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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931541-02-2Frederic BastiatEconomic Fallacies
1970978-1-931541-07-7Eugene LyonsThe Red Decade: The Classic Work on Communism in America During the Thirties
2001978-1-931541-08-4Stuart CloeteAfrican Portraits: A Biography of Paul Kruger, Cecil Rhodes and Lobengula
  ''978-1-931541-09-1John GuntherInside Asia
  ''978-1-931541-11-4Louis BromfieldThe Rains Came
  ''978-1-931541-12-1James Justinian MorierThe Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
  ''978-1-931541-17-6Stephen Chen · Robert PayneSun Yat-Sen: A Portrait
2001978-1-931541-18-3Yuri K. SemyonovThe Conquest of Siberia: An Epic of Human Passions
  ''978-1-931541-19-0Sarah Gertrude MillinCecil Rhodes
  ''978-1-931541-22-0Ryokichi OtaniTadataka Ino: The Japanese Land-Surveyor
  ''978-1-931541-24-4George AntoniusThe Arab Awakening: The Story of the Arab National Movement
  ''978-1-931541-28-2Harold Courtenay ArmstrongLord of Arabia: Ibn Saud: An Intimate Study of a King
1936978-1-931541-29-9Sarah Gertrude MillinGeneral Smuts: Volume 1 (v. 1)
2001978-1-931541-33-6James Truslow AdamsThe Epic of America
2001978-1-931541-38-1David Lloyd GeorgeWar Memoirs, Volume II Part 2
  ''978-1-931541-39-8Jan KarskiStory of a Secret State
  ''978-1-931541-47-3James Truslow AdamsJeffersonian Principles
  ''978-1-931541-48-0   ''Hamiltonian Principles
  ''978-1-931541-49-7Claude G. BowersThe Tragic Era: The Revolution After Lincoln
2001978-1-931541-54-1Harold G. NicolsonPeacemaking 1919: Being Reminiscences of the Paris Peace Conference
  ''978-1-931541-58-9Robert J. CaseyTorpedo Junction
  ''978-1-931541-59-6John Clark ArcherFaiths Men Live by
  ''978-1-931541-66-4Homer LeaValor of Ignorance
  ''978-1-931541-68-8Harold Courtenay ArmstrongKemal Ataturk
1929978-1-931541-69-5C. S. ForesterLord Nelson
2001978-1-931541-71-8C. S. ForesterPayment Deferred
2001978-1-931541-72-5C. S. ForesterDeath to the French
  ''978-1-931541-74-9Erich Maria RemarqueRoad Back
  ''978-1-931541-76-3Alexander WerthYear of Stalingrad
  ''978-1-931541-77-0C. S. ForesterVictor Emmanuel II: And the Union of Italy
  ''978-1-931541-78-7Ilya EhrenburgFall of Paris
2001978-1-931541-79-4Jacques BainvilleNapoleon
  ''978-1-931541-81-7Edward Shepherd Creasy · John Gilmer SpeedDecisive Battles of the World
2002978-1-931541-87-9Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin's Autobiographical Writings; Volume I. (v. I)
  ''978-1-931541-88-6Benjamin FranklinBenjamin franklin's Autobiographical Writings; Volume II. (v. II)
  ''978-1-931541-89-3Andrew L. Simon · Scott F. KoromHydraulics, Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-931541-90-9Erich Maria RemarqueThe Black Obelisk
2002978-1-931541-91-6Morris R. Cohen · Ernest NagelAn Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method
  ''978-1-931541-98-5Anthony Simon · Ronald VogelThe COT Planning Guide: Tips, Tactics and Strategies for Successful IC Outsourcing
  ''978-1-931541-99-2Andrew L. SimonIndependent Publishing