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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-930603-00-4Jennifer L. Newens · Sebastian DickhautBasic Cooking: All You Need to Cook Well Quickly
2001978-1-930603-01-1Sebastian Dickhaut · Jennifer Newens · Cornelia SchinharlBasic Baking: All You Need to Bake Well Simply (Basic Series)
2004978-1-930603-02-8Antje GruenerGrilling: Cool Food for Hot Days (Quick & Easy)
2003978-1-930603-08-0Julian Whitaker · Whitaker Wellness Institute Nutrition TeamQuick & Healthy: Recipes for Vibrant Living
2004978-1-930603-09-7Silvana FrancoHome Cooking: Shortcuts to Success
2002978-1-930603-17-2Elisabeth Doepp · Christian Willrich · Joern RebbeHealthy Wok (Quick & Easy)
2004978-1-930603-19-6Susy AtkinsInternational Wine Guide: Shortcuts to Success
  ''978-1-930603-22-6Andreas FurtmayrSushi (Quick & Easy)
2001978-1-930603-26-4Marion Grillparzer · Martina KittlerFatburner: Get Slim Using the Glycemic Index Theory of Food Combining (Powerfood)
2004978-1-930603-28-8Silverback BooksSimply Italian (Simply Series)
  ''978-1-930603-29-5Radu Spaeth1 Pan, 50 Muffins (Quick & Easy)
  ''978-1-930603-31-8Ulrich StrunzForever Young Fitness Drinks (Powerfood)
  ''978-1-930603-33-2Silverback BooksCooksmart Chocolate
2000978-1-930603-35-6Jurgen Heinrich FahrnowFeng Shui and the 5-Element Kitchen (Vitality Cooking Series)
2004978-1-930603-37-0Erika Casparek-TurkkanCooking in Clay: Full Flavor the Subtle Way (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
2001978-1-930603-38-7Cafe Series Wire Display
2004978-1-930603-39-4Tania DusyCoffee and Espresso (Quick & Easy)
2004978-1-930603-40-0Marlisa Szwillus DrFondue (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
  ''978-1-930603-43-1Silverback BooksPasta (Cooksmart)
  ''978-1-930603-46-2Marie-Caroline MalbecMexican Bar (Cafe)
2003978-1-930603-47-9Doris MuliarCocktails for Drivers: 100-Proof Pleasure (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
2004978-1-930603-48-6Silverback BooksCooksmart Low Fat
  ''978-1-930603-49-3Magnet Chocolate (Magnet Cookbook)
  ''978-1-930603-50-9Xenia BurgtorfSandwiches (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
2003978-1-930603-52-3Trish Deseine · Marie-Pierre MorelCooking With Friends
2004978-1-930603-53-0SilverbackCooksmart Chicken
2003978-1-930603-57-8Angelika IlliesIrresistible Fondues (Quick & Easy)
2004978-1-930603-58-5Lynda Zuber SassiPocketchef Vegetarian (Cooksmart)
2004978-1-930603-59-2Magnet Chicken (Magnet Cookbook)
  ''978-1-930603-60-8Cornelia AdamQuiches and Savory Tarts
  ''978-1-930603-61-5Jonathan Silverman DrSimply Appetizers (The Simply Series)
  ''978-1-930603-63-9Lynda Zuber SassiPocketchef Wok (Cooksmart)
2003978-1-930603-65-3Cornelia Schinharl · Sebastian Dickhaut · Kelsey LaneBasic Asian: Everything You Need for Yin and Yang in the Kitchen
  ''978-1-930603-70-7Claudia SchmidtRaclette (Quick & Easy)
2002978-1-930603-76-9S. Engels · V. Goldstuck · M. Gorlach · R. SimoniBasic Gardening: Everything You Need to Make Your Garden Grow
2004978-1-930603-77-6Cornelia AdamCooking for Two (Quick & Easy)
2005978-1-930603-78-3Richard Paul HinkleGood Wine: The New Basics
2003978-1-930603-82-0Sophie BrissaudTapas Bar: Casual Spanish Cooking at Home (Cafe)
2004978-1-930603-83-7Trish DeseineCelebrating with Friends
2003978-1-930603-87-5Elisa VergneChinese Pavilion: Casual Chinese Cooking at Home
2005978-1-930603-88-2Silverback BooksThe Nestle Cookbook
2004978-1-930603-89-9NMagnet Cheese (Magnet Cookbook)
2004978-1-930603-91-2Sebastian Dickhaut · Cornelia SchinharlParty Basics (Basic Series)
2003978-1-930603-92-9Kristy WalkerZone Perfect Cookbook
2002978-1-930603-96-7Sebastian Dickhaut · Cornelia Schinharl · Kelsey LaneBasic Italian: Everything You Need to Live the Dolce Vita at Home (Basic Series)
2004978-1-930603-97-4Randolph W MannCreme Brulee: The Bonjour Way (Cafe)
  ''978-1-930603-98-1Rose Marie DonhauserLemons And Oranges
  ''978-1-930603-99-8Magnet Finger Food (Magnet Cookbook)