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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2020978-1-909141-00-1Sherry BrourmanUsing Yoga Therapeutically: A Journey Through the Basic Systems of the Body (Movement Therapy)
2015978-1-909141-01-8J. AvisonYoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement
2017978-1-909141-02-5Thomas MyersFascia
2013978-1-909141-03-2Charles Krebs · Tania O'Neill McGowanEnergetic Kinesiology: Principles and Practice
2015978-1-909141-07-0Robert Schleip Ph. D. · Amanda BakerFascia in Sport and Movement
2014978-1-909141-08-7C. Frederick · A. FrederickFascial Stretch Therapy
  ''978-1-909141-09-4Nicette Sergueef · Kenneth NelsonOsteopathy for the Over 50s: Maintaining Function and Treating Dysfunction
  ''978-1-909141-10-0Leon ChaitowFascial Dysfunction: Manual Therapy Approaches
2015978-1-909141-11-7Jean Claude Guimberteau · Colin ArmstrongArchitecture of Human Living Fascia: The Extracellular Matrix and Cells Revealed Through Endoscopy
2014978-1-909141-12-4Celeste Corey-Zopich · Brett Howard · Dawn-Marie IckesPilates for Children and Adolescents: Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum
2016978-1-909141-13-1Ginger GarnerMedical Therapeutic Yoga
  ''978-1-909141-14-8Claire Marie MillerIntegrative Reflexology: Bring the Feet to Life
2015978-1-909141-15-5Madeline BlackCentered: Organizing the Body Through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Technique
2016978-1-909141-17-9Til LuchauAdvanced Myofascial Techniques: Volume 2: Neck, Head, Spine and Ribs
  ''978-1-909141-20-9Sat Bir Khalsa · Lorenzo Cohen · Timothy McCall · Shirley TellesPrinciples and Practice of Yoga in Health Care
2014978-1-909141-21-6Graham Melvin ScarrBiotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life
2015978-1-909141-23-0Rachel Fairweather · Meghan MariMassage Fusion
2017978-1-909141-24-7Torsten Liem · Patrick van den HeedeFoundations of Morphodynamics in Osteopathy: An Integrative Approach to Cranium, Nervous System, and Emotions
2015978-1-909141-25-4John StirkThe Original Body: Primal Movement for Yoga Teachers
2016978-1-909141-26-1Diana L. Thompson · Marissa BrooksIntegrative Pain Management
2017978-1-909141-27-8Torsten Liem · Paolo Tozzi · Anthony ChilaFascia in the Osteopathic Field
2019978-1-909141-30-8Anthony Nevin · Christopher Colles · Paolo TozziAnimal Osteopathy (Movement Therapy)
2016978-1-909141-31-5Giles Gyer · Jimmy Michael · Ben CalvertSpine and Joint Articulation for Manual Therapists
2019978-1-909141-32-2Andrzej PilatMyofascial Induction: An anatomical approach to fascial dysfunction (Movement Therapy)
2018978-1-909141-37-7David ZulakClinical Assessment For Massage Therapy: A practical guide
2017978-1-909141-51-3Philip AustinChronic Pain: A resource for effective manual therapy
2020978-1-909141-53-7Andrea Juhan · Joanne WinstanleyMoved to Teach
2017978-1-909141-55-1David LesondakFascia: What it is and Why it Matters (Anatomy)
2017978-1-909141-58-2Sheila Shea · Michael SheaMetabolic Syndrome
2019978-1-909141-61-2Jules MitchellYoga Biomechanics: Stretching redefined
2018978-1-909141-72-8Suzanne Clements MartinSpinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis: Movement and function solutions for the spine, ribcage and pelvis (Manual Therapy)
2020978-1-909141-76-6Steffan ElgelidSmartCore Training: The next evolution in core training
2019978-1-909141-78-0Diana KincaidLymphatic Integrative Therapy: Integrating treatment of the lymph, fascia and nervous system
2018978-1-909141-80-3Cesar Fernandez-de-las-PenasTemporomandibular Disorders: Manual therapy, exercise, and needling
2020978-1-909141-82-7Eric FranklinMovement, Imagery and Touch for Fascia (Movement Therapy)
2018978-1-909141-84-1Graham ScarrBiotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life
2019978-1-909141-86-5Bill HarveyBreathing: The Bridge to Embodiment
2018978-1-909141-88-9Kelly BowersThe Accidental Business Owner - a friendly guide to success for health and wellness practitioners
  ''978-1-909141-90-2Doreen KillensMobilizing the Myofascial System: A clinical guide to assessment and treatment of myofascial dysfunctions (Manual Therapy)
  ''978-1-909141-92-6Josephine KeyFreedom to Move: Movement Therapy for Spinal Pain and Injuries
  ''978-1-909141-94-0Leon ChaitowFascial Dysfunction: Manual Therapy Approaches
2020978-1-909141-96-4Susan LowellEverything Moves: How biotensegrity informs human movement
2019978-1-909141-98-8Bethany Michelle WardReconnect: Bodywork to integrate body, mind and behavior