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All Your Gods are Dead978-1-905532-40-72007
Beyond Here Lies Nothing978-1-78108-021-42012
Darker Minds978-0-9566580-2-92012Ray Cluley
Dark Minds Anthology978-0-9566580-0-52010Carole Johnstone · Stephen Bacon · Ross Warren · Benedict J. Jones · Anthony Watson
Dead Bad Things978-0-85766-126-52011
Dead Souls978-91-977605-8-42009Ramsey Campbell · Kaaron Warren · Michael Stone · Paul Finch · Robert Hood · Tom English
Dirty Prayers978-0-9550922-7-52007
Fiscal Reform and Structural Change in Developing Countries978-0-312-23581-92000Guillermo Perry · John Whalley
How to Make Monsters978-91-977605-1-52010
Into the Dreamlands978-0-9794221-0-22007Caitlin R. Kiernan · Christa Faust · Bev Vincent · Jane Gwaltney · James S. Dorr · Amy J. Benesch · Gill Ainsworth
Pretty Little Dead Things978-0-85766-069-52010
Rough Cut978-0-9538598-9-42006
Terror Tales of the Cotswolds978-1-906331-26-92012Alison Littlewood
Terror Tales of the Lake District978-1-906331-25-22011Adam Nevill
The Best of Tomes of the Dead, Volume 2978-1-907992-18-62011Simon Bestwick · Jaspre Bark
The Black Book of Horror: Bk. 1978-0-9556061-0-62007Charles Black · Mark Samuels
The Concrete Grove978-1-907519-94-92011
The Concrete Grove978-1-907519-95-62011
The End of the Line978-1-907519-32-12010Christopher Fowler · Adam L.G. Nevill · Pat Cadigan · Paul Meloy · Ramsay Campbell · John L. Probert · Nicholas Royle
The Third Black Book of Horror978-0-9556061-2-02008Charles Black · Joel Lane
Tomes of the Dead: Hungry Hearts978-1-906735-26-52009
Understanding Market Reforms: Volume I: Philosophy, Politics and Stakeholders978-1-4039-4942-42005José María Fanelli
Voices978-91-977605-0-82010Paul Kane · Shane Jiraiya Cummings · Robert Hood · Pete Kempshall · Martin Livings · Carole Johnstone · K V Taylor

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