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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-910809-00-6Jean-Christophe CarbonelFrench Secret Projects: Post War Fighters
  ''978-1-910809-01-3Robert S. HopkinsThe Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker: More Than a Tanker
  ''978-1-910809-02-0Daniel SharpBritish Secret Projects: Britain's Space Shuttle
  ''978-1-910809-03-7Ken EllisWrecks & Relics
2017978-1-910809-05-1Tony ButtlerBritish Secret Projects: Jet Fighter Since 1950
  ''978-1-910809-06-8Jean-Christophe CarbonelFrench Secret Projects 2: Bombers, Patrol and Assault Aircraft
2017978-1-910809-07-5Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovMikoyan MiG-19: Famous Russian Aircraft
  ''978-1-910809-08-2Robert S. Hopkins III · Mike HabermehlBoeing B-47 Stratojet: Startegic Air Command's Transitional Bomber
2018978-1-910809-10-5Tony ButtlerBritish Secret Projects 2: Jet Bombers since 1949
  ''978-1-910809-15-0Ken EllisWrecks & Relics 26th Edition
  ''978-1-910809-18-1Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovSukhoi Su-27 & 30/33/34/35: Famous Russian Aircraft
2019978-1-910809-22-8Yefim GordonFRA Mikoyan MiG-29 & MiG-35
  ''978-1-910809-25-9Allan WrightMilitary Aircraft Markings 2019
2019978-1-910809-27-3Tim McLellandThe Avro Vulcan
  ''978-1-910809-31-0Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovMikoyan MiG-23 & MiG-27: Famous Russian Aircraft
  ''978-1-910809-33-4George Cox · Craig KastonAmerican Secret Projects 3: U.S. Airlifters since 1962
  ''978-1-910809-35-8Marco ComelliRegia Aeronautica's Advanced Aircraft, 1934-1943: Italian Secret Projects
  ''978-1-910809-36-5Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet and Russian Ekranoplans: New Expanded Edition