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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-947554-02-6Lt. Gen. Sir George MacMunnThe Armies of India
1985978-0-947554-04-0Leon DegrelleCampaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front
1986978-0-947554-05-7R.J. MacdonaldHistory of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery
1992978-0-947554-21-7Gebhard AdersHistory of the German Night Fighter Force, 1917-45
  ''978-0-947554-22-4Doug StokesPaddy Finucane, Fighter Ace: A Biography of Wing Commander Brendan E.Finucane, D.S.O., D.F.C. and Two Bars
  ''978-0-947554-24-8John D.R. RawlingsFighter Squadrons of the R.A.F. and Their Aircraft
  ''978-0-947554-26-2Leslie K. HuntTwenty-one Squadrons: History of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 1925-57
1993978-0-947554-29-3Frank H. ZieglerThe Story of 609 Squadron: Under the White Rose
  ''978-0-947554-31-6John De L. WooldridgeLow Attack: Story of Two Mosquito Squadrons, 1940-43
1994978-0-947554-33-0Robin BrownShark Squadron: The History of 112 Squadron, 1917-1975
1994978-0-947554-38-5Norman FranksSky Tiger: Story of "Sailor" Malan
  ''978-0-947554-40-8G.G. ConnellFighting Destroyer: Story of H.M.S. "Petard"
1995978-0-947554-41-5C.Martin Sharp · Michael J.F. BowyerMosquito
1994978-0-947554-42-2Wilhelm JohnenDuel Under the Stars: German Night Fighter Pilot in the Second World War
  ''978-0-947554-43-9Ian TrenowdenOperations Most Secret .. SOE: The Malayan Theatre
  ''978-0-947554-46-0Tony SpoonerWarburton's War: The Life of Wing Commander Adrian Warburton, DSO, DFC
  ''978-0-947554-51-4Ken WakefieldOperation Bolero: Americans in Bristol and the West Country, 1942-45
1995978-0-947554-59-0Chris GossIt's Suicide But it's Fun: History of 102 Bomber Sqd, RAF
1995978-0-947554-61-3Stuart EadonKamikaze: The Story of the British Pacific Fleet
1997978-0-947554-62-0Chris GossBloody Biscay: The History of V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40
  ''978-0-947554-64-4John R.P. LansdownWith the Carriers in Korea: Fleet Air Arm Story, 1950-53
1998978-0-947554-72-9Jeffrey QuillSpitfire: A Test Pilot's Story
2000978-0-947554-73-6Peter C. SmithStraight Down!: The A-36 Dive Bomber in Action
1997978-0-947554-74-3Jack CurrieEchoes in the Air: v.1: Vol 1
1998978-0-947554-75-0Hugh VerityWe Landed by Moonlight: Secret RAF Landings in France, 1940-1944
  ''978-0-947554-76-7Stuart HoweDe Havilland Mosquito: An Illustrated History: 1 (Illustrated History (Crecy))
  ''978-0-947554-77-4Peter C. SmithPedestal: Malta Convoy of August 1942
1999978-0-947554-78-1Milton O. Thompson · Curtis PeeblesFlying without Wings
2000978-0-947554-79-8Michael J.F. BowyerAction Stations Revisited: No1 Eastern England
  ''978-0-947554-81-1Chris GossThe Luftwaffe Fighters' Battle of Britain: The Inside Story - July-October 1940
2000978-0-947554-82-8Chris GossThe Luftwaffe Bombers' Battle of Britain: The Inside Story - July-October 1940
1998978-0-947554-83-5Alex HenshawSigh for a Merlin: Testing the Spitfire
2000978-0-947554-84-2L.Anthony LeicesterFlights into the Night: Reminiscences of a World War Two, RAF Wellington Pilot
2001978-0-947554-85-9Peter C. SmithTask Force 57: The British Pacific Fleet, 1944-45
  ''978-0-947554-86-6Francis K. MasonThe Hawker Hurricane
  ''978-0-947554-87-3Chris GossBloody Biscay: The Story of the Luftwaffe's Only Long Range Maritime Fighter Unit, V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwaber 40 and Its Adversaries, 1942-1944
2002978-0-947554-89-7Chaz BowyerAlbert Ball, V.C.
  ''978-0-947554-90-3William A. BishopWinged Warfare (Crécy soft cover)
  ''978-0-947554-91-0Michael J.F. BowyerThe Stirling Story
2003978-0-947554-94-1   ''Action Stations Revisited: Central England and London v.2: Central England and London Vol 2
2003978-0-947554-95-8Albert Smith · Ian SmithMosquito Pathfinder: A Navigator's 90 WWII Bomber Operations: Navigating Ninety World War II Operations
1990978-0-947554-96-5Francis K. MasonThe Hawker Hurricane
2003978-0-947554-97-2Chris Goss · Peter Cornwell · Bernd RauchbachThe Luftwaffe Fighter Bombers: The Tip and Run Campaign Over Britain 1942-1943
2002978-0-947554-98-9Guy GibsonEnemy Coast Ahead: The Real Guy Gibson
2006978-0-947554-99-6Graham WarnerTo Fly a Blenheim: The Epic Quest to Return a Bristol Blenheim to the Skies