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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-1-912085-01-9Julie Ann DayFascial Manipulation (R) - Stecco (R) method The practitioner's perspective
  ''978-1-912085-05-7Diane LeeThe Thorax: An integrated approach
  ''978-1-912085-11-8Niall GallowaySeeking Symmetry: Finding patterns in human health
2019978-1-912085-32-3Adam CunliffeNutrition for Physical and Manual Therapists
  ''978-1-912085-34-7Judith AstonAston (R) Postural Assessment: A new paradigm for observing and evaluating body patterns
  ''978-1-912085-38-5Joanne ElphinstonThe Power and the Grace: A Professional's Guide to Ease and Efficiency in Functional Movement
2019978-1-912085-44-6Trina AltmanYoga Deconstructed: Transitioning from Rehabilitation Back into the Yoga Studio
2020978-1-912085-46-0Jan Trewartha · Sharon WheelerScars, Adhesions and the Biotensegral Body
  ''978-1-912085-48-4Eyal LedermanFunctional Exercise Prescription in Movement, Rehabilitation and Sport
  ''978-1-912085-50-7David Walton · James ElliottMusculoskeletal Pain - Assessment, Prediction and Treatment
  ''978-1-912085-52-1Marybetts SinclairHydrotherapy for Bodyworkers: Improving Outcomes With Water Therapies
  ''978-1-912085-54-5Gayle MacDonald · Caroline TagueHands in Health Care: Massage Therapy for Adult Hospital Patients
2020978-1-912085-56-9Todd CapistrantThe Fascial Distortion Model
2019978-1-912085-59-0Adalbert KapandjiThe Physiology of the Joints - Volume 1: The Upper Limb
  ''978-1-912085-60-6   ''The The Physiology of the Joints - Volume 2: The Lower Limb
  ''978-1-912085-61-3   ''The Physiology of the Joints - Volume 3: The Spinal Column, Pelvic Girdle and Head
  ''978-1-912085-65-1Earle Abrahamson · Jane LangstonMuscle Testing: A Concise Manual
2020978-1-912085-73-6Carole OsbornePre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Practice
  ''978-1-912085-81-1Jan Dommerholt · Robert Gerwin · Kris DemanetClinical Handbook of Myofascial Pain
2020978-1-912085-83-5Ellen G HorovitzHead and Heart: Yoga Therapy and Art Therapy Interventions for Mental Health