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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-931993-00-5Elaine Wexler-MitchellAsk the Vet About Cats: Easy Answers to Commonly Asked Questions (Cat Fancy Books)
  ''978-1-931993-03-6David L. HoughMore Proficient Motorcycling: Mastering the Ride
  ''978-1-931993-04-3Kristin Mehus-RoeWorking Dogs: True Stories of Dogs and Their Handlers
2004978-1-931993-05-0Vicki Hogue-DaviesCareers With Horses: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Dream Job
2003978-1-931993-07-4Bob LovkaAdvice from the Doggy Lama
  ''978-1-931993-08-1Bob LovkaPurrles of Feline Wisdom
  ''978-1-931993-09-8Kim Campbell ThorntonSimple Solutions: Obedience (Simple Solutions Series)
2003978-1-931993-10-4David AldertonCichlids: Understanding Angelfish, Oscars, Discus, and Others
  ''978-1-931993-11-1David AldertonFreshwater Aquariums: Basic Aquarium Setup and Maintenance (Fish Keeping Made Easy)
2004978-1-931993-12-8Ginger KathrensCloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns
2003978-1-931993-13-5David AldertonBettas and Gouramis: Understanding Siamese Fighting Fish, Paradisefish, Kissing Gouramis, and Other Anabantoids (Fish Keeping Made Easy)
2004978-1-931993-15-9Lesley WardThe Horse Illustrated Guide to Caring for Your Horse
  ''978-1-931993-16-6Lesley WardThe Horse Illustrated Guide to Buying a Horse
  ''978-1-931993-17-3   ''The Horse Illustrated Guide to Western Riding
  ''978-1-931993-18-0   ''The Horse Illustrated Guide to English Riding
2003978-1-931993-19-7David AldertonLivebearers: Understanding Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails and Others (Fish Keeping Made Easy)
2004978-1-931993-22-7Larry LylesProject Charger: The Step-By-Step Restoration of a Popular Vintage Car
2005978-1-931993-24-1Gregory FrazierRiding The World: The Biker's Road Map For A Seven-Continent Adventure
2004978-1-931993-26-5Arden Moore · Buck JonesDog Parties: How to Party with Your Pup (Pampered Pooch)
2004978-1-931993-27-2Kim Campbell ThorntonThe Big Book of Simple Solutions: Training Your Dog (Simple Solutions Series)
2005978-1-931993-29-6Joyce JillsonJoyce Jillson's Astrology For Cats (Pampered Pooch)
  ''978-1-931993-30-2Joyce JillsonJoyce Jillson's Astrology For Dogs (Pampered Pooch)
2004978-1-931993-32-6Virginia Parker GuidryGuinea Pigs: Complete Care Made Easy-Practical Advice To Caring For your Guinea Pig
  ''978-1-931993-33-3Cindy Hale · Sharon P. FibelkornA Passion for Horses: True Stories of Lives Lived Loving Horses
2005978-1-931993-34-0Kristin Mehus-RoeThe Original Dog Bible: The Definitive New Source To All Things Dog (Original Dog Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Dog)
  ''978-1-931993-35-7Gawani Pony Boy · Mark J. BarrettOf Women And Horses: More Expressions of the Magical Bond (Vol 2)
2003978-1-931993-36-4Leigh RubinWild Life of Cows
  ''978-1-931993-37-1Leigh RubinThe Wild Life of Farm Animals
2005978-1-931993-38-8Petrine Day Mitchum · Audrey PaviaHollywood Hoofbeats: Trails Blazed Across The Silver Screen
2004978-1-931993-39-5Chaz Chapman · Stacy CurtisYou Know Your Dog Owns You If
2005978-1-931993-42-5Arden MooreCome, Sit, Stay (Simple Solutions Series)
2004978-1-931993-43-2   ''Tricks & Games (Simple Solutions Series)
2005978-1-931993-44-9   ''Doggy Day Care (Simple Solutions Series)
2005978-1-931993-45-6Kim Campbell ThorntonTraveling With Dogs: By Car, Plane And Boat (Simple Solutions Series)
2004978-1-931993-46-3Jennifer Quasha · Mary Lynn BlassutaDon't Pet A Pooch... While He's Pooping: Etiquette For Dogs And Their People
  ''978-1-931993-47-0Binky von Barksdale · Robin ZingoneYuppy Puppy: The Art of Pampering Your Pooch
2005978-1-931993-48-7Sue WeaverChickens: Tending A Small-Scale Flock For Pleasure And Profit (Hobby Farm)
  ''978-1-931993-49-4Sue WeaverSheep: Small-Scale Sheep Keeping For Pleasure And Profit (Hobby Farm)
2004978-1-931993-51-7Gawani Pony BoyHorse Follow Closely: Native American Horsemanship
2006978-1-931993-52-4Michael Walmsley · Marlene Smith-BaranziniHorse Racing Coast to Coast: The Traveler's Guide to the Sport of Kings (Coast to Coast series)
2004978-1-931993-53-1Bernice Brewster · Nick FletcherGoldfish (Aquamaster)
  ''978-1-931993-54-8Peter HiscockAquarium Plants (Aquamaster)
2005978-1-931993-56-2Donna AnastasiGerbils: The Complete Guide to Gerbil Care (Complete Care Made Easy)
2004978-1-931993-57-9Staff of Thoroughbred TimesThe Original Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac, 2005 Edition
2005978-1-931993-58-6Arden MooreClicker Training (Simple Solutions Series)
  ''978-1-931993-59-3Carol EkariusHobby Farm: Living Your Rural Dream For Pleasure And Profit
2005978-1-931993-60-9Bill HellerAfter The Finish Line: The Race To End Horse Slaughter In America
  ''978-1-931993-62-3Arden MooreSimple Solutions Obesity: With Weight Loss Tips (Simple Solutions Series)
  ''978-1-931993-64-7Ray HunzikerMarine Aquariums: Basic Aquarium Setup And Maintenance (Fish Keeping Made Easy)
  ''978-1-931993-65-4Thoroughbred TimesThe Original Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac: 2006
2006978-1-931993-66-1Larry LylesRevive Your Ride: Secrets from a Body And Paint Restoration Pro
  ''978-1-931993-67-8Sue WeaverGoats: Small-scale Herding for Pleasure And Profit (Hobby Farms)
2006978-1-931993-68-5Ann Larkin HansenBeef Cattle: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farms)
  ''978-1-931993-70-8Angela DavidsBudgies: A Guide To Caring for Your Parakeet (Complete Care Made Easy)
  ''978-1-931993-71-5Angela DavidsCockatiels: A Guide to Caring for Your Cockatiel (Complete Care Made Easy)
  ''978-1-931993-73-9Kim Campbell ThorntonGrooming (Simple Solutions Series)
  ''978-1-931993-75-3Vicki Hogue-DaviesHorse Trails: The Traveler's Guide to Great Riding Getaways (Coast to Coast)
2006978-1-931993-78-4Kim Campbell ThorntonSocialization (Simple Solutions Series)
2006978-1-931993-79-1Kim Campbell ThorntonLeash Training (Simple Solutions Series)
2007978-1-931993-80-7Cheryl GianfrancescoDoggy Desserts: Homemade Treats for Happy, Healthy Dogs
2006978-1-931993-81-4Derek Lambert · Graham Quick · Philip SwindellsPond Plants (Aquamaster)
  ''978-1-931993-82-1Tim Hayes · Tristan Lougher · Dick MillsMarine Aquariums: Today's Essential Guide to Creating Marine Aquariums (Aquamaster)
2007978-1-931993-83-8Kristin Mehus-RoeDogs for Kids: Everything You Need to Know About Dogs
2008978-1-931993-85-2Bo BengtsonBest in Show: The World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows (Kennel Club Pro)
2007978-1-931993-86-9Andrew De PriscoWoof!: A Gay Man's Guide to Dogs
  ''978-1-931993-87-6Kara L StewartAdvanced Western Riding (Horse Illustrated Guide)
  ''978-1-931993-88-3Sharon BiggsAdvanced English Riding (Horse Illustrated Guide)
2006978-1-931993-89-0Gawani Pony BoyHorse, Follow Closely: Native American Horsemanship
  ''978-1-931993-92-0Nikki MoustakiLovebirds: A Guide to Caring for Your Lovebird (Complete Care Made Easy)
2006978-1-931993-93-7Nikki MoustakiConures: A Guide to Caring for Your Conure (Complete Care Made Easy)
2007978-1-931993-94-4Cindy HaleHorse Sense and Nonsense: A Survival Guide for Horse Lovers
  ''978-1-931993-95-1Micaela MyersThe Horse Illustrated Guide to Trail Riding
  ''978-1-931993-96-8Toni McallisterFitting Tack (Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions)
  ''978-1-931993-97-5Elizabeth MoyerGrooming (Horse Illustrated Simple Solutions)