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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59637-001-2Susan M LarkEat Papayas Naked: The pH-Balanced Diet for Super Health & Glowing Beauty
  ''978-1-59637-006-7Silverback BooksCooksmart Cocktails
  ''978-1-59637-010-4Debbie SiebersNutritional Makeover: Well-Being and Beauty Through Delicious, Revitalizing Recipes
  ''978-1-59637-011-1   ''Energy Boost (Energy Boost and Nutritional Makeover)
  ''978-1-59637-014-2Andrea Kösslinger · Sibylle ReiterMushrooms: Favorite Recipes
2005978-1-59637-015-9Gisela AllkemperPotatoes (Favorite Recipes)
  ''978-1-59637-016-6Gisela AllkemperTomatoes Favorite Recipes
  ''978-1-59637-017-3Jill DupleixGood Cooking: The New Basics
  ''978-1-59637-021-0Silverback BooksBeyond Panini
  ''978-1-59637-035-7Sarah ArakChocolate Satisfaction: For Desperate Housewives
2005978-1-59637-037-1Marc JosephThe Secrets of Retailing,: Or: How to Beat Wal-Mart!
  ''978-1-59637-040-1Dagmar V CrammCooking for Children: What Children Like to Eat (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
  ''978-1-59637-041-8Birgit RademackerPreserves and Canning: Enjoy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Anytime (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
  ''978-1-59637-042-5Carolyn Miller · Sharon SmithSavoring San Francisco: Recipes from the city's neighborhood restaurants
  ''978-1-59637-045-6Betty CrockerBreakfast and Brunch (Betty Crocker Big Red Pocketchef)
2005978-1-59637-046-3Betty CrockerSoups and Salads (Betty Crocker Big Red Pocketchef)
  ''978-1-59637-049-4   ''Desserts (Betty Crocker Big Red Pocketchef)
2006978-1-59637-055-5Rocco DispiritoRocco's Favorite Menues
  ''978-1-59637-060-9Ellen A HarichBread Machine (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
  ''978-1-59637-076-0Silverback BooksCooksmart Tapas
  ''978-1-59637-081-4   ''Cooksmart Italian
2006978-1-59637-089-0Rocco DispiritoRocco Dispirito's Last Minute Entertaining: 1 (Pocketchef)
  ''978-1-59637-090-6   ''Rocco Dispirito's Last Minute Entertaining: 2 (Pocketchef)
  ''978-1-59637-104-0Christina KempeCooking for One (Quick & Easy (Silverback))
2007978-1-59637-230-6Jayne E ChangRice Cooker Creations: 40 Simple Recipes by Zojirushi
  ''978-1-59637-233-7Hari Nayak · Vikas KhannaModern Indian Cooking
  ''978-1-59637-239-9Hari Nayak · Vikas KhannaModern Indian Cooking