year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-907519-00-0Rowena Cory DaniellsThe King's Bastard (King Rolen's Kin)
  ''978-1-907519-01-7   ''The King's Bastard (King Rolen's Kin)
  ''978-1-907519-02-4Simon R. GreenJust Another Judgement Day in the Nightside (Nightside Series)
  ''978-1-907519-03-1Rebecca LeveneThe Infernal Game: Ghost Dance
  ''978-1-907519-04-8Rowena Cory DaniellsThe Uncrowned King (King Rolen's Kin)
2010978-1-907519-05-5Rowena Cory DaniellsThe Uncrowned King (The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin)
  ''978-1-907519-06-2   ''The Usurper (King Rolen's Kin)
  ''978-1-907519-07-9Rowena Corey DanielsThe Usurper (King Rolen's Kin)
  ''978-1-907519-08-6Paul KearneyCentury of the Soldier (Monarchies of God)
  ''978-1-907519-09-3Paul KearneyThe Century of the Soldier (Monarchies of God (Paperback))
2010978-1-907519-10-9Paul FinchTomes of The Dead: Stronghold
  ''978-1-907519-12-3Paul KaneArrowland (Afterblight Chronicles)
  ''978-1-907519-13-0Paul KaneAfterblight Chronicles: Arrowland
  ''978-1-907519-14-7Eric BrownGuardians of the Phoenix
  ''978-1-907519-15-4Eric BrownGuardians of the Phoenix
2015978-1-907519-18-5Juliet E. McKennaBanners in The Wind (Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution)
2010978-1-907519-19-2Ian Edginton · D'IsraeliLeviathan (2000 AD)
2010978-1-907519-23-9John WagnerJudge Dredd Tour of Duty: The Backlash (2000ad Judge Dredd)
  ''978-1-907519-24-6Gerry Finley-Day · David BishopFiends Of The Eastern Front
  ''978-1-907519-25-3Al Ewing · Henry FlintZombo: Can I Eat You Please?
  ''978-1-907519-26-0Alan Grant · Carlos EzquerraDurham Red: Island Of The Damned
  ''978-1-907519-27-7John Wagner · Colin McNeilChopper: Surf's Up (Ad 2000)
2015978-1-907519-28-4Robbie Morrison · D'IsrealiMeag City Undercover: 2
2010978-1-907519-29-1Alan Hebden · Massimo BelardinelliMeltdown Man
2016978-1-907519-30-7Matthew SprangeTwilight of Kerberos: Legacy's Price
2010978-1-907519-31-4Matthew SprangeTwilight of Kerberos: Legacy's Price
2010978-1-907519-32-1Christopher Fowler · Gary McMahon · Adam L.G. Nevill · Pat Cadigan · Paul Meloy · Ramsay Campbell · John L. Probert · Nicholas RoyleThe End of the Line
  ''978-1-907519-33-8Christopher Fowler · Mark MorrisThe End of the Line
  ''978-1-907519-34-5Levene · Smith · EwingBest of Tomes of the Dead
  ''978-1-907519-35-2Matthew Smith · Al Ewing · Rebecca LeveneThe Best of Tomes of the Dead
  ''978-1-907519-36-9Jonathan GreenPax Britannia: The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus
2010978-1-907519-37-6Jonathan GreenPax Britannia: Blood Royal
2012978-1-907519-38-3Paul KearneyKings of Morning (The Macht Trilogy) (Macht Trilogy 3)
  ''978-1-907519-39-0   ''Kings of Morning (Macht Trilogy)
2011978-1-907519-40-6James LovegroveAge of Odin
2010978-1-907519-41-3James LovegroveThe Age of Odin
  ''978-1-907519-42-0Eric BrownEngineman
  ''978-1-907519-43-7   ''Engineman
2011978-1-907519-44-4Jonathan GreenAnno Frankenstein (Pax Britannia)
2011978-1-907519-45-1Jonathan GreenAnno Frankenstein (Pax Britannia)
  ''978-1-907519-46-8Peter Milligan · Brett Ewins · Jim McCarthyThe Complete Bad Company
  ''978-1-907519-47-5Tim AkersDead of Veridon (Burn Cycle)
  ''978-1-907519-48-2Tim AkersDead of Veridon
  ''978-1-907519-49-9Emily GeeThe Sentinel Mage (Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy)
2011978-1-907519-50-5Emily GeeThe Sentinel Mage (Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy)
  ''978-1-907519-51-2Charles Stross · Stephen Baxter · Gwyneth JonesEngineering Infinity
2010978-1-907519-52-9Charles StrossEngineering Infinity
2011978-1-907519-53-6Ian WhatesThe Noise Revealed (Noise 2)
  ''978-1-907519-54-3Ian WhatesThe Noise Revealed
2010978-1-907519-56-7Jonathan GreenPax Britannia: The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus
2011978-1-907519-62-8Ben MacallanDesdaemona (Daemonomicon)
  ''978-1-907519-63-5   ''Desdaemona
  ''978-1-907519-64-2Mike WildThe Trials of Trass Kathra (Twilight of Kerberos)
2011978-1-907519-65-9Mike WildThe Trials of Trass Kathra (Twilight of Kerberos)
  ''978-1-907519-66-6Steven SavileThe Black Chalice (Malory's Knights of Albion)
  ''978-1-907519-67-3Steven SavileThe Black Chalice (Malory's Knights of Albion)
  ''978-1-907519-68-0Toby VenablesThe Viking Dead (Tomes of the Dead)
  ''978-1-907519-69-7Toby VenablesThe Tomes of the Dead: Viking Dead
2011978-1-907519-70-3Eric BrownThe Kings of Eternity
  ''978-1-907519-71-0   ''The Kings of Eternity
2015978-1-907519-72-7Ed GreenwoodFalconfar (Falconfar Saga)
2011978-1-907519-73-4Ed GreenwoodFalconfar (Falconfar Saga (Paperback))
2012978-1-907519-74-1Pat Mills · Simon BisleySlaine: The Horned God
  ''978-1-907519-75-8John Wagner · Greg Staples · Steve DillonMean Machine: Real Mean (Judge Dredd)
2000978-1-907519-76-5Andy DiggleLenny Zero and the Perps of Mega-City One (Judge Dredd)
2011978-1-907519-77-2John WagnerJudge Dredd 03: The Complete Case Files
2015978-1-907519-78-9Pat Mills · Bryan TalbotNemesis the Warlock, Volume 2
2011978-1-907519-79-6Kevin O'Neill · Andy Clarke · Simon BisleyJudge Dredd: Megacity Masters 03
  ''978-1-907519-82-6Pat Mills · John HigginsGreysuit (2000 AD)
  ''978-1-907519-83-3John WagnerJudge Dredd: Complete Case Files: v. 17
2011978-1-907519-84-0John WagnerThe Taxidermist (2000 Ad)
  ''978-1-907519-85-7Pat MillsSlaine: Lord of Misrule
  ''978-1-907519-86-4Robbie Morrison · John Burns · Jim HansonThe Bendatti Vendetta
  ''978-1-907519-87-1Dan AbnettKingdom: The Promised Land
  ''978-1-907519-88-8Rob WilliamsLow Life: Paranoia (Judge Dredd)
2011978-1-907519-89-5Robbie MorrisonToo Cool to Kill (Nikolai Dante (2000 AD))
  ''978-1-907519-90-1John WagnerJudge Death: The Life and Death Of... (Judge Dredd)
2000978-1-907519-91-8Robbie MorrisonHondo City Law (Judge Dredd)
2011978-1-907519-92-5Pat Mills · Simon BisleyABC Warriors: The Black Hole
  ''978-1-907519-93-2Robbie MorrisonShakara: The Avenger
  ''978-1-907519-94-9Gary McMahonThe Concrete Grove (The Concrete Grove Trilogy)
  ''978-1-907519-95-6   ''The Concrete Grove
2011978-1-907519-96-3Juliet E. McKennaThe Hadrumal Crisis: Dangerous Waters (The Hardrumal Crisis)
  ''978-1-907519-97-0   ''Dangerous Waters (The Hadrumal Crisis)
  ''978-1-907519-98-7Gareth L PowellThe Recollection
  ''978-1-907519-99-4Gareth L. PowellThe Recollection

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