Takes a Test
2008978-1-59572-057-3Robert Louis StevensonA Child's Garden of Verses
2007978-1-59572-058-0Kyra TeisThe Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozart
2011978-1-59572-059-7Ellen TarlowPinwheel Days
2006978-1-59572-060-3Giora CarmiA Circle of Friends
2009978-1-59572-069-6Miriam CohenWill I Have a Friend? (We Love First Grade!)
2008978-1-59572-078-8Cohen MiriamLiar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (We Love First Grade!)
2007978-1-59572-103-7Marion E. Reid · Christine Lomas-FrancisBlood Group Antigens & Antibodies: A Guide to Clinical Relevance & Technical Tips
2009978-1-59572-104-4Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Amazing Animal Alphabet Book
2007978-1-59572-105-1Barbara H ColeAnna & Natalie
2008978-1-59572-106-8Jill LaurenSucceeding With LD: True Stories About Real People With Ld
2007978-1-59572-109-9Vanita BraverMadison and the Two Wheeler
  ''978-1-59572-110-5Vanita BraverMadison's Patriotic Project
  ''978-1-59572-112-9Jackie FrenchToo Many Pears (English/Japanese Edition) (English and Japanese Edition)
2008978-1-59572-114-3Kyra TeisThe Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozart
2007978-1-59572-117-4Judi MoreillonRead to Me: Vietnamese Edition (Doc sach cho con)
  ''978-1-59572-118-1Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Animal Colors
2007978-1-59572-119-8Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Farm Animals
2008978-1-59572-123-5   ''Hunter and His Dog
  ''978-1-59572-124-2   ''Professor Noah's Spaceship
2005978-1-59572-127-3   ''Los Colores De Los Animales-Animal Colors (Spanish and English Edition)
2008978-1-59572-128-0   ''Animals to Count
2008978-1-59572-136-5Brian WildsmithFarm Animals (English/Bengali Edition) (Bengali and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-139-6   ''Brian Wildsmith's Opposites
2009978-1-59572-142-6   ''Brian Wildsmith's Animal Colors (Portuguese and English Edition)
2008978-1-59572-143-3   ''Quantos animais sao? / Animals to Count (Portuguese and English Edition)
2004978-1-59572-144-0   ''Animais da fazenda / Farm Animals (Portuguese and English Edition)
2009978-1-59572-145-7Brian WildsmithAnimal Colors (Vietnamese/English) (Vietnamese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-147-1   ''Farm Animals (Viet/Eng Edition) (Vietnamese and English Edition)
2008978-1-59572-148-8   ''Opposites/Opostos (English/Portuguese Edition) (Portuguese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-158-7Miriam CohenMy Big Brother (PB)
2009978-1-59572-168-6Brian WildsmithAnimal Colors (Arabic/English) (Arabic and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-169-3   ''Animals to Count (Arabic/English) (Arabic and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-174-7Star Bright BooksEating the Rainbow (Babies Everywhere)
2009978-1-59572-176-1Star Bright BooksFamilies (Babies Everywhere)
  ''978-1-59572-180-8Rena D. GrossmanCarry Me (Babies Everywhere)
  ''978-1-59572-185-3Brian WildsmithBrian Wildsmith's Amazing Animal Alphabet
  ''978-1-59572-204-1Star Bright BooksEating the Rainbow (Portuguese/English) (Babies Everywhere) (Portuguese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-208-9Jill LaurenThat's Like Me!
2009978-1-59572-211-9Barbara H ColeAnna & Natalie
2010978-1-59572-216-4Star Bright BooksCarry Me (Babies Everywhere) (French/English) (French Edition) (French and English Edition)
2004978-1-59572-228-7Cheryl ChristianWhere's the Baby? (Amharic/English) (Photoflap) (English and Amharic Edition)
2008978-1-59572-229-4Brian WildsmithAnimals to Count (Amharic/English) (Amharic and English Edition)
2010978-1-59572-254-6Janet HalfmannGood Night, Little Sea Otter
2011978-1-59572-257-7John StadlerThe Cats of Mrs. Calamari
2010978-1-59572-263-8Robert Louis StevensonChild's Garden of Verses (Paperback)
  ''978-1-59572-271-3Catherine HnatovHip, Hop (Portuguese/English) (Portuguese and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-273-7Kathleen RizziWhat's Up, Baby? (Portuguese Edition) (Portuguese and English Edition)
2011978-1-59572-283-6Cheryl ChristianWitches
  ''978-1-59572-291-1Star Bright BksMy Face Book Bilingual (Arabic and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-295-9Star Bright BooksMy Face Book (Burmese/English) (Burmese Edition)
2011978-1-59572-296-6Lorna BalianA Garden for a Groundhog
  ''978-1-59572-328-4   ''Leprechauns Never Lie (PB)
2018978-1-59572-338-3Maryanne O'DonnellBrian Wildsmith's Illustrated Bible Stories
2012978-1-59572-347-5Janet HalfmannGood Night, Little Sea Otter (Spanish/English) (Spanish and English Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-363-5Lorna & Lecia BalianThe Aminal
  ''978-1-59572-364-2Laura DwightBrothers & Sisters
  ''978-1-59572-373-4Star Bright BoooksMy First Words at Home (Burmese Karen/Eng) (Karen Languages Edition) (Karen Languages and English Edition)
2012978-1-59572-422-9Marion Reid · Ian ShineThe Discovery and Significance of the Blood Groups
2013978-1-59572-653-7Cheryl ChristianWhere's the Baby? (Korean/English) (Korean and English Edition)
2018978-1-59572-791-6Star Bright BooksMy Face Book (Hmong Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-792-3J.A. BarnesMuéstrame tu día / Show Me Your Day (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-59572-793-0J.A. BarnesMuéstrame cómo te sientes / Show Me How You Feel (Spanish Edition)