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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-910649-02-2Bernardo QuinnDefying Doom: Leading Urgent Large-Scale Transformations
  ''978-1-910649-05-3Angel PesFour-Leaf Clovers: How to Sow and Grow Value in Our Organizations
  ''978-1-910649-07-7Mona Riabacke · Ari RiabackeFreestyle Decision Making
  ''978-1-910649-08-4Anthony TasgalThe Storytelling Book (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-14-5Jon GeldartNotes from Beijing Coffeeshop
2015978-1-910649-21-3Kevin DuncanThe Smart Thinking Book: 60 Bursts of Business Brilliance (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-24-4Magnus LindkvistThe Future Book: 40 Ways to Future-Proof Your Work and Life (Concise Advice)
2017978-1-910649-31-2Rick Hughes · Andrew Kinder · Cary CooperThe Crisis Book 2017 (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-32-9Jon GeldartInside the Middle Kingdom: Insights into Modern China a Collection of 50 Personal Stories
2016978-1-910649-41-1Pedro AlgortaInto the Mountains
  ''978-1-910649-51-0Weiwei HuangDedication: The Foundations of Huawei's HR Management
  ''978-1-910649-53-4Myles DowneyEnabling Genius
2016978-1-910649-54-1Oke EleazuThe Cult of Customer Excellence: How to Build a Truly Customer-Centric Culture
  ''978-1-910649-55-8Kenneth Mikkelsen · Richard MartinThe Neo-Generalist: Where You Go is Who You Are
  ''978-1-910649-56-5Magnus LindkvistMinifesto: Why Small Ideas Matter in the World of Grand Narratives
  ''978-1-910649-57-2Dawn SillettThe Feedback Book: 50 Ways to Motivate and Improve the Performance of Your People (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-63-3Martyn NewmanThe Mindfulness Book: Practical ways to lead a more mindful life (Concise Advice)
2016978-1-910649-65-7Herbert HenzlerPushing the Boundaries: Recollections of a Mckinsey Consultant
  ''978-1-910649-66-4Steven D'Souza · Diana RennerNot Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity
  ''978-1-910649-67-1Kelly OdellThe Human Way: The Ten Commandments for (Im) Perfect Leaders
  ''978-1-910649-68-8Tim JohnsonThe Success Book: How to Grow Yourself and Your Business (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-69-5Stefan HyttforsYoga for Leaders: How to manage self-disruption in a world of self-destruction
2016978-1-910649-70-1Pedro NuenoThe 2020 Board: The Future of Company Boards
  ''978-1-910649-71-8Zhigang LiJd Story
  ''978-1-910649-73-2Phil DobsonThe Brain Book: How to Think and Work Smarter (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-74-9Helen ChapmanThe Meeting Book: Meetings That Achieve and Deliver-Every Time (Concise Advice Lab)
  ''978-1-910649-75-6Keiron SparrowhawkExecutive Function: Cognitive Fitness for Business
2016978-1-910649-76-3Xavier Bekaert · Gillis Jonk · Phebo WibbensIconic: How to Create a Virtuous Circle of Success
  ''978-1-910649-77-0David GuillebaudDisruption Denial: How Companies are Ignoring What is Staring Them in the Face 2016
  ''978-1-910649-85-5Kevin DuncanThe Business Bullshit Book: A Dictionary for Navigating the Jungle of Corporate Speak 2016 (Concise Advice)
2018978-1-910649-88-6Simon TylerThe Attitude Book: 50 Ways to Make Positive Change in Your Work and Life (Concise Advice)
2017978-1-910649-97-8Fabian Sommerrock · Martin C. Wittig · Philip Beil · Markus AlbersRethinking Luxury: How to Market Exclusive Products and Services in an Ever-Changing Environment 2017
  ''978-1-910649-98-5Sanyin SiangLaunch Book :Motivational stories to launch your idea, business or next career (Concise Advice)
  ''978-1-910649-99-2David StiernholmSuper Structured: How to Overcome Chaos and Win Back Time