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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-906999-01-8Peter SelgThe Figure of Christ: Rudolf Steiner and the Spiritual Intention Behind the Goetheanum's Central Work of Art
  ''978-1-906999-02-5Sergei O. ProkofieffAnthroposophy and the Philosophy of Freedom: Anthroposophy and Its Method of Cognition, the Christological and Cosmic-human Dimension of the Philosophy of Freedom
  ''978-1-906999-04-9W. J. SteinThe Ninth Century and the Holy Grail
  ''978-1-906999-06-3Sergei O. ProkofieffThe East in the Light of the West: Pt. 1-3: The Birth of Christian Esotericism in the Twentieth Century and the Occult Powers That Oppose it
2010978-1-906999-09-4Danielle Van DijkChrist Consciousness: A Path of Inner Development
  ''978-1-906999-10-0T. H. MeyerRudolf Steiner's Core Mission: The Birth and Development of Spiritual-Scientific Karma Research
2010978-1-906999-14-8Maria ThunThe Biodynamic Year: Increasing Yield, Quality and Flavour, 100 Helpful Tips for the Gardener or Smallholder
  ''978-1-906999-15-5Sergei O. ProkofieffThe Whitsun Impulse and Christ's Activity in Social Life
  ''978-1-906999-18-6   ''Rudolf Steiner's Research into Karma: and the Mission of the Anthroposophical Society
  ''978-1-906999-19-3T. H. Meyer · Elisabeth VreedeThe Bodhisattva Question: Krishnamurti, Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and the Mystery of the Twentieth-century Master
  ''978-1-906999-20-9Peter TradowskyChrist and Antichrist: Understanding the Events of Our Time and Recognizing Our Tasks
2011978-1-906999-22-3Judith von HalleDescent into the Depths of the Earth: on the Anthroposophic Path of Schooling
2011978-1-906999-24-7Sergei O. ProkofieffThe Guardian of the Threshold and the Philosophy of Freedom: On the Relationship of the Philosophy of Freedom to the Fifth Gospel
  ''978-1-906999-25-4Margaret JonasThe Templar Spirit: The Esoteric Inspiration, Rituals and Beliefs of the Knights Templar
  ''978-1-906999-26-1Gil McHattieThe Knights Templar: Influences from the Past and Impulses for the Future
  ''978-1-906999-28-5Coenraad van HoutenCreative Spiritual Research: Awakening the Individual Human Spirit
2016978-1-906999-89-6Pietro ArchiatiMoney Matters - but So Does Trust!: From an Economy Based on Money to an Economy Based on Human Value
2017978-1-906999-98-8Iwer Thor LorenzenThe Spiritual Foundations of Beekeeping