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2012978-0-85131-937-7Julie MacKenzieHorse Law
2005978-0-85131-938-4Klaus Ferdinand HempflingDancing with Horses [DVD]
2007978-0-85131-939-1Carolyn HendersonAll About Grooming (Allen Photographic Guides 48)
2008978-0-85131-940-7Carolyn HendersonTraining Aids (Allen Photographic Guides)
2006978-0-85131-941-4Jennifer BellMy Riding School Pony Logbook: All About My Favourite Pony
2007978-0-85131-942-1Sarah VenamoreThe Right Track
2008978-0-85131-943-8Claire LilleyDressage to Music: Build a Freestyle from Choreography to Competition
2007978-0-85131-944-5Dirk Willem RosieSelecting the Dressage Horse
2009978-0-85131-945-2Carolyn HendersonBring Out the Best in Your Horse: Quick Tips and Long-term Strategies for Improving Looks, Manners and Performance
2008978-0-85131-946-9Clive RichardsonBritish Horse and Pony Breeds - and Their Future
2007978-0-85131-947-6Mandy Langton · Anne PilgrimThe Pony Puzzle Book: Bk.3
  ''978-0-85131-948-3Lucinda DyerBack to Work
2008978-0-85131-949-0Carol MailerBetter Jumping: Using Gridwork for Success at Every Level
2007978-0-85131-950-6Gerd HeuschmannTug of War: Classical Versus "Modern" Dressage: Classical Versus "Modern" Dressage
  ''978-0-85131-951-3Wilhelm MuselerRiding Logic
2008978-0-85131-952-0Erik F. HerbermannDressage Formula
2009978-0-85131-953-7Karin BlignaultEquine Biomechanics for Riders: The Key to Balanced Riding
2007978-0-85131-954-4Britta SchoffmannKlaus Balkenhol: The Man and His Training Methods
2009978-0-85131-955-1Wynne DaviesSixty Years of Royal Welsh Champions: A Celebration of Welsh Pony and Cob Champions, 1947-2007
2011978-0-85131-956-8Hilary ShalveyThe Stressed Horse
2009978-0-85131-957-5Susan McBaneHorse-friendly Riding: Schooling That Puts the Horse First
2011978-0-85131-958-2Keith AllisonA Guide to Plants Poisonous to Horses
2008978-0-85131-959-9Linda BenedikLungeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat
2009978-0-85131-960-5Nic Barker · Sarah BraithwaiteFeet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation
  ''978-0-85131-962-9Debby LushThe Successful Dressage Competitor: Everything You Need to Know About Competing in Dressage
2008978-0-85131-963-6Tineke Bartels · Joep BartelsRide Horses with Awareness and Feel: The New Dressage Training System from the Dutch Olympians at Academy Bartels
2010978-0-85131-964-3Ross AlgarTeaching Riding as a Career: From AI to Indispensable Coach
2009978-0-85131-965-0Paul BelasikA Search for Collection: Science and Art in Riding
2008978-0-85131-966-7Sandy CollierReining Essentials: How to Excel in Western's Hottest Sport
2009978-0-85131-967-4Britta SchoffmannDressage School: A Sourcebook of Movements and Tips Demonstrated by Olympian Isabell Werth
  ''978-0-85131-968-1Imke SpilkerEmpowered Horses: Learning Their Way Through Independence, Self-confidence and Creative Play
2009978-0-85131-969-8Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister · Kip MistralHorse Training In-hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground Work on the Longe, Long Lines, Long and Short Reins
2010978-0-85131-970-4Claire LilleyScales of Training for Dressage/Jumping
  ''978-0-85131-971-1Melissa TroupAn Instructors Guide to Teaching Children to Ride
  ''978-0-85131-972-8Julie BregaEquine Business Management (Essential Equine Studies)
  ''978-0-85131-973-5Christopher Colles · Ron WareThe Principles of Farriery
  ''978-0-85131-974-2Lindsay Wilcox-ReidPilates for Riders: Align Your Spine and Control Your Core for a Perfect Position
2010978-0-85131-975-9Jutta WiemersFrom Leading to Liberty: 100 Training Games Your Horse Will Want to Play
2011978-0-85131-976-6Omar RabiaCobs Can!
2010978-0-85131-977-3Britta SchoffmannDressage Training - Customized
  ''978-0-85131-978-0Jennifer BellSmoky Joe's Book of Drawing Ponies: Top Tips, Techniques and Pony Stuff - Straight from the Horse's Mouth
2011978-0-85131-979-7Julie BregaEssential Study Guide to BHS Stage 1 with Self-Assessment and Exam Tips (Success in Stages Series)
  ''978-0-85131-980-3   ''BHS Stage 2 Study Guide (Success in Stages Series)
  ''978-0-85131-981-0Jennifer BellAllen Book of Painting & Drawing Horses
  ''978-0-85131-982-7Gillian NewsumHorse of the Year Show: Under the Spotlight
2014978-0-85131-983-4Andrew Gardiner · Maggie RaynorThe Dog Anatomy Workbook: A Guide to the Canine Body
2012978-0-85131-984-1Jenny RolfeBreathe Life into Your Riding
2011978-0-85131-985-8Wendy Murdoch50 5-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding: Simple Solutions for Better Position and Performance in No Time
2011978-0-85131-986-5Renee TuckerWhere Does My Horse Hurt?
2012978-0-85131-987-2Lucy NicholasThe Barefoot Horse: An Introduction to Barefoot Hoof Care and Hoof Boots
2011978-0-85131-988-9Susanne Von Dietze · Isabelle Von Neumann-Cosel-NebeRider and Horse Back-to-Back: Establishing a Mobile, Stable Core in the Saddle
2013978-0-85131-989-6Katie Jerram · Carolyn HendersonKatie Jerram on Showing
2012978-0-85131-990-2Ruth MazetMy Horse Rears
2011978-0-85131-991-9Jim Masterson · Stephanie ReinholdBeyond Horse Massage
2012978-0-85131-992-6Andrea Eschbach · Markus EschbachRiding Free: Bitless, Brideless, Bareback
  ''978-0-85131-993-3Claire Lilley200+ School Exercises With Poles
  ''978-0-85131-994-0Larry BensusanUnderstanding Your Horse's Emotions
  ''978-0-85131-995-7William CavendishA General System of Horsemanship
  ''978-0-85131-996-4A. L. D'EndrodyGive Your Horse a Chance
2012978-0-85131-997-1General DecarpentryAcademic Equitation: A Training System Based on the Methods of D'aure, Baucher and L'Hotte
  ''978-0-85131-998-8Udo BurgerThe Way to Perfect Horsemanship
  ''978-0-85131-999-5Sue PalmerHorse Massage for Horse Owners: Improve Your Horse's Health and Wellbeing