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2012978-1-908809-00-1Perry WoodDressage the Light Way
  ''978-1-908809-01-8Kerry Thomas · Calvin L. CarterHorse Profiling: The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes Using Emotional Conformation, Behavioural Genetics and Herd Dynamics to Choose Training ... Performance and Hone Competitive Strategy
  ''978-1-908809-02-5John HendersonTowing Horse Trailers (Allen Photographic Guides)
  ''978-1-908809-03-2Gerd HeuschmannBalancing Act: The Horse in Sport - an Irreconcilable Conflict?
2013978-1-908809-04-9Carol MailerFoolproof Jumping Exercises
2012978-1-908809-05-6Andrea Eschbach · Markus EschbachHow to Speak Horse
  ''978-1-908809-06-3Klaus Ferdinand HempflingDancing with Horses: Collected Riding on a Loose Rein, Trusting Harmony from the Very Beginning
2012978-1-908809-07-0Christian SchachtSport Horse Conformation
2013978-1-908809-08-7Ulrike ThielRidden
  ''978-1-908809-09-4Lindsay Wilcox-ReidCore Connection for Riders
  ''978-1-908809-10-0Sallie WalrondDriving a Harness Horse: A Step by Step Guide
2014978-1-908809-11-7Gail WilliamsHorse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation
2013978-1-908809-12-4Klaus Ferdinand HempflingWhat Horses Reveal: From First Meeting to Friends for Life
2014978-1-908809-13-1Claire LilleyStop Go Turn
  ''978-1-908809-14-8Karen BlignaultFour Steps to Riding Success
  ''978-1-908809-15-5Deborah Frowen · Madeleine RidgeBHS First Pony Manual
2013978-1-908809-16-2Karen BlignaultStretch Exercises for Your Horse
2013978-1-908809-17-9Jenny RolfeRide from the Heart
2014978-1-908809-18-6Keith WarthDesign Handbook for Stables
  ''978-1-908809-19-3Ingrid Klimke · Reiner KlimkeCavalletti
2013978-1-908809-20-9Daniel StewartPressure Proof Your Riding: Mental Training Techniques to Gain Confidence and Get Motivated So You (and Your Horse) Achieve Peak Performance
2014978-1-908809-21-6Vanessa Bee3-Minute Horsemanship
  ''978-1-908809-22-3Jochen SchleeseSuffering in Silence: The Painful Truth of Saddles and Saddle-fitting
  ''978-1-908809-23-0Stef Eardley · Stephanie BatemanRiding: A Beginner's Guide
2013978-1-908809-24-7Sallie WalrondBreaking a Horse to Harness: A Step-by-Step Guide
2015978-1-908809-25-4Ingrid Klimke · Reiner KlimkeThe Basic Training of the Young Horse
  ''978-1-908809-26-1Claire LilleyLungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling
2015978-1-908809-27-8Katie Jerram · Carolyn HendersonKatie Jerram's Modern Horse Management
2014978-1-908809-28-5Beth GlostenThe Riding Doctor
  ''978-1-908809-29-2Jim MastersonDressage Movements Revealed: Biomechanical Concepts and Bodywork - Using the Masterson Method [DVD]
2016978-1-908809-30-8Omar RabiaThe Cobs Can! Workbook: Progressive Training Exercises for Rideability, Suppleness and Collection
2015978-1-908809-31-5Allen M. Schoen · Susan GordonThe Compassionate Equestrian: 25 Principles to Live by When Caring for and Working with Horses
2014978-1-908809-32-2Eckart MeynersRider + Horse = 1
2015978-1-908809-33-9Sue Gould-WrightEquestrian Pilates: Schooling for the Rider
  ''978-1-908809-34-6Lauren DibbleThe Complete Guide to Polo
  ''978-1-908809-35-3Jim MastersonThe Dressage Horse Optimized with the Masterson Method
  ''978-1-908809-36-0Sigrid SchopeTraining and Riding with Cones and Poles: Over 35 Engaging Exercises to Improve Your Horse's Focus and Response to the AIDS, While Sharpening Your Timing and Accuracy
2015978-1-908809-37-7Juliet BlaxlandNimrod: A Cavalry Black: From Foal to Retirement
  ''978-1-908809-38-4Fred Mandilk · Marv GangloffTraining Dogs for Protection Work
  ''978-1-908809-39-1Jim MastersonBeyond Horse Massage Wall Chart
  ''978-1-908809-40-7Rosie Jones McVeyGlobetrotting: A Travelogue Exploring Horsemanship in Far-Flung Places
  ''978-1-908809-41-4Klaus Ferdinand HempflingMessage from the Horse
2016978-1-908809-42-1Mark RashidA Journey to Softness: In Search of Feel and Connection with the Horse
2016978-1-908809-43-8Sue PalmerUnderstanding Horse Performance: Brain, Pain or Training?
  ''978-1-908809-52-0Andy PeffersUnderstanding the Horse's Teeth and Mouth
  ''978-1-908809-54-4Jane CoatesworthUnderstanding the Horse's Skin and Coat
2017978-1-908809-56-8Lucy ReesHorses in Company
  ''978-1-908809-58-2Chris DyerPlants, Potions and Oils for Horses
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2017978-1-908809-62-9Juliet BlaxlandThe House Pony: An ABC of Horsemanship
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2019978-1-908809-82-7Sue DevereuxThe Veterinary Care of the Horse: 3rd Edition