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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-931313-01-8Upton SinclairWorld's End I
  ''978-1-931313-02-5Upton SinclairBetween Two Worlds I (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-03-2   ''Dragon's Teeth I (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-04-9   ''Wide Is the Gate 1 (World's End Series 7)
  ''978-1-931313-05-6   ''Presidential Agent I. (World's End)
2001978-1-931313-06-3Upton SinclairDragon Harvest I (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-07-0   ''A World to Win I (World's End)
2001978-1-931313-08-7Upton SinclairPresidential Mission I (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-09-4   ''One Clear Call I. (World's End)
1949978-1-931313-10-0   ''O Shepherd, Speak! I. (World's End) (v. 19)
2001978-1-931313-11-7   ''The Return of Lanny Budd I (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-13-1   ''World's End II
2001978-1-931313-14-8Upton SinclairBetween Two Worlds II (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-15-5   ''Dragon's Teeth II (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-16-2   ''Wide is the Gate II (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-17-9C. S. ForesterThe Ship
  ''978-1-931313-18-6Upton SinclairPresidential Agent II (World's End)
2001978-1-931313-20-9Upton SinclairDragon Harvest II (World's End)
1997978-1-931313-21-6Istvan LazarTransylvania: A Short History
2001978-1-931313-22-3Upton SinclairA World to Win II (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-23-0Margaret LeechReveille in Washington 1860-1865
  ''978-1-931313-24-7Upton SinclairPresidential Mission II (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-25-4C. S. ForesterThe Gun
  ''978-1-931313-26-1Upton SinclairOne Clear Call II (World's End)
1955978-1-931313-27-8C. S. ForesterThe Good Shepherd
2001978-1-931313-28-5Upton SinclairO Shepherd, Speak! II (World's End) (v. 20)
2001978-1-931313-30-8Upton SinclairThe Return of Lanny Budd II (World's End)
  ''978-1-931313-33-9Charles M. AndrewsThe Colonial Period of American History (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-931313-36-0Douglas Southall FreemanR. E. Lee: A Biography, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-931313-37-7Douglas Southall FreemanR. E. Lee, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-931313-38-4   ''R. E. Lee, Vol. 3
2001978-1-931313-39-1Douglas Southall FreemanR. E. Lee: A Biography, Vol. 4
1938978-1-931313-45-2Helen Hill MillerGeorge Mason Constitutionalist
1937978-1-931313-53-7James Henry BreastedA History of Egypt, Part 1: From the Earliest Time to the Persian Conquest (Pt. 1)
1947978-1-931313-57-5John Flournoy MontgomeryHungary: The Unwilling Satellite
  ''978-1-931313-59-9Anne Merriman PeckThe Pageant of Middle American History
1945978-1-931313-64-3Erich Maria RemarqueArch of Triumph
1941978-1-931313-69-8Winston ChurchillBlood, Sweat and Tears
2001978-1-931313-70-4Winston S. ChurchillGreat Contemporaries
1945978-1-931313-74-2Hugh Gibson · Count Galeazzo Ciano · Galeazzo CianoThe Ciano Diaries 1939-1943: The Complete, Unabridged Diaries of Count Galeazzo Ciano, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1936-1943
1998978-1-931313-75-9Karoly Kocsis · Eszter Kocsisne HodosiEthnic Geography of the Hungarian Minorities in the Carpathian Basin
1961978-1-931313-79-7Richard Lettis · William E. Morris · Martin Jr. SteinmannThe Hungarian Revolt: October 23 - November 4, 1956
1930978-1-931313-81-0Siegfried SassoonMemoirs of an Infantry Officer
2001978-1-931313-85-8William B. HesseltineUlysses S. Grant, Politician
  ''978-1-931313-86-5C. A. MacartneyHungary and Her Successors: The Treaty of Trianon and Its Consequences, 1919-1937