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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-911498-00-1Ian Mills · Mark Ridley · Ben Laker · Tim ChapmanThe Salesperson's Secret Code
  ''978-1-911498-11-7Simon TylerKeep It Simple Book (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-911498-23-0Anders IndsetWild Knowledge: Outthink the Revolution
  ''978-1-911498-24-7Andrew WallasBusiness Alchemy
  ''978-1-911498-25-4Giles LuryHow Coca-Cola Took Over the World: And 100 More Amazing Stories About the World's Greatest Brands
2017978-1-911498-30-8Guo HongwenDong Mingzhu and Gree (China's Leading Entrepreneurs and Enterprises)
  ''978-1-911498-31-5Mark EdwardsSmart Selling Book Brains Brawn (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-911498-36-0Erik ElgersmaThe Strategist's Analysis Cycle: Handbook
  ''978-1-911498-37-7   ''The Strategist's Analysis Cycle Toolbook: How Advance Data Collection and Analysis Underpins Winning Strategies
  ''978-1-911498-39-1David MeikleHow to Buy a Gorilla:Getting the right muscle behind your advertising efforts
2018978-1-911498-46-9Anthony TasgalThe Inspiratorium
2017978-1-911498-48-3Graham HoggSeeing Around Corners: How to Unlock the Potential of Big Data
2018978-1-911498-53-7Erik Korsvik OstergaardThe Responsive Leader: How to be a fantastic leader in a constantly changing world
2018978-1-911498-56-8Nicholas Read · Lee BartlettSelling to the Modern Buyer (Sales Mastery)
  ''978-1-911498-64-3Neil UsherThe Elemental Workplace: How to create a fantastic workplace for everyone
2017978-1-911498-66-7Kevin DuncanThe Diagrams Book - 5th Anniversary Edition: 50 Ways to Solve Any Problem Visually (Concise Advice)
2018978-1-911498-70-4Lid250 Insights: To develop your professional and personal life
  ''978-1-911498-71-1Weiwei HuangCustomer Centricity: The Huawei philosophy of business management
2017978-1-911498-76-6Ian Mills · Mark Ridley · Ben Laker · Tim ChapmanThe Salesperson's Secret Code: The belief systems that distinguish winners
2018978-1-911498-79-7Constantinos PantidosLiving Brands
  ''978-1-911498-82-7Masahiro ShimaWholegarment: The philosophy and technology of a fashion revolution
  ''978-1-911498-83-4Ben RenshawPurpose: The extraordinary benefits of focusing on what matters most
2020978-1-911498-84-1Michael Chavez · Sudhanshu PalsuleRehumanizing Leadership: Putting purpose and meaning back into business
2018978-1-911498-85-8Kevin DuncanThe Smart Strategy Book: 50 ways to solve tricky business issues (Concise Advice)
2018978-1-911498-89-6Scott KeyserWinner Takes All: Seven-and-a-half principles for winning bids, tenders and proposals
  ''978-1-911498-90-2Dirk Devos · Manon De Wit · Robert LubberdingLeading From Behind
  ''978-1-911498-94-0Vadim MakhovHumanitys Lucky Clover
2019978-1-911498-99-5Antonio Nieto-RodriguezThe Project Revolution: How to succeed in a project driven world